Museum Wars, How Memorials shift a temporal frame

It’s in the interest of power brokers to broker a key weapon, that weapon is history. As history dictates cultures, traditions, and reason. The Tribal ways of doing things are in the hands of those that have done them before, a beaten path in a down trodden way.

Those who control the present, control the past. Those that control the past, control the future. If you know where you’ve been, you can approximate where you’re going, type of swag.

Time itself is a weapon. More so, the writings on the wall written throughout time.

What is debt on a ledger if no one remembers it being owed? Forgive is to forget. So stack the memories to add to justifications. Enough justifications for a cause that people feel righteous in, a justified cause, a casus belli for war.

You ever wonder why they always send kids to school trips to go to museums? It’s to help indoctrinate them in culture.

Museums themselves are intellectual traps to get people to feel a certain way and imbed in them a seed of thoughts and doubt towards a perspective of truth of the world.

If you’re a highbrow fellow that’s gone to several art exhibits, you’ll know that there is a metaphysical impact imparted on the psyche when you journey through an art exhibit. Same thing here with museums, except museums claim themselves to be ‘non-fiction’.

So Museums burrow their way to our subconscious mind.

Each display is a piece of propaganda to tell you a specific tailored version of history. Rarely ever does a museum tell the story of the other side. It’s generally the story of the nation as written by those that allow it to be.

And Truth is written by the victors first, and the survivors second.

So those who write the history are merely writing their truth. In an age where mass genocide isn’t the go-to option, passed out primitive kinetic warfare, people survive. The survivors of the losing battle get to speak their truth, and now there is a battle of conflicting truths.

Ask Japan what they think of their imperialism, their stance against China or Korea, ask them about comfort girls or atrocities in Nanjing. What, did their museums not cover it? I wonder why.

What about our US War museums? Do we cover the heroic feats of military members? Or do we cover the war crimes committed by the government on said military members? The torture, the agent orange, the traps, etc.

People want to write their version of history, their account of the story, and they want you to go for a ride in their narrative. Either to see all the glory, or to focus on the atrocities.

History will be questioned.

Memories will be misremembered.

Truths will be mistruthed.

Lipstick will be applied to the pig of lies, and resold as bad pork that’s neither halal nor kosher.

Thusly, to the meat of the issue,

The Largest museums in the world, and museums on a national level are controlled by the State or by a ruling party/oligarchy.

They want their version of history to sell well, like a bought out slot on the front cover of a magazine. Or a B-rated Hollywood film advertised as if S-rated films became a thing.

They want to peddle their narrative to win more allies to their side. To their world view, ideology, and whatever semblance of a culture they have.

And so many museum curators, patrons, and donators will be working together and meeting at conventions. Everything will be discussed in flowery language to deny culpability, and to also con the simple minded.

And so, they will push and peddle the modern renditions of archeologists and science by changing and ‘curating’ their museums to display a specific history.

Every prominent nation does this with their large museums.

In fact, in the age of propaganda, you’d have to be almost naive to not do so.

That’s why public education can afford for some people to take trips to such museums. It’s ‘part of the curriculum’. You just need enough to brag about the museum, and they’ll convince others too like a fanatical evangelist that have been imparted on their own journey. Whether it’s dinosaurs or X atrocity.

Many kids go, at impressionable ages, to be impressed. Rarely do children go to question the authority and authenticity of what is being provided.

Even adults today don’t question what’s on the news. Do you question the print? The media? What about this article?

And so, because every national museum in every nation is being controlled and puppetted.

There is a war on Museums

Each nation curating and shaping the minds of their future generations.

People would obviously want to wield such a weapon, to paint with in large brush strokes.

There are even international committees that work with various states. Some to combine an international narrative. Others to influence other nation states to depict their version of history. To show the atrocities of one nation.

To deny the influence of State or Government, would be to deny any tax write offs or subsidies.

The main point is, people want to control the narrative, and they use museums among other things as tools to do that. To deny it happening, is to live in a separate reality further from truth. To question the degree to which it happens, now you’re living on the cusp of finding the truth.

Is it zero percent? No.

Is it 100 percent? Probably not.

So, The control is somewhere in between.

And that’s among various parties and influences trying to grab at it like a superweapon.

In Closing,

Simply put;

“Museums are a front to move certain artifacts they don’t want public to see because it changes history and science”

If science is predicated on past information and data, then altering museums means you’re altering history.

Obviously statistics and trendlines are based on past observations. If you doctor the past, you can easily control the future. Erase some math equation numbers in the prelude, and finesse the result in an elaborate creative accounting scheme.

This is -like- one of the many things happening and I really don’t care. It’s just commentary. I actually stopped writing seriously about half way through. It’s a shit post afterall. This is mere commentary like the;

The sky is blue, the grass is green, the Museums are being used to perform ideological subversion, and water is wet.

Just mere commentary. Go touch grass or something, or maybe even, check out your local museum?

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

Here’s a side theory,

What if Museum curators are replicating their artworks and fossils to display a ‘fake’ and sell the real artifacts to private collectors to pocket cash?

An inside job to create a heist much like ‘the night at the museum’ movies.

I mean, if you’re corrupt and let one sin in, might as well let the others in and get a VIP ticket to hell. It’s the only fashionable choice, really.

There’s also the idea that most museums are open black markets.

It’s like fine art but artifacts and history. Many grave robbers and archeologists smuggle goods to be sold off to museums. All for what, the British royal museum to have other nation’s items?

Think about it. Most museum items are ‘donated’ by people using either their real name or pseudonym.

If you were a very rich person and wanted a specific item on a museum display. You could easily talk to the museum curator or the name attached to the placard. Then you make a bid and an offer for that piece.

So, museums can actually be open black markets for high value historical items.

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