Some Clown Virus funnies

These are some memes that I am posting in retrospect looking at the Clown Virus that magically disappeared when the News started talking about World War 3, Ukraine, or that Black Lives Matter movement that resulted in mass riots and protests yet the deadly Clown Pandemic didn’t cause a mass casualty of bodies in the streets.

Yes, I’m here to present some obvious funnies with the scam that is the Clown Virus. Things like this with maybe a little commentary;

Oh, and we can’t forget to social distance;

Just make sure you rely on cities, wait in lines, shop for groceries, shop for electronics, go to big corporation stores, and don’t you dare think about going outside, going to parks, hunting, fishing, camping, or enjoying the outdoors away from civilization and people. Because that’s social distancing the wrong way.

So enjoy,

The Atlantic wants amnesty;

The Atlantic, The Economist, and every other trash media is trash. But these knuckle heads, the Atlantic, want to sweep the fear mongering under the rug. Lmao.

Hey, that whole pandemic thing that we broadcasted like it was an impending meteor? Yea, let’s ignore all of the truth that’s coming out. We did what we thought was best for you and us and especially us. So let bygones be bygones.

The Legacy media is a clown court and they are here to gaslight you.

The Stages of Media

Also, here’s the FDA being dumb

As a reminder, most three letter government organizations are scam, and historically it is the governments that have killed the most people. They are up there on their Kill-death-ratios.

Yea, here’s another report saying that they definitely warned that it does not treat or prevent and also that it can be dangerous for humans to use.

So the FDA says that Ivermectin ‘can’ be dangerous for human use.

You know what else “CAN” be dangerous for human use?

Water, carrots, oxygen, carbondioxide, etc.

Literally everything can be dangerous. It’s the dose that makes the poison, as well as the application that can provide the care or harm.

Gotta love it when the Three Letter Agencies start gas lighting you like Charlse Manson. I mean, I just wouldn’t expect it coming from the FDA of all places. What’s next, the Department of Energy? Lmao, if they do it then the term ‘gas lighting’ will definitely be a new energy term.

Yea, so the FDA jokingly made fun of the American people by telling people they weren’t a horse in casual speak, and then later said that the FDA was just recommending people to not take Ivermectin. Retconning and gaslighting the american people at large. Gotta love the government.



Atleast the CDC is recommending Ivermectin to refugees;

Literally the CDC overseas healthcare guidelines.

Remember when Celebrities were dancing?

Besides the Frontline Heroes and Dancing Nurses,

-We had televised talking heads dancing to promote the “vaxx” targeted at Man-Children and estranged people all over the Continental United States.

Yea, because the people I trust the most are celebrities and Hollywood. Yup, I listen and idolize false prophets all day. They definitely have the most informed and critically questioning skills. Second to obviously scientists that pedal their theory as law.

You know, ignoring half of the medical literature that was like “Hey, maybe it’s not what you think”

What about them Restrictions?

You know how restaurants couldn’t have people in them? And they got fined or had to close down because the State bullied them?

You know how they had to move their dining outside, but then added tents and such to cover their guests as an accomodation?

You know, like building temporary infrastructure to avoid the Clown Virus?


-during the height of the Clown World

Remember how some states initiated curfews on businesses to curtail people going out?

Because the Virus would obviously get more activity past 10pm?

Because that was sound science and policy making?

Don’t worry, it’s not like we have the need for dining or services or night-shift workers to literally do things to keep society afloat at night. No worries, just screw over anyone who works or drives through the night. Totally healthy for society and the economy.

Remember when they tried genetically engineering viruses?

How about those protests?

Yea. This stuff is sadly real.

Remember how those “Free HK” protests died down in 2019?

Remember how those protests and such didn’t get any coverage? Did you know that the passion within the people didn’t die out.

Notice how things are ramping up again? Yea, there’s a lot of things going on.

Chaos loves anarchy, there’s a lot more wiggle room for things to happen.

I mean, some people tried to invent a ‘vaccine’ that would be contagious.


That sounds great.

A Live vaccine of a virus that’s extra contagious. Extra. Contagious. Live. Virus.

Yep, let people get more of the virus.

Not at all a bio weapon or a bad move.

I just wonder how that whole ‘natural immunity’ thing works? I guess we have to rewrite all the literature on viruses since we obviously don’t know shit and are making up things on the go.

Might as well invent future viruses and then infect us so that we can have immunities for future viruses that haven’t happened yet. You know, to prepare for things that don’t exist, so we’ll invent them to exist so that we can justify our preparation recursively. Yea, we’re totally not inventing viruses, definitely not bio-engineering all of these in a lab to infect us.

Yea, it’s a clown world.

It’s not like there’s a cure that costs money for these viruses. That would be absurd-

What about the Vaccine?

Good question to segue into completely unrelated subject matter.


Look, Idk what truth is. Idk. I simply don’t know. But I do know that not many know and that forcing people to take experimental drugs not founded on established science is unscientific and a scam. The ‘Vaccine’ wasn’t even a Vaccine based on the definition that changed because people made edits to the literal Dictionary. So modern science isn’t even science.

Is the Vaccine effective? Maybe. Did it save lives? Maybe. Did it kill people? Most definitely Yes. Was it necessary? No. Should we have forced people? Hell no. Did we force it on people anyway? Yes.

Does it cost money? Yes.

What I do know is that a lot of places, clinics, and hospitals made mad money selling Clown Virus tests from $25 to $45 to $90 a pop. Hell, some places claimed to have advanced testing and charged 3 grand for their test.

They had drive through windows and were charging people to put a Q-tip in their nose and take their temperature. Man, that’s some quality fast-food service.

Not only that, Hospitals also got additional funding for positive cases. So the Hospitals were subsidized and incentivized to have more positive cases.

“Hospitals getting 50k per covid patient on top of the insurance money they get. The smartest thing a ceo could do is shut down everything else and fill up as many covid beds as possible that fit in their facility. Maximize profits”

-fifty fat ones

That’s a pretty penny;

Clown money for a Clown virus.

But wait, there’s more.

Big Pharma takes in some W’s with massive money and profits from government aided research;

It’s always beautiful to hear that corporations, profit, and most of all- Greed wins.

Whether or not the Clown Virus was real or not, Pharma profits at the end of the day. Yea. So enjoy possibly being signed up for life time subscriptions of medications because of possible immuno-compromization.

Yea, just wait at the Winchester for all of this to blow over, and get ready for them price hikes on another “Life saving medicine”. Like, we’re talking about the same corporations that have people die in waiting lines for Insulin or lack the ability to pay. Yea, not the best example for humanity.

From one booster, to two, to four;

Yea, a life time of boosters for the rest of -well- your life, that sounds lovely.

Sign me up and my first borne and all the other future generations of progeny yet unborn.

Hey, before I close.

I just wanted to ask a question.

What ever happened to those two weeks to flatten the curve?

Now that this virus shitass is basically done with. Is that curve flat?

Shouldn’t we be celebrating?

In Closing,

This was basically a short time span of what the Spanish Inquisition would feel like but with Church Doctrine being replaced with Medical Literature and the Religion being replaced with Science. Yea, so much for critical thinking skills and enlightenment.

Yea, enjoy the mass hysteria and gaslighting while being at each others throats and blaming family members for not following a side-ways refrigerator of space between people. So like thanksgiving but with something else adjacent to politics.

Hey, if it makes you feel any better, fear is a low vibrational state.

So you should probably just avoid fearful people.

Seek out them cold sociopathic cautious people, that’s the right crowd to be in.

Forsake your humanity a little and you’ll have a blast.

Don’t ask me how I know.

I’m just here for the dank memes in a cold, dark, and yet oddly colorful Clown World.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

Here’s a meme for your troubles,

Just remember, a Clown World needs Clown Antics to survive. These antics are definitely required to Thrive.

Just enjoy a laugh and know that you’re not the only one that noticed how fucked this whole thing is.

Post Post Script,

What’s the best Pokemon?

The Majority of colleges and universities went online or remote, yet they charged full price and tuition.

Like, that’s kind of fucked.

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