Dinosaurs are a scam (Thanksgiving Edition)

Well, there was a time I went to a thing called Bible Study between getting converted by Mormons and also using the Holy Bible as a literal weapon to beat other people, I was a bit crossed with a predicament in my younger days. Not like Jesus, but Crossed none-the-less. As it turns out, I was told by the pious teacher that I could only accept the Bible or Dinosaurs, due to the lack of information and the dogma of science vs. religion, I had to make a choice. As a wee lad -I quite happened to be very fond of dinosaurs. That was the start of my search for god and my apostacy into depravity.

But that’s a story for some other day that likely rhymes with never (hint, it’s never).

Instead, I grew up from my youth, and I’m here to make a nice eloquently shitty post about Dinosaurs.

Mainly, I’m here to talk shit about what we call Dinosaurs and make large speculations about what they could be. This is of course, fueled with Irish Creamer without the coffee and a half-baked brain with the other half being fully cooked in a schizoid seasoned environment. I guess it’s full baked if you really think about it. . .

So what I mean to say is, take this with a grain of salt my boy-o.

Not gonna open up the whole discussion of fossil records or paleo-whatever-the fuck. Nor am I gunna argue about Flat earth, hollow earth, holographic earth, or whatever earth you want to discuss. Instead, I’m here to talk about Dinosaurs.

So Dinosaurs,

T-rex have small arms.

Like why?

Is it possible that we don’t know how to put the T-rex back together?

Is it possible that we don’t know shit about shit?

Idk, I’m not the expert, I’m just a layman asking some serious questions. (All good philosophers will question their base and foundation, it’s part of the whole philosophical dualism of thought and whatnot).

Here is an x-ray of a beaver’s tail;

Did you know that Beaver Tails had a bone like that? No? I sure as hell didn’t. So what other non-vestigial tissues are we omitting from our so called ‘fossil records’.

All I’m Saying is,

Our modern ‘science’ says that Raptors were proto-birds that may or maynot have feathered plumes and be fluffy.

So you’re telling me, that the Small armed raptors evolved to be small birds and these small birds can fly?

Why the fuck wouldn’t the small arms of a raptor be a part of the skeletal structure for wings and allow them small arms of the Dino to be able to fly?

Why couldn’t the big raptors fly with their ‘small arms’?

Wouldn’t it make more sense that a flying reptile evolved into a flying bird, instead of a flightless reptile evolving into a flying bird? Like, with how much flying that birds do, I bet the flying reptiles flew very often.

Here is a picture of a chicken, note the small arms;

You think in the future, we’d have people think that Chickens ran around the ground and couldn’t fly?

And yea, before you decide to think Chickens can’t fly because of the whole Factory Farmed Monstrosities that Humans have developed, I’m here to tell you that Chickens can fly;

I guess if you think Chickens couldn’t fly then we’re already living in the future. Flightless birds for your flightless dinosaurs.

I’ll be honest, Factory farms are way way more scary than dinosaurs. But as they say, “it’s easy to be brave from a distance”, lmao.

Also, Turkeys can fly too. Just not the fat Factory-ish farmed or the genetically inbred ‘selective’ bred Turkeys for Heritage or whatever the fuck;

Yea, so think of the ‘tiny arms’ the next time you see some ‘grounded’ “dinosaur”;

I’d willing to bet they probably fly -or ‘flew’ because, you know, past-tense.

Here’s some crazy thought;

What if,

There was a mythos about this thing that flew in the sky and was a reptile and may or may not breath fire.

What if Dinosaurs were Dragons?

Here’s a couple pictures of Wyverns (closely related if not the same as dragons depending on which Nerd you argue with)- so that you can connect some dots;

Check out the tiny hands and tiny “arms”. Weird, it’s almost like it could suggest something.

Here’s another picture of literally a pterodactyl, basically a Wyvern.

Bones from a ‘dinosaur’

Also there’s like more flying birds, I mean, Dinosaurs (Pteranodon);

Go play Ark Evolved or Jurassic World or whatever the Dinosaur Fan-Fiction/Propaganda-they’re-feeding-the-masses-nowadays if you want to learn more about “Dinosaurs”.

Also, The Norsk Lindwurms and Lung worms look an awful lot like them long-neck-asaurus;

Some random photo I found that describes the semantics

The long neck dinosaur;

And that Wyrm Dragon thing? That’s just a big snek;

So yea, What if all of these Civilizations scattered throughout Earth with documentation on these ‘dragons’ that all sort of mesh together. What if, those were dinosaurs?

-rando sculptures on temple walls
-Random image I found on the internet

Yea, whatever.

It’s not like All of “America” (the entire fucking continent) was named after Amaruca, a Serpent Feathered God.

lmao, people thinking some random Post-Roman got two continents named after him- that Amerigo guy;

You know, there’s also Quetzalcoatl;

Feathered serpents, like the depiction of Raptors with feathers.

I mean, why couldn’t they have more feathers and, you-know, fly?

Anyways, I (coincidently) wrote this for the Thanksgiving special. To remind people that Dinosaurs were probably dragons and that America was named after a fucking Dragon God. Respect.

It kind of gives a whole new meaning to the Gadsden Flag.

No step on Snek

God Bless Murica.

In Closing,

I really don’t give a shit about a lot of things.

I care not if the moon or sun revolves around us, or if it’s just a matter of semantics. I care not if Dragons were Dinosaurs and vice versa. I am here to stir the pot and watch the Primordial soup of life simmer and bubble in it’s chaotic ebb and flow.

Mainly because it’s more entertaining than watching paint dry. But also, watching paint dry can be really cool when you activate god-mode perception. Try watching Fractal paint dry in 5 Dimensions. Yea, cool shadows.

But again, that’s a discussion for a different day.

Enjoy this throwaway post, the take away being that Xeno-Grave Robbing Paleontologists are probably chasing their own tail in made up stories about the past that slowly corrupt and further and further stray from the truth. Probably. Meaning that Dinosaurs, as we know em to be, are a scam.

People spending all their monies on fan fiction to perpetuate the idea of something far less cooler than mythological dragons. Dragons are obviously better than Dinosaurs, hands down. Having people tricked into disbelieving dragons, now that was an even bigger scam.

Again, I ain’t no Expert, what with my Apostacy from both God and Dinosaurs. Lmao. If you ‘dane’ to entertain the possiblity of this all, then the implications for History at large would be even more so. Meaning you’ll have more dots to connect and you’ll see the world in a much different ‘light’. But I really don’t care to shed such a thing, I’m here for the entertainment.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Historical Re-envisionment, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script;

You should definitely not Rob a Museum to get the Dinosaur bones to try to make historically accurate Dragon Bone Armor in the likes of Skyrim.

This could be you in an alternate universe

Plus, the Museums probably hid the real ones and display fake shit. Their whole business is ran on propaganda anyway. . .

Also, don’t try Scapulimancy with this shit, you’re better off sticking to astrology thots than trying to throw Dino bones against the stairs to make a quick buck in gamblin’. I’d rather play Craps or Bullshit with cards. It’s more my speed, call it a personal preference. Take this as some Not Valid Advice, with a Brick of salt.

Post Post Script;

I actually wasn’t anticipating on ending the Article to talk about the Origins of America and the Snake God (in terms of fringe esoteric subjects contrary to the viewpoints of the whole Roman Imperialistic Colonialism) for Thanksgiving. -No, that just happened to play out that way. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not.

So for that, you’re welcome.

But While I’m at it, the calendar is a scam and there should be thirteen months and a thirteenth zodiac in honor of yet another Snake God. Ophiuchus.

But that would mean people’s astrology would have to change, and all them dumb hoes with tattoos on their person might be wrong as fuck.

Ha, comical jokes.

Atleast the Chinese Zodiac has both a snake and a Dragon. Yea, they got it on there twice.

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