Cloud Storage is not Private Storage

The things and stuff you have saved on the omni-magnificent sounding and ominous ‘Cloud’ isn’t as private as you’d imagine. Just another marketing term to upsell you on someone’s data farm, the new form of cash-crop mining. Yea, your valuable sweet juicy data. But I’m not here to talk about the algorithms bringing down the salvation of the Machine God, nay, I’m here to talk about some obvious things for anyone who knows anything about data.

Sure that data is yours, but if you agreed to put it on the cloud, it’s not really ‘yours’ and it’s not really ‘private’. It’s like leaving your yearbook photos on someone else’s lawn. Sure, those are your year book photos, but it’s not your lawn. And something about ownership and property rights means you may or maynot own your data. But, if Anything illegal or liability issues ensue, then you might have to forfeit the privacy of said data. You know, kind of like them Facebook Subpoenas by the government to coincidently target people who had dirt on them. Yea, just random hunches huh?

Essentially having a cloud storage means your data can snitch on you. Think of it like telling secrets to a clinical psychiatrist or a social worker, sure they’ll write it down, but later they’ll rat your ass out.

So, to endarken you a bit and disillusion some shitty marketing propaganda- the idea of the ‘cloud’ is basically you just saving your shit on someone else’s computer that acts as a server for your shit.

You say ‘cloud’, what you mean is “saving it on someone else’s computer”.


Here are two examples of a “data storage company” that used said data to call for cops and law enforcement as well as deleting private data such as videos and shit.

Mr. Ye had some videos on the web, and some people saved them to their Googie Drive. Thinking, well, it’s my drive, this is a video, it should be safe?

Well, then the Data storage service provider decided that they would moderate PRIVATE DATA, meaning that they don’t want to host your (subjectively) shitty data, resulting in deletion without warning. So no time to back it up.

Idk what Mr. Ye was really saying, but if it warrants action from many parties with power to silence or censor it, it must be damning or true to a very large degree. That’s beside the point.

The fact that the entity who is supposed to store and save your shit decides to delete it without telling you; that’s like a Bank deciding to freeze your money and delete how much money you have. In my Expertise and line of work, that’s kind of fucked.

Especially since Data can be worth more than literal gold.

So, like, it’s extra fucked when Data companies delete your shit without a reasonably timed PRIOR-notice.

The Second Instance that is worth mentioning,

A Data storage service provider was calling the Fed Bois and law enforcement on people for having medical images of their children on their “Cloud” or their online drive.


So the company storing your private data snitched and ratted you out, what’s even worse, they framed you with data and photos you had. Imagine if these tech companies decide to actually frame you and plant fake photos with metadata and other shit to coincide your life with some horrific crimes?

You’d be the fall guy and no one would be any wiser.

And of course, just for clarification, I ain’t supporting no Chomo shit. Get your Netflix Balenciaga ass outta here with that shit.

All I’m saying is, If I want to commit a crime, I don’t want to leave a paper trail of my doings in someone else’ hand. That’s essentially what saving shit on the cloud is. On top of the fact that innocent people got framed for some Chomo shit by Big Brother Technocracy and obviously no-wrongs on the technology. All the while, big tech doesn’t do shit for that -idk- Island(s) that literally exist with court recorded lists and manifests detailing real people that are accessories to crimes.

Like, idk, Surveillance Capitalism sounds Brutalist as fuck, but it ain’t really that grand.

In Closing,

Don’t use the cloud, unless you’re in to the idea getting exposed for your 29 page manifesto or some shit.

But that’s a tall ask if you are already downloading and uploading your terabytes of porn and fleshing out your ghost-profile on the digital graveyards of the old archived web like some shitty AOL Messenger record or some Myspace account addicted to mafia wars.

Whatever the case, Just be smarter about your data, about who tracks you with them cookies, and what you save and share. The places you go and the shit you look up.

I mean, you type some inconspicuous shit on a search engine, you’ll be on some watchlists.

But uh, if you do end up where I am, I’d like to hope our names are touching on that list.

It be nice to meet a fan, but I won’t hold my breath on it, you know- with the No Safe Bets and all.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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