Beneficial Owners don’t really have a proxy vote

This is an excerpt from a really glorious article that details the intricacies of Corporate Governance with regards to voting. You know, this article;

I mean, besides the idea of voting via proxy being inherently sketchy, we’ve found ways to make the financial shell game ‘seem’ more fair. Again, this is just a small piece of a larger puzzle in showing you how silly this game of charades is.

Anyways, here’s the excerpt:

Voting via Beneficial owners sucks

Turns out, it costs money and stock exchanges charge fees to route voting material and information to beneficial owners.

Which means that foreign exchanges and investors may not receive them, because these foreign brokers simply don’t want to go through the hoops or pay for the information to be delivered to them foreign investards. So Brokers usually opt out of actually providing relative corporate governance information to foreign beneficial owners because -fuck you-, I mean, Profits.

So they basically ‘guarantee the share’ in your name, but you don’t get to use the shares as an actual stake in something as a security. It’s basically a monetary note or a promissory note of fluctuating value.

I mean, what’s the point of owning a stake in a company if you can’t vote or have any governing powers per their own Corporate structure? At that point, you’re just investing in some fugazzi promise of paper backed by money and not intrinsic power that comes with ownership. What is this, a petro fiat dollar?

So foreign investors typically get fucked.

And as evidenced by the GME thing, there were a lot of investors who weren’t allowed to vote internationally. Some from the UK, some from other Lands of the Europoors.

Here’s a London based broker, T212, statement from a service representative;

This happens to more stocks than GME, and the point is, you have interests in companies from international shareholders with a stake in the company, that are not represented.

There’s legit evidence, and there is a report, that Foreign investors are open to being basically fucked when it comes to voting for corporate governance. They essentially don’t get a voice with the way things are ran. . .

Which also implies that if there is empty voting, that the empty voting will have more weight distribution and pull from having an open slot without an absentee ballot placed (absentee ballot from the inability of foreign investors to vote). So this fucking over Foreign investors, is a good way to boost voting power for hostile puppeteer democracies in corporate governance.

Basically, less votes from investors, means more ’empty’ votes get weighted higher. Meaning outside forces can manipulate elections, board members, decisions, etc. Resulting in a fugazzi of a Corporate Democracy.

Meaning Proxy voting is a sham.

And also, the internal plumbing for how proxy voting material and similar stuff is issued is different per country, per laws and regulations. There’s a lot of nuances and variables, like in Australia they use AGM to report votes, and in Hong Kong it’s different than it is in China. The point is, the system of global finance doesn’t translate the internal plumbing well for these various systems and that’s probably due to the underlying policies, politics, and regulations based on value, moral, precedent, and culture.

In short, foreign investors get fucked more often than not.


Is that All beneficial owners’ votes never have to count,

THERE IS NO FORMAL REQUIREMENT FOR THESE COMMUNICATIONS TO BE PASSED ALONG TO BENEFICIAL OWNERS WHO HOLD SHARES in street name. You know, it’s almost like beneficial owner’s votes never counted and never matter.

So, as a Beneficial Owner, you don’t actually vote because your shares aren’t under your name. Instead, you tell your broker how you would like to vote. You ‘instruct them’ to vote on your behalf.

You know, like the electoral college. Let some other people vote for you.

And your broker can decide to honor that, or they can do whatever they want. Because technically,

they too are owners of those shares.

If the shares are under their name, technically, they are the registered owners.

Think about it. . .

This is a bit egregious for malicious and sinister reasons, but it’s still a possibility. Don’t forget that: that this being a possibility is a fact.

I also sent the SEC a comment letter (in my drunken stupor (obviously)) and they were not able to provide me of any substantive piece of regulation or legislature ensuring voting rights for beneficial owners. They instead sent me vanilla retard condescending links to their InvesterED site. So fuck the SEC. -My opinion.

Speaking of the SEC,

Here’s a blurb about the SEC being also complicit in all this fugazzi of a banana republic-type democracy;

So everyone claims’ that it’s someone else’s problem, and the fingers point towards the SEC, to which the SEC says something probably along the lines of;

‘who gives a shit, as long as people have faith in the markets, then we are doing our job’.

Because let’s be real, the SEC is a scam, a bunch of conmen assistants, and only here to uphold faith and CONfidence, and not actual integrity, accountability, truth, transparency, or literally anything related to ‘security’. -Like, that’s just ironic and poetic. The fact that the SEC is risking security for illusion, there’s really no assurance or insurance there. Those C^%#^@s. But I digress. . .

The SEC is complicit in how this system is shittily ran.

That’s a lie
So much for ‘right to vote’

Either the SEC lies, or they don’t view ‘Beneficial Owners’ as Shareholders.

You know, “sub-human trash” -The SEC (probably)


The Elephant in the Room,

-From the report linked above
It has some nice boolet points

The TLDR of it all is;

Proxy voting is convoluted and a scam,

There is literally no way that you can check that these guys are voting for you properly as a beneficial owner.

There’s also a bunch of ways to make fake shares, get voting power, and usurp voting power while undermining investors and genuine shareholders.

There’s no truth and transparency for tabulators or brokers to count.

And it’s apparently okay for them, and in the pursuit of doing their ‘job’, to fudge the numbers, throw away votes, and just vote however they want.

And the SEC and FINRA and NYSE and other regulators/SROs are basically on board with whatever goes as long as the final numbers look believable.

Your vote never mattered and it’s probably going to the trash and not an actual ballot,

Remember, every vote counts but yours!


Oh, and “Go-Fuck yourself”
-Proxy voting (basically)

In Closing,

Yea, everything above was an excerpt.

This is a simple reminder that;

Brokers are not your Friends.

I do recommend checking out the source article to be more endarkened at how much of a sham the whole voting thing is. There’s way too many ways to make the shell game even shellier. Yea, all kinds of tricks to boost votes and even throw them out.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice.

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