The 3 Best Seasoning for all our foods

Yea, these are the Natural Man-made Chef’s kiss of Human Nature that pervades all our foods.

The chances of you not getting or enjoying any of these seasonings, is very slim. Even more so if you’re reading this.

So let me start off with a message from our sponsor in which we provide the latest reinvisionment of the Food pyramid. We all know the food pyramid is a scam, so we’re spit balling ideas for how food can be structured with the nutrients you need. You don’t need to thank me, just thank the people that thought ‘eating food based on color’ was a good idea. Lmao.

If you get the good pills, you’ll find some microplastic shells instead of collagen. That’s how you can get more bang for your buck if your inhaling antidepressants every four hours between your intake of Energy Drinks.

Besides glorious flavored Chitin from Bug Enamel, we need to focus on the best seasoning for your life-time intake of hard gelled pollution, I’m talking about;


I mean, ever heard of the non-stick Teflon?

Yea, so Teflon is some fluoride plastic stuff.

If you scrape your pan with anything metal or anything harder than plastic, than you probably scraped off some Teflon. If you look at your Teflon coating and there are deep striations, then you got some free micro plastics with your meal.

So that means there’s tiny particles of Teflon in your food. This is of course a tip to increase your daily percent intake of Microplastic Nutrients. That’s great.

Additionally, microplastics helps increase the phthalates in the blood.

More phthalates shrinks dicks, testosterone levels, and taint sizes. Reproductive system gets shittier and shittier.

So keep drinking them plastic water bottles. Keep eating with plastic utensils. All of this is definitely good for you. Definitely. No Cap.

Heck, it’s even in our tea. Our plastic containers and mesh, all give off a good trace amount of micro plastics.

Even our beloved shitty plastic cutting boards are a source of some nutritious microplastics. I mean, how else do we leave deep gashes in plastic cutting boards with a metal knife if we weren’t cutting up the plastic in the first place?

Just look at sperm counts after introduction of plastics in the 1970s ish with plastic waterbottles around 1973. We’re losing bucketloads of Cum as a society. That’s also a scientific unit of measurement, so remember to use it in the future when talking about Nutrition.

In theory, there could be a multiplicity of factors that affect testosterone. Things like Television, Cellphone usage, EMF, etc. etc. So it’s not just microplastics. But it’s evident that microplastics are a part of the ‘problem’ depending on your view point.

Here are Fertility rates;

The article talks about Fertility in terms of male,
But does not specify exactly the criterion for “fertility rate”
Just note the decline around the 70s

And some studies suggest miscarriage rates;

I mean, science is a scam, and nutritional science is doubly so. Is Microplastic good for you? Who cares, you just need sick gains. Hit the gym bro. Bling Bling.

If you’re getting your microplastics, don’t forget your MACRO plastics;

Plastic So Macro, you can literally choke on it

I mean, biblically and overall, you probably shouldn’t eat pork.

Some people say it’s because of some diesease or bacteria that dies because of heat. I personally think it’s because pork has gone to shit in recent years. I mean, have you had bacon pre 9/11? That bacon and the bacon you eat nowadays doesn’t even taste real.

It’s probably because places feed pigs literal expired foods and plastic pellets. They don’t even unwrap the food before feeding it to the pigs.

Yea, so if you eat pork, you’re probably getting a good dose of Microplastics. Idk if that’s true with other meats, but I can guarantee that most shit you buy from a Super-Chain Franchised Corporate Grocer is probably not even remotely close to ‘organic’. I mean, most of that shit is wrapped in plastic or shipped in metal. lmao.

Something about Regulations don’t give a fuck. Something about feeding pigs waste and stuff and plastic is good or something. I don’t know.

I mean, have you really thought about the taste of bacon?

That shit has gone down hill in the last ten years.

As an American, it’s disgusting what they did to my boy bacon.


Here’s a cool thing.

With Microplastics being really micro, there have been studies showing that microplastics can cross the Blood Brain Barrier. So we’re getting some form of neurodegeneration from all these Plastics, whether we’re breathing em, eating them, drinking them, or getting em through our skin.

And studies also show that the Microplastics just get deposited in our brains. Lovely. The Idiocracy of today really craves the electrolytes. Oh yea, also, some drinks with ‘electrolytes’ are bottled hot in plastic bottles resulting in trace amount of microplastics being released in the drinks. Just another thing plants crave.

We’re being properly dosed with our daily percent value intake of Micro Plastics (for life -since you know- it’s depositing in our brains).

Before we move on to the next seasoning I just want to say a few words. Microplastics, Toothbrush, Floss. Alright, I said a few words, if you understand then you get it, if not well. There’s always-


Yes, the second seasoning “worth our salt” is the beloved Nano metals. Do you cook with metalware? Do you scrape off a grill? What about cutting metal on metal?

From nano silver to nano gold. There’s plenty of nanometals. Just imagine a metal, and shrink it down, then breath it in. It’s great. I mean, it’s almost like we yearn for the bygone days of child coal miners and industrial brick house metal foundry-work. Almost.

Just breath the chemicals being emitted by cars and jet planes. I’m not even talking about chemtrails or artificial in-fertilizers that large corporations use to kill home-gardening and competing farmers. Lmao.

I mean, a good portion of nanometals are metal-oxide. So we’re breathing rusty air. It’s great. Just imagine Martian soil or Total Recall,

Ahhh yes, Earth in like forty years.

As a sidenote, we had some cool forest fires that made California even shittier. I know that’s a wild concept but here’s some Dune-like pictures. Also, did you know that Korea has mobile apps that have a weather forecast of Chinese Smog from Chinese industry and manufacturing? Yea, the pollution literally travels to Korea and it’s got it’s own WEATHER FORECAST. Lmao, that’s like smoking and blowing it in someone’s face but with nations.

“Natural sources of nanoparticles include combustion products forest fires, volcanic ash, ocean spray, and the radioactive decay of radon gas. Natural nanomaterials can also be formed through weathering processes of metal- or anion-containing rocks, as well as at acid mine drainage sites.” – Wikipedia

Yea, we’re poisoning our air too. It’s like radioactive fallout minus the radioactiveness. We are getting some spicy air with all our great nano-metals that can be blown by the slightest breeze. It’s definitely in our lungs.

I mean, what is asbestos and all that shit? Didn’t we find out that asbestos was bad after fifty or some shit years? I wonder what else we’ll find out is bad for our air in the next ten years. Maybe some burn pits from Middle-eastern occupation? Oh yea, I looked it up, Asbestos has Magnesium thus classifying it as part metal. So yea, nanometals and micrometals and all sorts of metals, asbestos is somewhere in that bunch of metals.

In fact, if you drink tap water from a sink, you’re probably getting Metals. I mean, this isn’t flint water, but it sure could be.

And a good chunk of your water probably has nanometals in the mix. Metal sludge and the like. Hey, atleast with modern plumbing we have more sanitation, it’s just, we sort of have residual degradation of our pipes from time and changes. You know, sort of like Flint water. So you’ll probably drink trace amounts of metallic sludge for your daily intake of nano-metals.

You can contract aluminum poison from shit in the atmosphere, your water, or event abrasive contact with particles. Wait until I tell you what cars are made out of. Lmao. Jokes aside, it turns out that there’s a bunch of nasty stuff that happens if you get poisoned.

Good old brain degeneration and skeletal deformities. This is great for modern medicine. Gotta love pollution.

Oh yea, I’m pretty sure Mercury is also a metal, so if you eat tuna or fish you probably get some good trace amounts of metals. You can’t really escape it. Even the pesticides spray some good metals on our ‘organic’ store-bought ‘produce’. Lmao.

You can also contract diseases related to metal ingestion like Metal Fume Fever. You don’t have to be a welder in order to get it, you just have to breath the pollutants in the air and you can get that fever. Is that seasonal flu really from the changing of the seasons? or is it due to industrial waste processing and winterization treatments sprayed as aerosols and paints that leaks into our water systems? Idk man, could be a lot of things.

The Gang’s almost here,

As a 3rd runner up for the best seasoning, I present:


Xeno meaning alien, and Estrogen being that stuff for not-Testosterone.

Yea, some of that stuff is bad for you and it’s contained in all sorts of food from milk to eggs, bitch.

“Synthetic XenoEstrogen include some widely used industrial compounds, such as PCBs, BPA, and phthalates, which have estrogenic effects on a living organism even though they differ chemically from the estrogenic substances produced internally by the endocrine system of any organism.”

– Wikipedia

So Xenoestrogens are also a part of the whole microplastics and nanometals.

There’s a ton of more helpful information that you can find -Not-Here-

Lmao, also this picture makes me get a chuckle, It’s like we’re ranking them by the BEST;

You can get XenoEstrogen from applying topically some sun screen, using things with plastics, eating foods with specific red dyes like Erythrosine or Phenosulfothiazine. You can also get some XenoEstrogen from breathing the wrong stuff, like working at a construction site where they use the right type of paint fumes or all kinds of insecticides for plant use. Which, if you’re eating plants that were sprayed with insecticides, there’s a good chance you’ll get some XenoEstrogen.

I mean, whose to say that the paint on your walls isn’t slowly chipping away and getting into your body? Paint obviously chips, and it’s only a matter of time before your own home becomes a silkened tomb. Isn’t life grand?

You can also get xenoestrogen from wax and similar materials that contact your skin.

Ever light a candle? Probably xenoestrogens.

Ever use dryer sheets? Xenoestrogens.

Ever touch anything painted? Xenoestrogens.

Ever wear clothing that was stored and shipped through industrial warehouses and ports? Xenoestrogens.

Ever used anything that’s been manufactured? Probably Xeno Estrogens.

Like, good luck avoiding the contact tracing poisons or whatever. You most likely can’t unless you decide to not Live in a first world country or any country. Like I guess you could avoid all this stuff if you just don’t live. Lmao.


The big thing about all this seasoning is, that they disrupt our bodies. Our endocrine system goes to shit, our cognitive functions decline. The whole Endocrine disrupters and shit.

A lot of this is basically a slow Yin Poison that depletes the body and soul of nurishments and yada-yada words.

But I’m not here to go all Ayurvedic or Chinese medicine on your ass.

I’m just saying we’re pretty fucked.

On a serious note,

I mean, we have the FDA, but they regulate all sorts of shit.

It’s unlikely that we get the Quality Assurance checks required to actually sift through all these food stuff and everyone’s brand new product that inadvertently causes cancer in only the state of California.

And personally, I like my food to have carcinogens. It reminds me that I’m an American and that my food has all these extra toxic and sugary and coloring shits added to it. We’re not like some British or Australian Wimps that have real regulation on their food stuff. No, we are American, and that means freedom to douse our food in both twenty kilos of sugar and sometimes cocaine.

Well, until we banned cocaine, that is. . . How un-American. I’m looking at coke-cola and redbull.

Point is, We shouldn’t really legislate people to make smarter decisions. We should expect people to learn and be smart. You might be asking why I say this? Well, the answer is simple;

We have retards Humans that eat tide pods.

I’d rather have a sick society that profits from selling cancer in a food can, than have a beautiful society with labels on Tide Pods saying ‘Do not Eat’.

Take depravity in knowing that in at least both societies, Tide pod eaters exist.

In terms of Mother Nature,

Nature is full of all sorts of things that will most likely outlast any of us.

In fact, there is bacteria capable of eating Nuclear Waste and other bacteria capable of eating Plastic waste. And here we are, eating the same shit but somehow still standing. Maybe we’re “evolved”? Human nature is nature as well.

So don’t worry about our seasoning polluting the environment, it’s not gonna kill nature, just us. Humans. And probably our progeny and the rest of the existing animal kingdom and social structure. So, get ready for a whole new world with advanced biology thriving off of the bare nutrients of micro-plastics and nano-metals and all sorts of Xeno-particulates. It’ll be like mechanized dinosaurs, so it’s gonna be Beast-Wars but more lit.

Yea, this seasoning is some good stuff.

Some Gourmet Shit,

In Closing,

Yea, enjoy the poison. It’s great.

What, you want us to not use them?

Would you rather starve or eat carcinogenic poison?

That seems like the two options we got.

It’s not like we’re going to undo the 200 years of Pharmaceutical Witchcraft and reform the Medical system and all of Societal Health Standards with comprehensive chemical industry knowledge and control practices for everyday household ingredients like bleach.

You can’t escape it. It’s in manufacturing process, shipping, logistics, storing, handling, and the environment. Fuck, the air we breath is poisoned, and so are the water river-veins of Mother Earth. Hell, birds and fish are poisoned. Grass and subsequently cows are poisoned. You gonna not eat meat? Even the veggies are poisoned. You can’t escape the grip of the poison. lmao.

I mean, I wouldn’t bet on it.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life or Any Advice


Witchcraft is the craft of witches, and in many old dictionaries, the old lexicons, the term ‘witchcraft’ can translate to ‘medicine’ or ‘pharmacopia’. So Big Pharma is actually a bunch of scientific based witchcraft poisoning people in mass. Suppressing the cures, and promoting the poisons as medicine. Also the word pharmacy comes from pharmakeia which means poison, and poison means potion. Weird, it’s like Words Mean Things or something.

I’m sure the Medici boys would be upsetti. (Look up origin of Medi-cine). ((One of many families in the whole medical hydra)).

The point of this blurb is to help you to see that modern anything is no longer serving it’s original intended purpose. We use pills made of “bio-degradeable” plastics to help feed happy pills and suppressants to people who want to live a better life. Instead of prescribing a healthy outcome, we keep people eating a daily intake of meds and soma until death. All for profit of course.

This is a sperg rant brought to you by Not-pharmaceutical industries, where you’re getting quackery in a pill.


There’s so many things I didn’t cover, just know that there’s a bunch of things that are actively poisoning us.

Not even to mention electromagnetic or ethereal types of poisoning.


It’s the dose that makes the poison, and the dose that makes the cure.


Apparently even the wax on ramen isn’t safe. Who would’ve thought.


we’re pretty ingeniusly stupid,

Like we’ll make a fish that cleans up plastic.

But it’s 3d printed.

So we’ll make a plastic fish to collect plastic

In the shape of a fish. . .

In which other fish or whales might eat. . .

They might eat the plastic fish full of plastic. . .

Like, see how retardedly ingenious we are?

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