Boostin’ Culture

Something is straight Boostin,
There are booster packs for cards,
Booster shots for Vaccines,
Booster crews,
Booster bags,
And Booster Swag,

So, what is Boostin?

Well, here’s urban dictionary for you;

Boostin is just a five finger discount, the ‘professional’ hoodlum way of getting things.

Rippin tags and all sorts of jazz. But like, with experience and planning (sometimes).

There are methods that use booster bags;

Basically, instead of wrapping the tin foil around your head, you wrap it in a lining inside a bag. That way the RFID alarms don’t go off as you exit the premises of some establishment.

These are also called “Beeper bags”.

I’m personally not going to share with you how to make one. But if you paid the fuck attention in science class, maybe you’d understand the principles of electromagnetism and Faraday’s law. Mayhaps if you get your GPA up, you’d do better in the streets with ‘that bird brain shit’ that you might’ve dismissed.

Idk, but if you wanted to test it out, you could in theory put your phone in it and it should lose all signal. Not saying that’s any advice or nothin.

There’s a fancy lineage to booster bags,

Lineage meaning history,

But, something about street knowledge not being proliferated because it’s illegal and shame or something. Idk, people smart don’t talk, and it’s rare to get good info from people who decide to talk.

So, yea.


You think it’s a coincidence,

That there is a communications network under a ‘boost mobile’?

I mean, probably a coincidence.

This is a joke, don’t take it too seriously.

Boostin in song lyrics,

It’s a whole culture.

Kodak Black – Boost My Ego;

Nef The Pharaoh – Boostin’;

It’s a vibe, it’s a hustle, it’s a struggle, it’s a grind, and all of that makes it a culture. There’s swag, merch, music, people, crews, etc.

It’s a whole culture.

But why though?

Maybe the whole pathology of stealing shit with a five finger discount should be, idk, not the go to for people who live in the struggle?

And maybe if living wages were given to people for doing fair amount of work, maybe, idk, maybe we wouldn’t have a shit society?

It’s not like everyone can work, and it’s also retarded to want to work.

I don’t respect thieves (mainly because consent is a big thing in my scams), but I can understand and somewhat respect the hustle.

Also, sometimes people are kleptomaniacs and they love stealing. I honestly love random loot boxes in video games. These guys love that shit in real life. Loot, lootin, loot boxes, swag.

Boostin’ probably doesn’t hurt no body,

I mean, as long as they aren’t targeting small mom and pop shops, things should be gucci.

Let’s think about it from the boost crew,

There’s less risk in boostin’ small shit, there’s less punishment and crime, and the rewards are easily fencible goods. You compare that to robbing a gas station or a bank, that’s armed robbery, and that’s high risk low reward shit. Like what, you gonna get like a grand for risking your life and being in front of a camera? Naw, fuck that noise.

It’s easier and less risky to steal five or ten items, fence them for a few hundred dollars. Supply and demand. Plus all the new marketplaces are open, really puts the power and money back into the hands of the people instead of big corporations. So, economically, stealing is a good thing for the economy.

Big Corporations have loss prevention departments and all that shit. They pay a fuckton. And at the end of the day, they write off these losses as a tax write off. There’s a lot more ‘tax advantages’ that corporations and bonafide incorporated structures of business take charge of. I’m not saying the corporations love getting their shit stolen, and I’m not saying anyone should target people who have money. I’m not saying that. I’m also not not saying that.

What I am saying is, wage theft is the number one theft by a huge fucking margin. So, do with that what you will with real data and maybe if we lived in a not-shit society, we wouldn’t have to worry about ‘boostin’ to get by.

data as of 2014

So, I mean, who really is out here boostin’?

To boost or not to boost, that is the question.

And just for the record, everyone is ‘borrowing’ things and they’ll eventually give them back. Scouts honor.

In Closing,

Idk why people steal, obviously for money and living, but uh, if you do decide to swipe other people’s shit. At least have some morals or something.

If people are stealing food to survive, then something is wrong with society. There’s a difference between stealing food because you can, and because you need to. So, morals or something.

Yea, thievin’ existed since the beginning of property rights. I mean, what is conquering land and warlording if not ‘jacking your shit’ with violence?

Some places had the punishment for stealing to be a Harsh draconian like cutting a hand of the thief. That did work to some degree. But people still lost their hands, so obviously not enough to prevent thieving. And it also made it hard as fuck to do something with one hand, you basically reduced the labor force and also made a disabled person. So they might as well steal or live by some means. Kinda fucked if you ask me, let alone if that person was innocent.

If only we could societally address the underlying issues of why someone would want to steal, and provide a path of redemption or a game for thieving. That way, people who can be remedied, will have a better life. And people who just love stealing to steal, will have an opportunity to shine as a virtue.

You know, create a sport for stealing that way kleptomaniacs and people with similar niche’s can sort of get their fix. Like a video game, or grand theft auto with more theft.

Be pretty Cool-Lupin the third- of ya if you did.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, Boostin, or Any Advice

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