Wild thought on currency

What if we fractionated the currency to not be federal? Hear me out, we could make it so each State has their own money and each state has to compete and barter with others for resources and favors.

Also, Fuck California.

Yea, this is pre fed boi stuff. Where States issue their own currency.

But it’d be really interesting to have economic wars between states again.

Of course this would result in economic pain for many Americans. (but I mean, look at the current state of affairs. Economic Pain is raining down anyway.)

But I mean, it’d be better for the state government to have a money printer than some hob knobs in DC.

Why march all the way there just to get a felony rap sheet when you can go to your local governor’s town hall and petition peacefully.

Idk, call me old fashioned, seems a bit like printing money inflation without representation.

And yea, Inflation due to printing money is a tax on your dollars. Oh, the Fed reserve? They’re not even a Government organization, so no representation.

To be fair, the Fed Bois at the reserve are also like ‘wtf’.

So, Blame congress? Idk.

Always blame big banks, that’s a given.

In Closing,

Just wild thoughts not meant to mean anything. Just another shit post.

If it makes you feel any better, the rich politicians and well affluent people are sheltered from war and pain, whether physical or economic.

So, you know, nothing new under the sun.

Same old same old, different names. -Call it ‘rebranding’ if you will.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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