Thoughts on the State of the Clown World

Warning; This is a Meta post, You’ve been warned

All the worlds’ a stage

and for some

the Play is a Comedy

If it truly is a Clown World

Then what then are the kings in high society?

The King of Clowns?

If the King of Clowns is but a Grand Fool

In a world of Fools that forget themselves

Who then,

Is the Jester to the royal court?

Perhaps the King is a serious Fool.

And the Jester Takes Fooling seriously.

Yet we all fool ourselves

and fool ourselves into thinking we’re not fools

As it is, easier to be fooled

then to acknowledge being the fool.

In Closing,

Chew on that

This world isn’t necessarily the upside down.

But it’s not necessarily not.

Go ahead and write your comedy,

Live a little,

Love a little,

perhaps a little less,

Or write your tragedy,

as Tragedy and Comedy are merely two sides of the same coigne.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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