‘Natural Flavors’ is a Scam

FDA and other regulatory organizations allow companies to put ‘Natural Flavors’ on their products (in the US). This includes a lot of products that are ‘organic certified’. Yea, the shit you get from stores and stuff is poisoned with chemicals that shouldn’t be in the food or drinks.

And some chemicals that sound scary but don’t mean shit.

These come mainly from the manufacturing process or some sort of hyper industrial chemical distilling products. Maybe even trace amounts, but the amounts are not zero.

America is sort of fucked, compared to other countries that have more open disclosures and actual healthy food.

You’d assume that something that is Organic certified, would be made with normal shit.

Like Oat milk, good oat milk should (in theory) either taste good as fuck with poison, or be made with Oats and Water.

Adding a laundry list of chemicals is off putting for consumers. People typically don’t want to buy products with big words that sound scary.

So most corporations just lie and put it all under ‘natural flavors’ or label it as ‘food coloring COLOR#’ like Red-40 or some shit.

Some of the contamination is small amounts in the parts per million, but anyone who’s done Acid or LSD can attest that a small amount can go a long way. To include contact with someone sweating that shit and receiving a topological dose.

Yea, just ask yourself about how many parts per Billion you’d take of some mercury in your food or water.


Point is, there’s other drugs and chemicals being masked by the label of ‘Natural Flavors’ being peddled to your local consumer.

In Closing,

Me, personally. I love poisoning myself, that’s why I drink alcohol.

But also, I know what the fuck I’m drinking, sometimes.

If you sell liquid cocaine, I’d still buy it (legally of course). It’s not so much that Chemicals shouldn’t be used in products, it’s just a scam that we’ve Mentally-cucked ourselves into not disclosing what these chemicals are. Shying away from the truth, or just simply labeling something like ‘Oats and Water’ or ‘Limes’ or ‘Apples’.

Like literally, there are products with only one or three or small number of ingredients. Instead of a laundry list CVS Receipt of ingredients.

Probably because people wouldn’t buy the products if it had crazy sounding names.

But that’s because typical consumers are dumb and don’t know shit.

Like for instance, BPA-free labels. That’s another can of worms I’ll talk about later (probably). It’s a scam to buy into and it’s a scam not to know.

Mainly, people are sensitive bitches, and corporations are sensitive liars.

Another penny into the sock of why ‘Grocery Stores are a scam’, because a lot of the common and frequent offenders sell at major super chains and shit.

(Why am I putting pennies in the sock? Because I ran out of batteries. Those who know, know. You can’t do that shit with powdered soap).

Have a Good evening,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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