Black Companies and Japanese Work Ethic

Black Companies, have nothing to do about race you racist. That’s typical American thinking, always thinking about race. Racist.

Anyways, Black Companies or “Black Kigyo” in Japan is basically a company or corporation that works their employees to the bone. Also known as Evil Corporations or Black Corporations, per Wikipedia, these companies practice a bunch of labor law violations, employee abuse, sweat shop practices and a slew of other awful things.

Which is great.

In fact, the maltreatment of their employees leads to abusive alcoholism, harassment, death, chain smoking, binge drinking, cancer inhaling, uhhh same synonyms spun differently, and also suicide.

Which is not so great.

But let’s focus on the bright side, uhm, uhhh, err. . . never mind, let’s focus back on the dark side. The routine things that we can actually address and talk about, instead of glossing over like some fairy tale.

Because let’s face it, this world is a bit fucked, and you’re probably here to face the darkness and evil or something, if not go ahead a press Alt+F4 and then Space Bar on your keyboard to bookmark where you should be.

Japan’s Work Ethic

Pretty standard in business class everywhere, we have a social strata of people called ‘Workaholics’ that ‘hustle’ or ‘grind’ a typical 9-to-5 and then slap on overtime. Yea, the typical scenario.

A lot of long hours, over time and over working people slaving away at some desk job in front of a computer or performing long hours of back breaking work. Mainly back breaking, because you’re hunched over an laptop trying to fit your stubby fingers to create a deadly PowerPoint of boredom or an excel spreadshit that never ends and is a hot mess. The typical stuff.

Sell your time, your soul, to slave away at a computer screen

Instead of being at home, free, to slave away at a computer screen

Well, between mindless mundane work behind a wheel, and the hours spent in front of a grey screen, there seems to be an interesting work culture in Japan.

There are drink socials, where employees are expected to go and that’s a trap. Your employees and employer gauge you, feel you, test you, and then decide whether you’re cool enough to hang with the crew and do hood rat shit. Or if you’re a loser and then do a whole bunch of workplace harassment and make your life increasingly difficult with a bunch of lies and miscommunication.

Well, these drink socials are called nomikai, and you might be drinking with your boss or a client, and you better have a good game in it all. Socializing is a Job at this point.

And many jobs do this, from teachers to business people, and even Insert profession here. I got lazy, but you get the idea.


Do you binge drink to the point of oblivion? Decimating every last brain cell like a purge? Well, you MUST be a hard worker.

Kudos to you!

Oh, it’s also like Las Vegas or Georgia in Japan. What I mean is, it’s cool and okay to be drunk in public, even if it may be illegal or whatever. Idk the law, since I don’t practice it. So, uh, people get drunk and go out in public, and most people just keep to themselves. That’s the culture there, nice.

Point is, If you stress out and chain smoke a lot, other employees and your boss will think you’re working harder. The perception of you struggling is more quotientable than your actual quotient or efficiency.

Remember, in most Asian Cultures, perceptions matters, have a good ‘face’ and maintain it.

So, if you sleep in your office building at your desk, that means you over worked. They’ll see it as a good thing.

Pop up one of these bad boys, surround yourself with some crumpled up papers, and empty monster cans and they’ll think you’re a hard worker, and definitely not a slob or a health care liability later

Point is, Japan likes and envies, or even glorifies the work culture. Just like dumb Americunts.

There’s even this blog

See, I stumbled upon this blog, that ranks companies by the worst. Which is Great.

I present you the best award that I’ve recently become aware of as of a few minutes ago, just now,

Apparently it’s an annual award that goes and ranks corporations. So like a public blog or journalism that somewhat acts as an official unofficial labor rights movement?

Turns out, there’s a lot of shadows and this award throws shade, meaning they reveal companies wrong doings. Which means you might be eating some Conflict-riddled Bento Box. (Possibly)

Damn, no wonder it was so damn delicious and cheap. It was made through Exploited labor and suffering. Delicious.

Anyways, there’s apparently credible people that represent the voice of this Award;

-Same SORSS (source) from above

Thanks to technology, I can translate these Eastern Glyphic Runes into Western Archaic ones! Here, enjoy their explaination;

It goes on to list a criterion for how to be the best shitty company. Don’t worry, I’m taking notes;

The Criteria, I have to stress, is definitely about;

Wage Garnishing,
‘Power Harassment’ (Using your powers to harass),

And they also have some sort of Online voting system. So imagine American Idol but better because it’s about Capitalism and exploitation! Juicy.

So a lot of these are self reported incidents, testimonials, and investigations into companies. However, there’s a lot of reports and it’s not easy to investigate all the self reported or whistle blow claims.

I mean, If only the Japanese Government had some sort of fair reporting whistle blowing act that would reward people for correcting tax evasion deficient companies using exploitive labor practices to harvest tax losses and ultimately increase the GDP of Japan through plugging these monetary-tributary leaks. I mean, if only.

You better be taking notes Japanese Officials, (if you’re somehow reading this).

Comments sections are lit

The Comments section for overall posts are pretty Spicy, just go to the website, translate and scroll through.

It’s basically people doxxing their companies and complaining informally asking for punishments or investigations. Including a couple broken dreams and other sad stories of abused workers running the rat-race of the work life until death. Just your typical modern Business-Hustle-culture lifestyle.

All of these are brought to you via Google Translate (Not sponsored):

“Please Punish This Company Severely”
Someone literally just dropped the Company name and left chat. Legendary.
“Parasitic industry of the intermediate industry”
“Scraps the trample on people’s feelings”

There was a lot of shade thrown at Mitsubishi Electric about a suicide death and the consequent concealment. Click here and Ctrl+F “Mitsubishi Electric” to get the scoop. In fact, most posts have comments, here is a random one;

I’m not sure how real those numbers are, but if someone is saying them then they are speaking their truth. So someone feels that this is true in their reality, which speaks volumes to what might be true and factual.
Bro, I’ve done a lot of digging in foreign work exploitation of labor.
And let me tell you, it’s a fucked world.

And I mean stranding entire cities of people in dilapidated islands with sub-poverty pay.

As a side note, looking at how evil labor exploitation around the world can be, makes sweat shops look like a walk in the park.

I’ve sifted through a lot of the comments. Holy fuck man. Not for the faint of heart if even 5% of these comments are true. And I’m willing to bet it’s a lot more than 5%.

What’s it like to be an employee in a Black Company?

You see, Black Companies are pretty awful, and there’s a lot of them, but let’s dig in to why they’re so awful with some examples and such.

Well, thankfully “The Most Evil Corporation of the year” (Which should be trademarked in my opinion) has great testimonial-ish examples of companies doing awful shit.

So let us use some of their examples, I dug through the spark notes to deliver to you, EVIL, on a platter™.

No need to thank me, other people suffered to bring to you these few lines of text.

Yes, people suffered great ordeals and even died.

All for a few lines of


. . .

-Suicide attributed from 166 hours of specifically OVERTIME a month
Assuming 40 hour workweek, that’s about 88 hours a week.
And let me tell you, not a lot of those hours probably got recorded.
Seeing as the average hour worked in a month is 140ish
A young 1 year old was killed, and the practices attributing to the slaughter resumed, over work, no sleep.

Honestly, I’ve been in those shoes before. Where I would rather die behind the wheel at work as that would’ve been a better exit than living a life of suffering. Sadly, we don’t think about those around us when we are stuck in our suicidal ideations and death-lust. I mean, in theory, when we die, it won’t be our problem anymore.

In this case, a Child’s future was robbed, followed by a death
170 hours overtime a month, death
>100 hours of Overtime a month, death
It seems that there is an established precedence that overtime of greater than 80 hours a month is considered ‘The Line of Death from Overwork’

So, like, what the fuck?
One man died of 190 hours of Overtime and this lead to the investigation of 37 Companies violating labor standards.


Which means at least 37 people were effected at a minimum. If you factor in the size and scope, and the fact that work standards apply uniformly throughout work policies, than the it’s probably the entirety of a subdivision in each of these companies.

Depending on size, that’s a lot of fucking people.
Labor Busting and plotting. Your standard ploy for work place discrimination.

People are literally working themselves TO DEATH. Not a joke, like for real. But also a joke, because No Safe Bets.

The list and list goes on and on, and so many people have suffered and to this day, they continue to suffer.

I mean, what are our deaths but a footnote in history?

We die twice, once when we draw our last breath, and again when our names are last spoken.

Of course, I’m the type of guy that believes that in the grand Scheme of things, we all die. So best not to get your motivational advice from me unless you want to laugh at the falling and burning to ashes and cinder.


The Progress?

Well, turns out, even if you complain, not a lot changes.

Yea, so a lot of these companies apparently don’t correct their ways or anything.

I mean, if they’re making money, then they’re not broken. So why fix anything? Even if their employees are broken.

That’s basically the mindset.

Replace workers like cog pieces, run them until they break and switch em out.

Apparently it’s a bonus if they die, especially suicide, because these companies will shirk any liabilities.

The fight for better treatment via that blog feels like a fruitless effort of no-fruition where the greed and evil of people kill enmasse and threaten the health and strength of Japan.

Almost like a shout to the wind, and you’re forsaken alone in a desolate society of corporate squares all stuck to their grey gloomy cubes of pain. So much for society.

I’m buying puts, lmao. I’m shorting society.

How does this Affect Japan as a whole?

(I made this title a bit bigger, because it’s important)

Well, all of these shitty work conditions makes people feel like they can’t run in the shitty rat race of life as they get treated like shit and trampled on like a nameless nobody.

So it hurts their labor force in Government terms.

No wonder people want to Alt+F4 life, go long $ROPE and live as a shut in NEET with No Employment, Education, or Training (That’s what NEET means). It’s because Employment, Education, and Training are where they get shat on and bullied to the point crippling depression and anxiety.

If I had a choice between being shitted on by shitty company, culture, peers, and bosses or staying in my room and being a shut in as I escape in my Harry-Potter Esque Fantasy worlds through video games and Manga, what the fuck do you think I would pick?

So it’s no wonder people don’t want to ‘rejoin’ society and try their hand at jobs or anything. This results in many adults becoming anti-social.

The Anti-social factor adds to the exacerbated dwindling population of Japanese people. Leading to low fertility rates, low sex partners, social interactions, and all that.

Here, picture;

Also, if people work themselves to DEATH or suicide, no shit will you have a society where older people outlive the younger generation. Yes, your population is going to skew to be populated by elderly people because the youngin’s die. Almost like all of this is connected or some shit.

Here is picture for eyes;

They attribute the elderly population to high life expectancy. When that’s probably not the proper term to describe what they’re assessing.

And on top of not having the monetary means to afford putting the roof over a family, (because of wage theft and work place harassment), people are stuck in a perpetual state of poverty preventing them from ever even thinking of building a family.

Yet the American Media likes to tell you that people are living in small conditions with few possessions because ‘minimalism is trending’ is just another scam to say PEOPLE ARE FUCKING BROKE and not admit that people are broke.

-Japan saving face

(Just for the record, Marie Kondo is a saint, and a much better person than I. This meme is not indicative or reflective of her character. I just like dank memes while using A minimalist Accelerationist Korean-Japanese infamous lady. It’s poetry my dood.)

So really, people are broke and are being cheated out of their money. Which results in poverty, unfavorable living conditions, and not getting laid. Because money and status is directly proportional to sex appeal and mate selection.

Hell, some Beta male Japanese men have accepted the No-Coomer Incel life. They dub themselves ‘herbivore men’.

So, again, fErTiLIty RaTes and Dwindling p0PuLatiON.

I mean,

all of this makes the labor force shit, population numbers decrease, and life fucked.

It’s a feedback loop of shitty shit shit, and of course Japanese Officials are gonna blame the symptoms of ANIME and MANGA as the root problems. When really those symptoms are the escape and coping mechanisms of the actual problem.

When the root problems are the Work-(and)-harassment culture and violation of laborlaws turning their work force from caged wage slave to wage-cuck-beta-simp.

Don’t blame the escape, blame the cause.

Don’t blame the drugs, blame the reason for doing the drugs. That sort of thing.

If you want my personal solution, having actual leadership courses for all Japanese residents to make them turn into outstanding citizens would probably help. Running a campaign awareness to increase workplace morale, have more comedic stress relief, and raise awareness campaigns on treating bullying as an unprofessional thing could help.


Instead of bullying and ridiculing the weak, you can uplift them through strength and build independence through precise and professional leadership. Thereby enriching the lives of everyone and society, which would crescendo into a cascading domino effect leading to a modern Techno-enlightenment-Golden Age of Japan.

But I’m just some random fucking-idiot on the internet, don’t take my advice. (It’s also not valid).

What about Other Eastern Cultures?

I’m glad you didn’t ask!

Well, the stereotype of a hardworking Japanese business man actually is pretty typical in eastern life. You see, suits and over working are things Asians do.

It has something to do with tiger parenting and being beaten a lot. Something to do with the culture of ‘face’ and making your reputation very known, and living a life of superficial success while struggling and breaking down internally.

Not that much different from the rest of ‘society’.

And a lot of other countries experience similar things, China, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, etc.

A lot of Eastern Nations have a pretty unhealthy work life balance. I mean, just look at their suicide nets.

But that seems to be a topic for another day, this article is more focused on Japan and I’m running out of ink to type up this article. So I’m going to close it up.

In Closing

All this dark humor is right up my alley, and does not reflect my actual empathy or sympathy to those that were harmed. However, jokes, even dark ones, can help us work and truck through the reality of suffering.

I think it’s always good to have a focus and shine some light on the evil, that way we can make the world a better place. See the evil, know the evil, integrate the shadow of evil. The world doesn’t have to be miserable.

Or insert reason here to justify whatever.

What’s that one buddhist proverb?

“For a Tree to reach the highest Heavens, It’s roots must reach the deepest Hells”

Notice the plurality of ‘heavens’ and ‘hells’, it’s because it’s multi-layered and the proverb was something like that, idk, I didn’t pay attention to monks.

Monks are too Spiritualist and they usually exude light and stuff.

Real nasty, I could get a burn.

Anyways, uhhhh, America (and Western Society as a whole) isn’t that much better, but I’ll cover that later (or never).

Lmao. Cheers, Ubuntu to you my fren, and as always,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

As a Post Script;

If you don’t have meaning in your life and you want to commit suicide, why not instead pick a fight with the nefarious evils of the world? They’re endless and in the end, you’ll die anyway.

At least in an effort to make the world slightly better than it was. Even the smallest difference will be a difference, in the end. And you’d have a ripple butterfly effect of possibly making the world a much better place.

Well, that’s my two cents, but you can’t redeem it anywhere. Because it’s not valid, remember? Ha, jokes.

Post Post Script,

If I’m ever rich as fuck, I’ll definitely try to help Japan work Culture in some way. Something more than this post. I’ll put that on my ‘To-do-when-rich-af’ list. (Yes, I do have a list when I become Rich AF. Notice When and not If).

Don’t hold me to it, it’s not a safe bet, because I’m not guaranteed to be rich any time soon. Or even alive. lmao. So, uh, yea.

Post Post Post Script,

I had no intention on writing all of this, it just sort of happened. I stumbled upon the word ‘black company’ and was like ‘wtf?’ and here we are. One insightful. shitty. article. later.

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