GME Saga, Crypto, and Lord Elon Musk. The Tri-force.

How are all of these things connected? Well this is more of a recap of last week that goes into the price action of GME.

Well besides this article, it seems there is a unscrupulous campaign by the media to pin blame on Lord Elon Musk for his public involvement in Crypto.

All of which, is a cover for financial institutions to dump their private crypto holdings, to help finance the margin capital requirements of possible short positions in a favored stonk called ‘GME’.

Someone should tell these financial institution-types, that they don’t have to trade on news on unregulated crypto (possibly) securities. . . Unless the financial institutions need to meet some form of reporting requirements to back their trade decisions. Unless. . .

Like, come on, do you actually think one Guy’s tweets can force liquidate a Trillion dollars in Crypto Assets?

He Technically doesn’t say the second ‘Think’, Just for the record

This is all speculation because I’m a free-range de-ranged Gambler, but let’s look at some data;

Here are some dates of Crypto getting a beating;

Thursday April 22, 2021;

Sunday May 16, 2021;

More graphs from the same day;

Wednesday May 19, 2021;

Sunday May 23, 2021;

All in all, this resulted in a $1 Trillion sell off;

Commentary for The Wednesday May 19th chart above, that you saw. . .

And which the mainstream explanation is to Blame Lord Elon and Chinar;

-Of Course, Elon haters and Dumb money is eating this up

When in actuality, it’s not because of a single tweet or China.

Friday May 28, 2021

Here’s a little friday update, to help show that the sell off is still going.

So $1 Trillion + AND Counting.

Basically one pic;

So this pissed off a bunch of people.

So What?

Well, there has been heavy crypto movements, as if someone is taking their gains and going into another investment.

Because, if you had crypto, you probably would keep it during a bull run.

Unless of course, you owe money and have to meet some sort of liquidity requirements, like, idk, a margin requirement maybe?

Turns out, There is evidence that some whales in the crypto world are making some registered trades;

That’s the cool thing about crypto, everyone gets to see the trades;

So in that post,

There is a Bitcoin wallet that shows very timely dumps, that have a correlating price action with GME price suppression.

Basically, when this Whale Wallet sells crypto, GME surprisingly goes down.

Once or twice is coincidence. But, uh, SEVEN times? This must be a Very Lucky Seven Leaf Clover Coincidence. . .

(Just read the post for more details).

Small screenshot incase the post gets deleted. The wallet address in question is THIS WALLET;

Yea, so a Whale is arguably connected with Crypto Dumping, media campaigns, and GME Price going down.

In the past,

There were already evidence and talks on how financial companies would pump and dump unregulated crypto assets.

Mainly finding a shitcoin and pumping it to move around liquidity from one hand to another, while being able to market it as a loss. It’s actually a money launder strategy that people have abused in both stocks, options, and now, crypto.

Other people also believe there to be a connection with GME;

I mean, Crypto is a less regulated liquidity pool to inflate assets and meet maintenance requirements. Crypto isn’t the only thing like that, *ahem* There is always the REPO markets, but let’s ignore all of that jazz;

Point is, someone Kicked the Crypto Nest

Taking money out of the bull run of crypto makes crypto users upset,

Some got wise, and are seeing the threatening pattern. To which, they now jumped on the GME train out of spite.

And many are silent lurkers, with massive wallets, because crypto and money. The fact that Crypto is hailed as a de-finance and decentralized medium of exchange means a protection of privacy and thus, Lurkers.

Because who want’s all that spot light?

And the Media is covering Crypto

Turns out, the popular thing is what the Media chases, Clout chasers.

And Crypto happens to also make people a lot of money.

So The media cares to a degree, (with loose strings of financial incentives from bought out interests), to cover Crypto.

And they want to blame China and Elon Musk because that’s the narrative.

In Closing

I wanted to publish this article last week, but I got distracted by sleep. And I’m not even mad, ngl.

So here, is the article. A bit late, but it serves as a time stamp in history to explain what happened to GME and how it’s sort of going up for this week in history. Which may or may not matter. What I’m saying is, this article is for posteriority.

This article also defends the Honor of Lord Elon Musk, because the Media is running a FUD campaign to vilify him and China together.

But I’ve got a bigger Crypto scoop that I’m working on right now, and boy oh boy is it stuff you’ve already heard before.


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice.

Update June 9, 2021 (6/9) Nice

There’s another sell off Friday June 4th,

-Source also side commentary here

And Crypto dumped on June 7th,

Here’s a Chart;

And the Media is also trying to blame Trump (again) even though him saying anything doesn’t matter unless the media itself is posting. So the media is arguably a self-fulfilling prophecy in dumping the crypto market if it was driven purely by Trump Sayings. Which it is not. In other words, the Media is full of shit.


Hey, news flash. The Crypto Market itself isn’t regulated. You don’t have to post reasons for why your large holding is liquidating.

It’s not the stock market you (hypothetically) dumb *****.


Here’s another dot connector with more dots and connects;

(in reality, the sell off was probably because Tim Dillon and others made fun of Crypto Supremacist’s Maximalists at the recent Crypto Cult convention. Which showed how pathetic and retarded some of the speakers were. Resulting in overall FUD and bearish sentiment.)

UPDATE July 3rd, 2021;

Apparently Hedgies (and maybe Bankies) are getting great leverage ratios in an unregulated crypto market. Probably a place to store assets in Fugazzi Commercial papers until Fed bois offered that nice 5 Basis points on reverse repo rates.

But of course, everything I say is made up and totally not to be taken seriously, even if it references real things in the real world. Ignore that.

Here’s da link

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