The ‘Evaporating People’ of Japan

In Japan, there’s a sort of slow cultural movement in the shadows of people disappearing. Unlike the NEETs, Hikkomori, and Herbivore men, there are people, both men and women, that just disappear.

And hopefully it’s not because they were human trafficked, blackmailed, or kidnap. But because the world is a little fucked, I’m sure that’s partly the case.

Instead, people are voluntarily cutting all connections and ties and moving. Quitting their jobs and their relationships, even with their family members. All to disappear.

Leaving loved ones behind not knowing if they’re alive or dead.

It’s called Jouhatsu

A sort of MIA to the suicide version of KIA. To go missing in action, and to disappear. A Social Form of suicide to restart and start again.

Almost like you evaporate, as if you were an invisible person. To disappear.

And yet society moves on. Just like the Companies.

Speaking of Companies,

There are companies that will relocate or help you ‘disappear’. Sounds like a mob hitman from the movies, but no, companies help other people disappear.

Think of it like witness protection, but you’re protecting the witness from their old society.

And the actual companies do provide a night service that acts like a sort kidnapping or abduction, but of course the client is paying for their ‘rescue’ from their inhospitable life.

You can get a new name, a new life, a new start. It’s rather hopeful compared to killing yourself and rolling the dice to find out what’s on the other side of the veil.

“The businesses that assist the jouhatsu are called yonige-ya, which means “fly-by-night shops”. These establishments are relatively accessible and have their own websites. One particular yonige-ya could charge between ¥50,000 ($450) and ¥300,000 ($2,600) for its services, which depend on a number of factors. These factors include: the amount of possessions, the distance, if it is a nocturnal move, if children are included, and if the client is evading debt collectors. Sometimes, people disappear on their own without the aid of yonige-ya. There are published guides that can help assist people become jouhatsu.” -Wikipedia

Japan’s society and work culture at large is such a problem that people are intentionally relocating themselves from society itself. Corporate Slaves are running away and society makes it taboo to talk about it.

It’s taboo to talk about running away from your abusers, as if you’re talking about suicide.

Does no one openly talk about the Corporate Slavery system and the oppression that leads one to make the decision of ‘evaporating’ to be a logical step? It’s so logical and pathological that there are businesses that facilitate this for money and profit. Like, do the math.

It’s a lucrative industry if businesses and guides are about. You’d think you’re escaping a cult or a religious compound. But instead, Japanese people are escaping shitty marriages, Debt collectors, and Capitalism.

Hopefully they live a good life, there’s no safe bets after all, so I just Hope they find what they need or are looking for.

There’s a great documentary on youtube about all of this too.

Some American story;

There’s a few stories in America where this happens. I’m sure it’s not just the America, but probably every ‘large’ civilization. I’d even argue some of the small villages have people that ran away, bindle and all.

Here’s a comment from the Documentary about Evaporating people;

I Personally knew of a Woman and her daughter who was escaping some really fucking insane Mormon Cult. I’m not against LDS, but some sects go way to fucking far. They just booked it and ran and are seeking asylum like refugees. I don’t know how the law works for these people, I always viewed the institution of marriage as SUS, so I hope they got the freedom they wanted.

I’ve also heard of a Wall Street Banker who was an MD and just one day up and left. His coworkers found him later and he was working on a farm in Kansas living the dream. Said something about moving was the best decision of his life. Probably went something like this;

Anyways, that’s an anecdote but these ‘midlife crisis’ type stuff happens all the time.

People just up and quit.

Up and Split.

Tired of the Rat Race?

Just Drop Out.

If you ask any old timers they probably knew one or two birds that ‘flew the coop’. Hell, some of your old timers might even be one of the birds that flew the coop.

I mean, it’s natural for a prisoner to want to escape and break free, from one trap into (quite possibly) another. From one lifestyle into another (From one matrix, into another).

It’d be a shame to try to live in

a lifestyle you can’t afford to live,

or afford to lose.

Surrounded by Fake people and Fake faces to impress with fake stuff and dress in fake apparel. Buying things you don’t need to impress people who don’t care? Why do we call it make-up when it’s entirely fake, shouldn’t we call it Fake-up instead? I digress,

Keeping up with the Jones’ and societal pressures of life result in an explosion of what outsiders perceive to be ‘irrational’ and ‘unthinkable’. That’s just the tone deaf audience that ignored all the red flags, signs, and cries for help along the way.

Some of the Families left behind feel a sense of guilt for not having done more, and are left in a traumatic loop of ever-hoping the return as if it’s an inevitability and that it’s all a bad dream.

My Heart goes out to all those that suffer, it’s a shame that the emotions, the feelings, and the pain didn’t evaporate too.

And like those feelings, emotions, and pain.

This too shall pass.

In Closing,

Why do people leave and quit life?

Because it’s shitty for the most part. It’s shitty but they know it’s not life that’s shitty, it’s their ‘current’ life that’s shitty.

It has a lot to do with Power Harassment, Work Culture, and Ultimately Black Companies that turn people into corporate slaves and have people bullied and harassed physically and sexually. The Shittiness of Japanese Business ethics result in shitty lives results in people not wanting to live that way.

Some people are in abusive relationships and need an escape. Shitty marriages, abusive relationships, psychological torture, cuckery and more.

Some people are just bored and want to re-roll their life and Isekai themselves. I mean, you have to ask why Isekai genre is so popular in Japanese Culture and influential in the West as well. It’s because everyone is a closeted pervert for death and they hope a valiant and noble death saving someone from a Truck and being taken to a fantastical Fantasy world is a desirable fantasy. One where you’re not a burden in society and one where you can try again to make the new world better. With Magic and shit.

The feeling of ‘somethings gotta change’ gets into people.

And if nothing changes, then the people will find a way to make a change.

Even if that means leaving it all behind.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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