The ‘Lying Flat’ movement

I’m merely writing about this because every culture seems to have a lot of anti-work sentiments and moments of ‘clarity’ (if you want to call it that), where society decides to be very punk and counter-culture in a way.

There was a social movement in China 2021 where Young Adult Males working would decide to be very Anti-Work.

It started with a philosophical shit post;

“I can just sleep in my barrel enjoying a sunbath like Diogenes, or live in a cave-like Heraclitus and think about ‘Logos’. Since there has never really been a trend of thought that exalts human subjectivity in this land, I can create it for myself. Lying flat is my wise movement, only by lying down can humans become the measure of all things.”

And to be fair, there is poetry in this. You can’t use a ruler properly if you have it perpendicular with the thing you are measuring. It’s just not the typical way a ruler is used. Afterall, “Man is the measure of all things”, so perhaps lying flat is resolve of it’s own spirit in it’s own form?

So, philosophically, for a shit post, it’s pretty on point.

Enough youths were like, yea, this makes sense. Then they called this the ‘lying flat’ movement in which they literally lay flat on the ground and became lethargic and didn’t do shit. That trended on Social media and whatnots and the Gen Z kids enjoyed it -Mainly because Work-Life Balance was Unbalanced and Work was too OP (over powered);

-South Morning China Post

A Shitty 996 culture would want souls call for 911.

The Wikipedia page calls the movement Tang Ping.

People would literally be unemployed and just lay flat in the streets. Some of them even wore suits and just lay there.

It was pretty punk.

While for many others, they ended up ‘lying flat’ on the job. Doing the bare minimum to get by and not try to advance their jobs. They saw the rat race and were not motivated by it, disgusted even.

Why Struggle? Go for the low hanging fruit.

Even if that fruit is on the ground,
I mean, aren’t you too? On the ground in your social class?

Fruit is still fruit, right?

Cruise through life.

Just give up.


Kind of like ‘Quiet Quitting’ where people sort of resign themselves to do less and less at a job they hate more and more.

‘Let it rot’ movement

The Movement sort of evolved into a worse movement called ‘let it rot’. Another movement where people just made things burn simply by letting entropic decay burn things. Let things destroy and disrepair themselves by natural causal forces. You know, don’t do anything and collect a paycheck for doing so.

This was Societies’ abreaction to the Government’s curtailing of the ‘lying flat’ movement.

As it turns out, China has their Government become a Tiger Parent and it’s regime control leads exactly to disinterested youths. More censorship and more strict punishments. Gross.

Even banning some of the sales of art for the trend. So no more shirts for convenient wear.

It’s like this oppressive nature curtails human curiosity and wisdom, it is soul crushing.

And obviously with stricter governments, less expression is allowed. So people will inevitably degenerate by expressing themselves inward.

Kind of like a Monk or an aesthetic forced to be studious and pious within temple walls.

In the Pro-Anti-Communist China

China is very Communistic when it comes to the idea of ‘The state’. They’re not communistic when it comes to the community or the people at large. So really, it’s more like a socialist party than a communistic one, and they’re very hyper capitalist, but don’t tell them that.

The State Sponsored Media disparage and denounce the movements. They acknowledge the feelings of despair and nihilism as valid, but they denounce and advise against the work ethic and the actions taken based on such feelings.

The State acknowledges the pain and suffering but basically said ‘return to work’.

‘Work Sucks, I know’
-Blink 182 CCP

Here’s a meme for your troubles;

It’s like the state run media wants to maintain it’s slaves and make them work. You’ll be happy -wait, no, you won’t be happy- And you’ll work. Work and labor is guaranteed, happiness isn’t.

Feels bad man.

It’s like America, where the Corpo run media wants it’s slaves to go back to work to make money for commercial landlords. But don’t tell the Americans that.

In Closing,

CCP is also cracking down on video games and video game related industries and businesses. So they’re targeting their own culture and influence. Meaning that CCP is actually making China less cultured and lose out on it’s rich history by not allowing it to expand influence in emerging markets and art-forms. In case you’re wondering, Governments around the world have historically been shit.

I’m sharing this to help you culture more like an uncultured swine you are. You can’t be uncultured in my cult, you won’t get invited that way.

As a side note, there’s a running joke in Korea that everyone carries a formal letter inside their business suits. The joke is to carry a resignation letter just in case some shit hits the fan that way you can professionally and timely say ‘fuck this shit, I’m out of here’ with a letter and all.

Also, as a side note, retirement isn’t guaranteed and pension funds are drying up. I’m not saying yours will be around or won’t be around. All I’m saying is that other people are saying that their friends might tell them to;

“Spend your retirement money now before they find a way to take it from you anyway.”

A penny for your thoughts,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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