Drinking eight Glasses of Water a Day is a Scam

That saying is a one size fits all recommendation that doesn’t really apply to most people. Hear me out,

The average cup size recommended is 8 ounces.

8 cups of 8 ouncez water leads to 64 oz.

64 ounces is half a gallon. Would you drink half a gallon of milk every day? I could understand one day you were extra thirsty, but every day?

Okay, so there’s 24 hours in a day. 64 oz’s divided by 24hours in a day means you’d have to consume 2.5 oz’s an hour.

This math is also assuming you were drinking water every hour and not getting a full nights rest. Irrelevant, but moving on;

Guess what the average stomach size is? 2.5 oz’s at rest, and a quart when full.

A full stomach is a quart (of a gallon), and 64 oz’s is a half gallon. So it takes two Stomach fulls of water a day. You expecting me to believe this shit?

Which is it, three square meals a day or two stomach fulls of water? Is it both? What kind of fucking scam is this?

These doctors are practicing bullshit medicine, or they’re practicing medicine poorly. It’s one of the two, because this recommendation comes from the U.S. Institute of Medicine and the ‘World Health Organization’. Sounds like quackery to me;

“best evidence to date” -yea, evidently it’s dumb as fuck.

Who the fuck is drinking fucking eight glasses of water a day? Who? The. Fuck?

You might be able to do it for a week or some shit, but I doubt you can keep it up. It’s a fucking challenge.

Maybe if you worked really hard and had a long day of labor in the sun. Maybe.

Maybe these Doctors just peddlers trying to get you to buy into drinking shitty tap water (another Scam), or maybe you realized the tap water is shit so the medical industry is just shilling for Water Bottle Companies. You know, to boost premium luxury brand bottled water sales. Either way, this shit is quackery.

Who knew -Fucking- a Glass a water would be the fucking modern Snake Oil.

I’m willing to make a monetary bet with any doctor that: “They don’t regularly drink 8 glasses of 8 oz’s of water a day for the past year”. I put my money where my mouth is, and I bet these doctors don’t even take their own prescription. I’ll stake a grand for the first doctor to prove me wrong with proof. Give me receipts for 365 days if you want to shut me up about bottled water and get a nice grand. Chump change for you, big change for me.

Hypocrites. Hypocritic Oath.

-Because if Doctors actually took the drugs they shill, we’d have more opioid riddled doctors than the percentage of Opioid riddled non-doctors. Why the fuck do I say so? The Doctors can literally write the scripts and have access to Pharmacy Keys. Yea, so Doctors are peddling shit advice until I see the data that says they’re hooked on opioids more than the average citizen.

Side note;

Here’s a video talking about this 12 years ago. In 2011;

In Closing,

Do some simple math. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is a scam.

It’s a lie to peddle either shitty tap water or boost Bottle Water sales. Probably both if I were to guess.

The Water in America is free, but it’s shit. -Actually, scratch that. You still have to pay for water, someone’s paying for water or utilities. . . If the water wasn’t shit, then people wouldn’t buy bottled water. So people in a ‘so called’ “first world country” are buying water with money. And this is the norm. Yea -so much for a first world country. Literally have to buy bottled water. What’s next, buying canned air?

While we’re at it, most Nutritional Science is down right Quackery.

These Experts, quite possibly, dare I say, don’t know shit.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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