Sports are Rigged, NFL possibly too

Since as old as Ye Gladiator times, matches were rigged. Horse races and many sporting events were rigged. What, you trust the bookie placing your bets to not run a racket? Why? Historically, bookies always run rackets, and people still trust the stock market even after the 1920’s.

So, there’s a theory yea, that the major sports on National Television, various ESPN type shits, are rigged.

Here me out,

As one famed Andrew Tate said, Something to the effect of;

Would you cheat in a street game of B-Ball for $10,000?


You don’t think people would cheat for the World?


So meet me in the middle, would people cheat and rig the World of Sports, (a smaller part of the world), for Billions of dollars? I’d argue, Fuck yes.

I mean, they did allow sports betting in the public space for a few states for a while. That changed in 2018, opening the flood gates to a world of degeneracy. Now when your folks are cheering their teams on, they ain’t just betting between family and friends. Well, atleast they don’t have to hide their bets no more;


Betting on College sports became a thing near 2019;

And let’s be honest, do you really think all of the athletes actually give a fuck about getting a degree to work in whatever their degree is? Chances are, some (most) of them are scouted and going to college just to get a pass to play ball or whatever their sport is. I mean, why are sports scholarships a thing? It’s to incentivize people to do well and get paid for the thing they do well in, which is Sports.

Additionally, there’s a bunch of stupid rules in the NCAA, where the College athlete can’t make their hustle of playing a sport their main thing because of bullshit reasons. My guy, if I went to school for business and ran a business, you bet your ass I’m going to be making money from my business. It’s just backwards as fuck that ‘integrity’ or whateverthefuck prevents sponsorships and shit for college athletes.


This is a video of John Cena Hosting 2016 ESPY awards. Kinda weird that they have a WWE wrestler host the sports award, idk, kinda sus. Maybe sports aren’t as ‘real’ as we think;

Here’s a Video of some athletes talking about scripts;

I’m not implyin’ nuthin,

But anyone knows the stereotypes about boxing matches having rigged the bets and going down in the X round. Or baseball teams striking out at X inning. Or -insert reason here- at X time or quarter or whatever.

Hell, sports betting must be so lucrative, why else would Hedge Fund Managers be buying up entire teams? Just seems odd, you think these money makers give a shit about sports so much that they all dream of buying a sports team? I mean, dreaming to be on a sports team and owning one, two different classes of people, lemme tell ya.

Seems like it has something to do with money. I – Don’t – Know, Call me crazy I guess.


What is up with China and their influence in US Sports?

Like they made John Cena apologize in Chinese for calling Taiwan a country.

And China apparently has a grasp on the NBA, like what is going on there?

As a side note,

America doesn’t hype up Soccer as big as other countries in Latin America and the rest of the world.

That’s mainly because other people are probably already rigging those bets.

So it’s better to have an inhouse gambling den for the inhouse culture. That’s why we Bet on a different game like Fooze Ball that virtually no other country plays.

Also, them Japanese sure know how to play Base Ball.

In Closing,

I marked the article as a scam, because -well- people bet in these games. And if the game is rigged, then it’s a scam for anyone who bets without knowing it’s rigged. It’s a different story if you know the game’s rigged and you still bet. But if you don’t know, and you bet, then you’ve been scammed. Hence, a Scam.

You can make bets in things.

People throughout time have been known to rig bets on things.

Sports are a thing that is betted on.

There’s a good chance that Sports bets could be rigged.

How much of it? Idk. But to say none of it? HA, fat chance.

Afterall- There’s

No Safe Bets.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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