Ohio’s Dirty Bomb is affecting Canada

This Ohio Train Derailment is basically a Chemical Chernobyl event. In Chernobyl, the nuclear disaster lead to fallout being carried by the winds which affected basically all of Europe. Here, Ohio’s Train wreck fire has sent winds to Toronto and the Greater Ontario area. So this train wreck is literally an international issue.

The Chemicals are definitely not safe to breathe or drink, and yet health experts are peddling bullshit lies.

Here’s some pictures to suggest that the winds carried northward into Canada;


Here’s some evidence from people online;

And some concerned Canadian citizens that got sick are talking about how this is affecting their health, the blizzard phenomena, and how the snow is weird.

-source from Odessa

So this train wreck,

Basically nuked a town with chemicals.

What’s the Damage? Well water is poisoned, the air is poisoned, the Ohio river is poisoned, the North East States have polluted air and dark clouds over their roads that block out the sun, and Canada is also affected.

Thus, this whole Train Wreck is an international incident.

Also, apparently the officials said that this incident is going to create mustard gas that will settle in the basements of people’s homes. They will probably be very bad if it can seep into the ground and the water table. In fact, a lot of stuff has seeped into the water table. This is all kinds of fucked.

There’s likely to be some sort of ailments, migraines, and even the potential for cancer to cause due to all these toxic chemicals mixed in a cocktail in both waters and the skies. Fuck.

Some Side Conspiracies theories,

Just food for thought, but East Palestine was purportedly going to role out a Health ID tracker as of January 26th;

This disaster may either speed the acceptance and compliance of these health disasters for ‘tracking and compensation’, or perhaps everyone starts doubting the government and questions the intent and ability of these trackers. A good portion of the Democide throughout history was caused by governments ‘trying to help’. Which raises the logical question, that this disaster may be artificial.

And BlackRock partners with an International Environmental Cleaning Group as of February 16. Seems like a lucrative and prosperous business venture when there’s disasters and chemicals spills everywhere at a very convenient timing. After all, why let a good disaster go to waste when you can profit from it? That is a forward looking statement, and not something you should degenerately gamble on.

Do you know how many train derailments have happened this year? Like more than ten already.

Likely, Black Rock will somehow profit from this acquisition, or perhaps the group will be mismanaged thereby maximizing profits while not providing solutions and profiting from a retention model. The Future is uncertain with this acquisition.

At a minimum, it’s clear that Corporate Profits and Greed have resulted in this Disaster.

Anything beyond that, whether there’s an ulterior motive to these events to institute Health ID trackers, and whether these events are orchestrated, is a guess. A Valid guess, but needs proof. A Narrative can be easily formed when dots are connected, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is true.

And yes, Conspiracies causing disasters for more profit do occur, you would know if you were in any business meetings that actually talked about expansion and conquest. It’s called Mergers and Acquisitions, because expansion and conquest doesn’t sound PR friendly enough. Also, Lawyers, gross.

But Also,

The CDC did change the fact sheet on Vinyl Chloride for the first time in 17 years right BEFORE the accident.

And the State of Ohio did deny Federal aid, the State officials did say the water and air are safe, and they definitely lied about the control burn, seeing as there’s footage flying around showing that it was burning prior to the crash, and the Federal Government is not helping the

Oh, they also arrested reporters at a press conference.

So yea, maybe there is more to this than just simple greed and incompetence? Maybe they’re targeting American food and poisoning our rivers? The Ohio river that feeds into the Mississippi to the south, and the air that carries northward?

I mean, they chemically nuked the east coast and the Media isn’t doing 24/7 coverage of this. And what little the media is covering, is trying to downplay the severity of all of this by saying ‘Vinyl Chloride isn’t a big deal and it’s been in our products for a while now’. Yea, but they fail to mention it being concentrated and lit on fire mixed with a concoction of other chemicals that they fail to name.

So either they’re scared, guilty, or some other shit is going on. Hence it being very fucking rational to assume some grander conspiracy.

In Closing,

You want advice? Take samples of the water, the air, and save the dates and the location of the samples. Get you some of that lawsuit money. Hold people accountable. Could you sell those samples for a fuckton of money? Maybe. Would I buy those samples off of you as a collector’s item? Fuck yes.

-But I digress into another digress-

It seems the Governments worldwide are trying to ban TikTok because it’s decentralized and spreading truth like a virus. And Gaslighting abusers don’t like that. They just banned TikTok in Turkey. You know, the same Turkey in which people trapped under Earth Quake Rubble were able to communicate to the outside world via . . . TikTok. That TikTok. They just banned it. The one that they used to get help. During a National Emergency. Literally a few days ago. They just banned Tiktok even more recently. After people used it to get help during a National Emergency. I’m gonna keep sounding like a clown until this shit rings silly in your ear.

Why are Government’s so afraid of the people talking? If they have nothing to hide, let the people talk? OH, they don’t like that reverse uno card on them? Ha.

Yea, this is an international disaster, and there are definitely responsible parties, and the important part is the cleanup and ensuring people don’t have prolonged health issues. Which is going to be difficult. But people need to hold the governments and corporations accountable so that this doesn’t get memory-holed.

Arguably, this is worse then Covid, because Covid didn’t poison the land and the air for many years to come for half of the United States and a quarter of Canada. Just saying.

A Large swathe of internet users are being disgruntled and seek reparations for those affected and there’s a lot of talks. Some people have stated the famous phrase ‘these people have names and addresses’. As more and more disasters caused by, at minimum, corporate greed surmount, the people will grow more and more unrestful.

It doesn’t help that the news is not covering this 24/7. Instead we’re on some train about Chinese Weather Balloons and UFOs, without any proof besides a singular source that claims that these Weather Balloons are Chinese. Why would anyone shoot a balloon with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of missiles? Sounds like a fugazzi cover story. Maybe it’s connected, Idk.

Anyways, Corporate Greed, Malfeasance, profits, anti-striking, Censorship, Fake News Media, etc. All of this is related. Cheers,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life or Any Advice

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