Financial Media and the SEC are calling Companies jokes

That’s essentially what the Financial Media and the SEC call a fortune company after dubbing them with terms like ‘meme’ stocks.

Just because public investors through around that term, does not mean that public media should use the same term. Would you find it okay if the Media started calling companies Retarded? Avoid these 4 Retarded Stocks. Invest in these Retarded Trades.

Do you know how many companies there are in all of the United States? More than 10 million.

And you want to call companies within the top 1,000 of all companies as ‘Meme’ stocks?

As a joke?

Even Yahoo Finance is calling these companies directly ‘Trash’;

An article about AMC a ‘meme’ stock

Is this market manipulation? To Ad Hominen attack companies? Probably not, but to call it ‘factual news’, it most definitely is not. To call it biased investment advice? Absolutely. Is it libelous and slanderous to call a company a Meme Stock? Would it be any different if News Media just outright called companies retarded?

And if you don’t think calling a Company a ‘meme’ via the public forums and discourse of professional world, then Here’s a literal Paid SEC advertisement in which a ‘retail’ investor gets pied to the face;

So yes, Financial Media is basically a trash talking publication subliminally subconsciously converting people with flowery-trash-talk language. And the SEC acts more like a private organization trash talking literal companies with employees and a business model that delivers. So the SEC is a non-biased governmental organization. You know, one of the worst kinds of governmental organizations right next to fascist and authoritarian organizations.

All it takes is a little bias with enforcement actions, and now you got a Gang. The SEC is (has) becoming a gang.

I could understand the SEC using the term ‘meme’ as reference to other parties and organizations to create a report. That’s understandable. But to have an advertisement to pie someone in the face?


I would argue that the SEC having Paid Advertisement to advise AGAINST meme stocks would constitute investment advice itself. My argument, definitely my opinion.

Meme stocks themselves are a nebulous term that isn’t even represented in the lexicon of SEC rules or regulations.

Yet here that term is being used by the very SEC in a Paid Advertisement. Paid. Funded by Tax payers. An advertisement by the Government in which a person gets pied in the face funded by tax monies. Tell that to your founding fathers, they’ll love the use of taxes.

So the SEC is shilling against investments and soliciting paid tips on investment advice.

Chew on that.

I bet Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. would be fucking rollin’ in his grave.

In Closing,

The world is backwards and the SEC and financial media are a part of this clown court and absurdity.

The majority of news is now corrupted and mired in satire, where the unironically satirical sites are posting truth. The business suits and professionals of the world are further denigrating and degenerating into the idiocrasy of bad investment advice and further gambling. Gaslighting the public to upsell used trash while openly talking trash to competitors. You know, business as usual.

That’s literally the current state of affairs and each day, as it seems, we stray further and further away.

If I were to guess, The SEC might even start calling some companies Saints, and other Sinners. I mean, we already have people that actively run algorithms to Copy Trades of Sitting Congress members and politicians. At this rate the SEC might as well start publishing an Index for their recommended investment tips and advice. SEC certified investments.

Might as well start tax exempt religions where Brand Loyalty is more of a Company Cult than a Culture. Worship more and more bank accounts and slap further more and more one’s and zeroes.

Before you know it, investment advice will be a conversion effort into subscribing to a religion. And anyone who doubts one’s investment will be met by the Spanish Inquisition, which no one was expecting. Obviously.

Fucking Clown world, I tell you.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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