Reports of Chemical Fallout In North East, possibly from Ohio’s East Palestine

If you’re not up to date, Ohio’s East Palestine had Norfolk Southern Trains derail resulting in a chemical spill and explosion resulting in flames and mushroom cloud formations. Essentially a Chemical Dirty Bomb, and like a nuclear bomb, there is fallout.

The winds seem to be taking the fallout from Ohio, 400 miles out to NY and NJ.

There have been reports of foul odor and unknown chemicals and residue on the local topography in the North East United States.

Here are a bunch of TikTok related people saying things;

Take em as anecdotal reports that are not verified to be either true nor false.

It seems NY, NJ, CT, and MD are affected.

Some user suggests,

That the winds carried the Chemical fallout from the Train Wreck. A Very plausible scenario. The wind currents typically follow the coastline heading north like so;

There’s a good chance that this will continue across the ocean and affect ocean life. There is a possibility that this may be sent to Europe, resulting in similar situations where China’s Smog affects Korea and Japan. Additionally, the possibility also exists that these winds could circulate and carry the chemicals down to Florida and affect the East coast in a loop. I’m not a meteorologist, so the likelihood of that happening is speculation at this point.

A valid speculation that the Gulf Stream Could pass these winds and these chemicals into the Entire East Coast of North America, Northern South America, Europe, Greenland, Iceland, Canada and Africa.

Be on the look out,

There have been attempts from Government or Private institutions reaching out to affected households downstream of the Ohio river. Trying to get households to sign some papers to receive ‘aid’ in the form of supplies, water, assessment, cleanup, and air filtration. But what the people soliciting these papers fail to mention, is that these papers may have smuggled in a clause of amnesty, so that the corporation may not be held liable or accountable.

And what typically happens in a disaster is, the corporations will ‘pretend to care’, get you to sign paperwork, and then provide really ineffective aide. Like air purifiers that don’t work, or just fail to deliver you bottled water because -reasons-. Technically they don’t owe you anything other than saying that they ‘might’ help you or that ‘it is on the way’. It depends on the clause so read before you sign random papers by people who are going up to you and pretending to care.

So be on the look out for scammy scummy people trying to ‘waive’ your rights while there’s a disaster running amok. Grifters for Man-Made Disasters.

In Closing,

As predicted, things that go into the atmosphere are carried by both the winds and the water. As also expected, it’s seriously ruining other people’s lives and affecting the health of the nation. Chemical fallout transcending borders.

People ought to serve Prison time for this, and a Public Investigation with more Spot Lights than that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Case better be on the menu. -If not, the further trust in society and governments will degrade worse than it already is.

Atleast the White House has mobilized more resources to investigate this issue according to their press release on February 17. It probably won’t be enough to contain the catastrophe, since it seems to already be affecting the North East States.

Yea, Idk about you, but I wouldn’t trust the atmosphere nor the water coming out of the toilets. Be careful showering, and washing your hands. I’d probably mask up too, just in case. But uh, physical filters don’t really filter out Gas atoms, so maybe not. Depending on your specific situation, I’d be very cautious.

I personally don’t like covering the news without jokes or other commentary. But seeing as a lot of people are afflicted and the events are ongoing, the Jokes would be ‘too soon’ and in ‘bad taste’. So don’t expect coverage like this with the same level of sincerity or tone on this website to be a normal thing. Just sayin’

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life or Any Advice

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