Ohio’s Chemical Fall Out

This is a small blurb to critique Media and cover a tiny portion of what’s going on in America’s Astronaut Incubatory, Ohio.

A few trains derailed in East Palestine, Ohio Friday 3rd, February 2023. Spilling a slew of chemicals, resulting in a ‘controlled burn’ to ‘contain’ the situation. To which, -was it actually a controlled burn? Probably not, but I don’t have the facts. They were trying to prevent the fires in previous reports, so to move from ‘preventing fires’ to ‘control burns’ just seems complacent.

Prevent Explosion and burning?

The narrative turns into controlled burn? Like implying that it was ‘according to plan?’- Idk, seems sus.

Here’s a video to get you up to speed;

So there’s a big mushroom cloud, Fish are dying miles out, pets are dying, chemicals in the air, chemicals in the water, there’s evacuations in place, there’s a “control burn” to contain the situation by sending it into the air, and various chemicals are coming out both being monitored by EPA and CDC and other organizations.

Chemical burns, and neurotoxins are exposed. That’s a fact.

The exact comprehensive list is not yet officiated and published as of my knowledge.

If a dictator did this,

(Bombing Ohio with a Chemical-equivalent of a Dirty Bomb) Then America would’ve imposed sanctions, invaded, and bomb the Dictator and their fellow nation-states. But because this Train fiasco was caused by corporations and government mismanagement, who is America going to invade?

And these are not regular storm clouds. This is not ‘normal’ no matter how the local media likes to fawn and reassure its people with it’s American Branded lies.

This will no doubt be carried by the winds and effect a larger area.

And there’s evidence that this has affected the water in Virginia.

Here’s West Virginia with their take on Feb 8th;

And the professional journalists are in one of two camps. Either they are ignoring it and covering UFO’s and Balloons, or they are trying to go to the chemically afflicted areas and are being detained and arrested.

For those that are trying to cover this story, the journalists are going to the afflicted areas and are being detained and arrested. Some say it’s perhaps for ‘their own safety’ or perhaps it is to prevent actual reporters from doing their job? Those are the questions. Seems like a huge fuck up with ramifications that will be felt rippling for many years.

Arresting a Journalist at a press conference? Sounds like Anti-Constitution. The government overstepping their bounds.

Some other reports say that journalists were arrested and detained for trying to get closer to the scene of the train wreck. This whole news reporting issue is a train wreck in itself.

The take away that I need you to understand,

This incident happened on Friday the 3rd, February 2023.

Some reports came out in Feb 6th, but the majority of major press is, well, suppressed. The ‘main stream media’ did not really cover it until Monday the 13th. Two weeks later, while balloons and UFO talks were the buzz.

The media definitely did a cover of this story, they covered it up. Are they trying to do damage control? Is it just too big of a story to cover? It seems like affecting the town of East Palestine with a population of some 4,000 people and the neighboring states are being affected. Seems like it would be a big story and a big scoop? Doesn’t make much sense to not cover this with live updates or 24/7 reports.

Yea, but the Major Media outlets can immediately cover an armed gunmen live at MSU during the night on February 13th, but a chemical-dirty bomb that could affect the mid-west area and multiple states? let’s sit on that for a week?

I mean, it was essentially Chemically nuking Ohio. Seems like a big story. Idk about you. We cover hurricanes that are as tall as the smoke stack from this burn-spill, seems like something worth reporting on.

The media isn’t your friends.

They’re state sponsored propaganda machines. You know, fake news.

As a side note, there are good journalists. But chances are, the major outlets don’t have em. Everything gets ‘processed’ through an editorial that has to appease their ‘donors’ and other influences. Bought out and somehow oversold.

In Closing,

A lot of the wind for this information came from friends of friends and through twitter and TikTok. So if you want more news and coverage, check out those decentralized sources. The rumor mill has both information and disinformation, allowing you to decide what truth is. You know, how the news was like many years ago, but now the News is telling you ‘what to think’ and ‘how to think’ rather than having you to discern what’s true.

The Media and the state want to suppress alternative narratives and dissent, that’s why they’re bent on controlling social media sites and banning Tiktok.

Be aware of Fake News.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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