Tax refunds are weird

It’s like you pay taxes, And the Government will tell you every tax season, once a year, that you might’ve paid too much.

Or that they garnished your wages and stole too much of your money because ‘income tax’ or whatever.

In which case, they end up paying you back the money that they took in excess.

Resulting in a ‘tax refund’.

So if you get a tax refund of $2,000. Then that just means the Government took $2,000 more than they should have.

And people are happy about receiving a refund?

If someone robbed me at gun point and gave me a tip for being robbed, I wouldn’t be all ‘Golly gee, Thanks for the tip Mister’. Oh yea, did I mention, we’re arming our IRS agents with weapons now? Yea, that’s a thing.

Idk man, a lot of this seems backwards to me. Seems un-American.

Ontop of the lost time-value of money that you get. Because let’s be honest, the government stealing $2,000 from you yesterday and giving it back to you tomorrow, means they stole opportunity costs of your money. You could’ve used that money for bills, or increased rent, or expired toilet paper, or price gouged eggs, or alimony, or strippers.

Also, due to inflation, they actually paid you less.

So you’re like, losing more money.

On top of having to file both State and Federal Returns for both State and Federal Tax Refunds. Who else is gonna tax you? The World Government? The Galactic Federation? Sheesh, things are gettin’ pretty out of hand, not gonna lie.

In Closing,

Idk about you but taxes seem mighty stupid, but that’s like my opinion.

I think Tax Refunds are pretty weird, not gunna lie.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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