Work, Retire, Die; The Scam

The Work;

The cycle of Work, the hope of eventual Retirement, and the inevitable death. These things are such a scam, and the only way out is some combination of work and death. Hopefully not just 100% death, but that’s not off the table for a lot of people.


You might work a blue collar job and have menial tasks with some people who don’t understand what you do, and quite honestly, you don’t understand what you do, but the senior guy assures you that all his well guarded tribal knowledge and secrets are providing job security, so you get hopeful that there’s some sort of knowledge and pride in what you do.

Perhaps you work in manufacturing or fabrication, and you’re making something useless for some cunt in another cuntry, like used dildos and you’re inspecting this because of surplus value and demand in some far off dimension where your labor isn’t recognized. Yea, making shit you don’t need for people who doesn’t need em, to help fill a land fill that doesn’t want em. Great.

You might be busting your back shipping boxes or tires or whatever-the-fuck people buy on amazon that weighs over forty fucking pounds and asks you to deliver up seven flights of stairs behind a labyrinth of hallways and corridors. All because, fuck you, remember?

Or maybe you got lucky-ish, and are positioned in a corporate job that is nicer than the other shit holes you’ve frequented, and you’re able to be comfortable in your fractal prison of cubicles as the flourescent lights drain you of your sanity and sense-of-time. All the while the majority of stress from your job is artificial hoops that you have to jump up because of a shitty manager of ‘corporate’ policy along with some bullshit emails and gaslighting from peers. Great.

Compare this to a Factory Farm
A real rat race

All the while you’ll probably go drive your cookie-cutter shit-mobile and head back to an estranged house in the middle of a sea of look-a-like suburbia, another fractal prison. Over and over again, rinse and repeat.

Yea, and you get ‘time off’ and ‘holidays’ in which you ask permission from your Master (boss) to not work. You literally have to ask permission to not work, as if you can’t take a day off without pay for extended periods. Because apparently you’ll be fired, and the threat of unemployment is used to trap people in a fearful state where you’re stuck in your job.

You want to go to the bahamas? unless you’re an executive, or some boss, chances are, you gotta ask for permission. And let’s say you do go, you enjoy it for a little while? The people living there get to enjoy it for life.

Your liberty isn’t at liberty, you’re not free. A bird in a cage with shitty handcuffs, golden or not. Trapped in the matrixed prison of a nine-to-five with the hopes of escape that may or maynot come. What efforts are you providing to plant the tree of liberty and harvest the fruit it bores? You reap what you sow, and your bed is as what you make it -such is the grave.

All the while throughout your life you’re shilling and aiding the corporate propaganda by Corpos to make you eat the shit sandwich with a smile. Trusting in the idea of Hustle Culture in the office and working harder for a promotion that doesn’t outpace inflation. If you’re not getting more than 8%, then you’re not beating current inflation numbers. You’re getting a pay cut.

Don’t kid yourself, kid,

“Hard work simply maintained the status quo.
It never really improved anything for me”

Drinking the dumb fuck juice hoping to get a promotion. Hoping life gets better working for a company that has a life expectancy less than you, or a retirement plan that gets more and more cuts every few years do to degenerate C-Suite Execs.

The Retire;

Most people, when they dream of retirement, they dream of two things. Travel and do the things they want -or- to live out in the woods and homestead and farm.

So most people want to be a nomad and travel like a migrant vagrant and live a life on the road. Something they could literally do at any stage in their life. You could literally hit the road and abandon all your shit and live the life of the road. What, you want to brag about it on digital mediums online to non-existent friends that don’t care about you? For you to what, farm envy or jealousy? You could literally live in a van down by the river if you wanted. Another Psy-op to make you think van-life is normal.


People dream to be a peasant. Yes. People literally want to live out in the woods and farm their own food and live a normal life. Like a medieval peasant. Most people lived this life before the advent of technology that was supposed to help us or some shit. Where’s the help? We’re more enslaved to do things when all we want is Pleasant Peasantry. You want chickens and homesteading and crocheting and shit? That’s literally Colonial and Peasant life. You want the life of your ancestors but cucked yourself to being the age of 60+ to get it.

People slave themselves under the promise and a guise that they may lay to rest, as if there is a promised land at the end of their twilight work years.

Not like these promises were swindled and oversold on an overpromised dream of retirement where the pension funds are dried and being embezzled by corrupt actors gambling it all every ten or twenty years on Wall Street.

As if their 20+ years of service results in a corporate party for all of half-an-hour and they give you some shitty award they got some children in a foreign country to make. Yea, it may be better than all those pizza parties you got instead of raises, but it sure makes your life seem like a fucking joke. For a placard made for less than a day’s honest work.

People end up working a lot, and there’s a good chance you won’t make it to retirement. It’s guaranteed that more people will work then retire. That’s arguably a safe bet.

Retirement age is about 67 years old, and Life expectancy is like 73 years of age.

You want to slave away for 40+ years for about 6 years of retirement?

The majority of people are so institutionalized from their job that they have no capacity or agency to do anything. They don’t know what to do with free time. They literally suffer heart attacks from a lack of stressors and death, tricking their body to think that they’ve made it.

All to what, not pay out the pension you worked all your life for? All to what? Think that you won’t turn to dust?

Did you know a lot of Americans are getting priced out of retirement homes and don’t have enough money to comfortably live? Social security benefits are diminishing with the rising rates of inflation and costs of living. A good chunk of people are becoming homeless.

If the cost of your ‘benefits’ is about $800, but the cost for a one bedroom shit hole is $1200, guess what kind of homeless you’ll be? What about London where a closet runs several thousand Euros? What are we to do? Move to become economic refugees and trouble another nation or state with homeless issues?

Did you know in Japan, Senior Citizens are lonely and are committing crimes so that they get arrested and end up in prison. So they could be less of a burden on society. They literally have a prison system that essentially acts as a retirement home. Cyber punk Japan alright.

The other Retirement option for most humans is suicide. The New 401-K-ill yourself. A lot of people are opting out of this (life), with enrollment plans starting as early as their formative impressionable teenage years.

The Die;

While we’re at it, the search for immortality or the fountain of youth is a scam.

Too busy are people looking to extend life rather than actually living it.

Much like working a slave job you hate to dream of doing other things but never getting around to doing the thing you want to do. A scam.

Because you sacrifice your life now for the idea of hope that it’ll work out for you to be able to live your life the way you want in the ‘later’. And temporally, that’s a fucking not safe bet to make on your life. A Life Bet.

That’s the whole, work-retire-die thing where people seek enlightenment or retirement or insert *grand idea here* instead of living in the ‘now’. Temporally, this is retarded. But it’s all a scam that we keep gobbling up like our naive asses.

Always thinking the ‘next thing’ will be better, or we’re almost there at the finish line. Instead of living, we end up slaves to a promised future. What an energetic shackle to bear.

And life, is not guaranteed, but death sure is. You will Die. I will die. We all die. We all fade back into stardust and rearrange ourselves into new shapes and forms. From Ashes to Ashes, Stardust to Stardust. We’re Just Star Dust.

Such a scam,

Such is Death,

C’est la décès

tale è la morte

Here’s a clip to send you off, Bon voyage;

There’s dignity in the pursuit, you just have to find it.

In Closing,

What You need to understand from all of this, is that there is this impending shit storm of indentured servitude in your (near?) future. And you shouldn’t wait for some magical unicorn called ‘retirement’ to save you. That’s a fucking scam.

You should probably stop drinking a bunch of alcohol and wasting your formative years lowering your testosterone. What, so you can somatically give up and be a fucking loser wagie slave in the system? Not going to wake the fuck up? Your choice.

You gotta save yourself. Also- Don’t be nihilistic, there’s actually a path for a better future. You’re already going to die, so don’t kill yourself- You cunt. It’ll be tough and hard but nobody said it was easy. Duh. I’m merely sounding the alarm that you’ve probably felt in your soul. Don’t boo me, I’m not wrong.

Be hopeful, look for opportunities, and help others. We’re all prisoners stuck in a matrix constructed by the inmates, you have a few options, you can escape and bring others with you, or you can try and reform the prison. Either way, good fucking luck.



The only thing guaranteed is Death, followed by Taxes and then Work. Retirement may or may not be on the menu.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script;

As a side note that’s worth mentioning.

Entrepreneurs and business owners, if they fail, they resign themselves back to the grind of work-retire-die life.

So you have little to nothing to lose to try and start a business and uplift your position as a side hustle. Likely chance that you fail and end up working til retirement or death, whichever comes first anyway.

Also, Food and Housing isn’t a human right. Because homelessness is used as a bludgeon and a fear tactic to manufacture consent to people to force them to work shitty jobs for low pay.

And I’m not saying free housing and free food, but perhaps it shouldn’t take up an entire day’s work to pay for either? Perhaps people shouldn’t be spending $1,000 plus dollars on a closet? Your Ancestors would laugh at how retarded you are for thinking that’s normal. Money is made up anyway, it’s a social credit point system and arbitrary. Why price yourself out of a system?

Also, perhaps we shouldn’t destroy food at the end of the day? Perhaps we shouldn’t encourage more Grapes of Wrath type stuff? Idk, I’m kinda spitballin’ ideas.

I don’t mind a shitty job for a decent pay. But chances are, it’s not a decent pay.

And the cost of living is high as fuck and increasing, so most jobs are being priced out.

People are forced to work or else they go homeless and starve. Instead of having the luxury to do the jobs that they want or that they’re good at, people have to lie to bullshit a shitty job at a shitty place. Not because they want to, but because they have to.

All the good jobs are being hoarded and saved for ‘job security’ purposes by people who don’t want to let them go like high-tenured spots. All to maintain an artificial job scarcity and create this fake as fuck supply and demand system of ‘unemployment figures’.

Commercial Land Lords exist. Let that sink in. They also are upset that remote work is a thing because their investment is going tits up. You made a bad bet dumb-tard, pay the piper.

Humans literally created this system that we’re working under. We can literally make it not so fucking shitty. That’s like an option. Most things are contrived and arbitrary and disconnected from it’s origins several human generations ago. That’s a fact. We can darwinistically process things to be better. Give the Farmers their due. Give the people opportunities.

This is food for thought. Cheers you cunt.

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