Society has built Temporal Sponges

Temporal Sponges suck away at our time and our lives, taking on more and more people to steal more and more of their time.

That’s time that we could be spending doing the things we love, spending time with people we cherish, or literally doing whatever we want. Instead we’ve slaved ourselves with institutions such as ‘School’ and ‘Jobs’ and if we were to do crimes then we end up in another temporal sponge of ‘prison’.

So how free are you?

We spend the majority of our time doing a thing we don’t necessarily enjoy. If you start working fresh out of highschool at age 18, and then retire at the shitty age of 67 working 40 hour work weeks, you would’ve spent 49 years working about 101,920 hours. Not including time off or overtime or working double jobs or other bullshit. All that for a Pension fund that probably blew up twice due to degenerate Wall Street practices?

Tell me again how this isn’t slavery?

And if you really math it out, you’re supposed to get this bullshit number of 8 hours of sleep and 8 hours of work, with the idea that you’ll have to commute to and fro work, and the prices of everything becomes expensive. Day care is expensive, so most people don’t have the luxury to ‘afford’ children. Food is pricy to buy out and eat out, yet you require time and energy to make the things you want to help survive. You add up all the little bullshit tasks that you do throughout your days, those nickle and dime you, and you’re temporally taxed out to bed.

Also, that 8 hours is more like 10, because lunch and commute isn’t included.

Does any of this add up?

A Job tells you;

When to work
Where to work
What to do
How to do it
When to do it
Who you can do it with
Who you can spend time around
Deprives you of the ability to see who you want to see
And dictates what you can say

-and all of this is okay?

And some might cry ‘but jobs are voluntary’ cried the fool.

Then let me ask some this, what part of money is voluntary?

What part of the system of society and our societal matrix that we’ve constructed, is free? With all our fancy gadgets and gizmos, with our taxes taken from our incomes and outcomes, do we have free food and shelter? Oh, Housing and food isn’t a human right?

What if you don’t pay taxes? You lose your house?

Endless Work to pay off Endless Rent?

Some people work every day and never have any money. Point to me the free food that is everywhere and the nuts, figs, and fruit that are born littering the streets. Oh wait, you need money to pay for the things? You need money to buy donuts and pastries and food that a convenience store won’t think twice to throw away and douse with water to prevent dumpster divers from getting a ‘free meal’.

Ever noticed having a job is so expensive? You need to commute, which requires a vehicle or tickets, and that costs money. You have to keep up with work appearances which takes time and money. You have to find a close enough place to live to pay rent to work closer to your job, which takes money. It takes money just to make money, but at the end of the day, how many beans do you have left?

You ever asked anyone what it’s like to not have a house and try to apply for a job? What about if they don’t have a phone? These things cost money and there are so many barriers in society that prevents living. It’s almost like the societal construct is designed to oppress people instead of providing access and opportunities to people.

So you need money to live?

So, tell me again, what part of having a job is voluntary?

Sure, you might have the privilege of having options, but tell me which part of having a job is voluntary?

Someone who dons their slave collar and calls it ‘voluntary indentured servitude’ is still a slave. Don’t be coy nor naive nor retarded in thinking they’re not a slave.

If you dane to argue the premise, then perhaps that’s your nickname? Not-a-slave? Or doth thou preferist Not-a-cockroach?

Does your death be mourned by the companies you break your back for? That you may willingly prostitute yourself for money? The ones that wipe the sweat from your brow for profit? Do you make even the Quarterly report if you expire? Or even the daily report? Will there be a ceremony for your passing? Or will the business continue to run because it’s a “business” and “nothing personal”?

Or Perhaps you live in a nicer job, work yourself for some large investment firm or some MBB. You feel pride that was sold to you as a marketing gimmick to make you work harder. You lie to yourself to make the sacrifices seem worth it, because you’d sooner trade in your beliefs than to believe yourself working in a soul sucking corporation that guts out businesses and churn profits while displacing people left and right. It’s not personal, it’s just business.

And perhaps you have that nice corporate job, the work, the nice dinners with talks of nothing at expensive restaurants that serve food that looks better than it actually tastes, surrounded by the same archetype of people that flow in and out of your life like replaceable filler back ground characters. A mirror image of what you are to them.

You might even notice that one guy who keeps dreaming big, and then one day they disappear. You might even stop to ask yourself, “Huh, I wonder what they’re up to” before you snap back to a text SMS notification or some other mindless drone work and reports for people that won’t even read them anyways.

Is this the perfect life?

What lies will you tell yourself?

The First Chapter of a book called Tribes by Sebastian Junger talks about how Colonists left society to join neighboring Indian tribes, and those who were captured by Indians and later freed sought to return to their adoptive indigenous tribes. The concept of time and productivity isn’t something quantized to have value and roles in society weren’t so strict.

You had more freedom in a ‘primitive’ tribe than in ‘civilized’ society with all these rules and etiquettes and norms. Look at the birds around you, ask why they still stick around you? If they’re so free, why not fly away? And I’m not talking about birds. . .

More people were infatuated and romanticizing the escape of ‘civilized society’. The work-retire-die lifestyle is literally ‘unaffordable’ because you don’t have any money left in the end. Trading hours of work for money loaned out on interest and taxed into oblivion, all of it being borrowed time traded for more borrowed time. Ephemeral and ever fleeting into the nothingness.

A Lifestyle you can’t afford to keep, nor afford to lose.

Perhaps -then- ‘civilization’ isn’t ‘so’ civilized.

All I know is that the way Sebastian speaks of Colonial people escaping to live with the natives, sounds awfully reminiscent of Expatriots traveling to foreign countries to ‘stretch their dollar’ and live more like a kingly upper-class person. Hopefully your wounds of back breaking labor and slaving away at some office for a boss you hate, hopefully those wounds have healed. That way you can pretend to be someone other than a sheltered refugee that was abused and beaten by the system.

Yea, pretend like you won. Like “you’ve made it”, while others are locked in servitude trapped in the matrix still. And your heart slowly beats out in the bittersweet retirement plan you’ve worked your life to live up to. Sunsets by the beach, as your eyes sunsets your life.

While we’re talking about Expatriots and living abroad.

Did you know a lot of Americans are getting priced out of retirement homes and don’t have enough money to comfortably live? Social security benefits are diminishing with the rising rates of inflation and costs of living. A good chunk of people are becoming homeless.

If the cost of your ‘benefits’ is about $800, but the cost for a one bedroom shit hole is $1200, guess what kind of homeless you’ll be? What about London where a closet runs several thousand Euros? What are we to do? Move to become economic refugees and trouble another nation or state with homeless issues?

Did you know in Japan, Senior Citizens are lonely and are committing crimes so that they get arrested and end up in prison. So they could be less of a burden on society. They literally have a prison system that essentially acts as a retirement home. Cyber punk Japan alright.

The other Retirement option for most humans is suicide. The New 401-K-ill yourself. A lot of people are opting out of this (life), with enrollment plans starting as early as their formative impressionable teenage years.

Something’s gotta change, this cannot continue.

Maybe that’s why people are growing more and more atheistic and nihilistic. They just want things to end, no heaven nor hell. They just want that sweet release that is awaiting for them, to take the world off their shoulders. The chaos of the world, the fire and brimstone of Promethean life burning in demonic sulfur. Perhaps we can enjoy the splendid eternal death of a numbing sensation, that same numbing sensation that we escape to seek from our years of somatic abuse of alcohol and drugs. perhaps we’ll find our moment of respite in the long dark.

Sounds like a bet, risky, what are the odds?

In Closing,

I don’t know about you man,

But Humans Construct society,

And we ought to help make society better for humans,

That way life doesn’t fucking suck.

We could focus on making more livingry, and not so much weaponry.

We could built things to last and sustain ourselves instead of pricing in profit models to sell a used piece of shit every year. They literally don’t make things like they used to. Nor the food, any process has obsoletion programmed in. Even ‘God’ Programmed some Obsolescence with our finite lifespans. I digress. . .

I’d reason that higher wages and less hours worked would be more ideal to a productive and inclusive society. Maybe create laws that limit the maximum hours that people can work, thereby making it easier on everyone to not outcompete people in a specific job. People shouldn’t die from overworking.

Also, I reason that we should start abolishing first home property taxes. That would be the most ideal. Seeing as the government just squanders away billions of dollars, it really doesn’t make sense to give them anymore money. How much is the deficit? Trillions? Can you even fathom that?

All I’m saying is, Life doesn’t have to fucking suck. Nor should our society be so soul sucking. Colorless and bleak, a world of grey could use a dash of freedom.

The options are between Work-Retire-Die, and live. Which will you choose?

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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