Religion is a Scam; To sell you more God

Hey, it’s me again, I’m coming at you sideways. Before you continue hearing terrible wayward Non-Valid advice, Consider checking out these articles about Science and Atheism;

Link 1; Why Atheism is a Scam

Link 2; Scientism, the Nouveau-Age Papal

I mainly linked those two articles above, just so you don’t think I’m like Pro-Science-Cult or some shit.

Now down our descent into unconsecrated sacrilegious apostasy, (most people take the stairs for the descent, I’ll show you the hidden one-way elevator. What can I say, I like Speed Runs and VIP access)

Interesting that Biblical sin came from a ‘Girl with Apple’
While the painting ‘boy with apple’ means something. Grand. In a Budapest Hotel.


For the low low price of two hours and a couple of pocket change every Sunday for the rest of your life, I can introduce you to a community and a Path of the Righteous that will lead you eventually to whatever you’re searching for.

Hopefully before you die. *Guaranteed -or your money back after death*

Act now!
*Offer Valid only while supplies last*

**Supplies are God, so offer only valid until we run out of God**

The institutions of dogmatic nature buys indulgences through cash or karma or prayers to fill and line their coffers, physical or spiritual, to sell you a promise from a divine temporal-sky wizard that salvation is in your future so as long as you follow the commanded tenants and their specific peculiarly particular path of whoreship worship. Because they’re god is based and built different than the other gods of other religions.

All it takes is for you to question or submit to the various practices, rituals, and rites? I mean, what is a Baptism if not a ritual? What is marriage if not a ritual? Barmitzvah, Fasting, Lent, Ramadan, Bigu, Blood libel, cleansing, cleaning, censoring, prayer, worship, etc. If not rituals?

In hopes of some grand result or praise or being graced by something far more grand than yourself?

Doesn’t that just sound like wishful thinking from a fortune teller? Might as well get your palm read, if you want to hear sweet whispers of fortunes told to further convince a manifestation of your hopes and dreams through an illusion of grandeur or through a heart of para-normality.

So let me get this straight, you go pay your alms, or time through devotion, to some Pyramid structured institution, The Cathedral, to listen to a person dressed in Wizard robes to tell you about the divine channeling through him, in hopes that your soul can be saved or *insert reason here*?

I might not be a Religion expert, but I know a few things or -atleast two- about scams. . .

And people use religion for all sorts of things from Not-God, to Money, to etc. as we’ll see below;

Non Deus?

I mean, not everyone goes to church (or whatever the building is called), for God. Some do it for the community, and not for the god. Others do it for food and help, and not for god. Others do it for friendship and kinship. And some go to see what the hub-bub is, or sell products for their evil MLM scheme.

Some go to Said Temple to slay some pussy, so it is what it is. Whatever your reason, people go to the Temple to hear some old person speak on behalf of the yoots in the crowd with all sorts of good and even shitty advice. Like this person, channeling shit-tier advice;

This Person was ‘Channeling’ an interesting take

It’s kind of like going to an Multi-level-marketing business conference where some guest speaker promotes their book on scamming people or how to be motivational and how life is better or some shit. Except on Sundays (typically).

And there’s even provisional camps and missions in foreign areas, so that way Sundays can extend for weeks to months. That’s of course, if you want to devote the rest of the week to something of a communal aspect and nature as the -church-.

Some religions pray or meditate on strict regime, on the hour, every so often, daily, and towards a particular direction, for the rest of their life. Sounds like a lot to bend over and literally prostrate yourself to a divine being, ain’t it? But their ethos is something like ‘submit to god’ so, I guess it is; what it is.

In the American Tradition, people go to both the Business conferences and the churches, fuck it, maybe you’ll find some luck if you just keep going to places that don’t ever test your luck but give you a weird reassurance in your cowardly ways through listening to some old person speak about their success and parables or business case studies. Am I talking about religion or Business?

Who cares, you can slay pussy at both.

Point is, people meet up in both Business Conferences and Religious meetings to Fuck. Obviously not the serious ones, but also the serious ones, sometimes.

Temptations and what not, you can’t deny your humanity as a Practitioner of the Divine arts, so you’re stuck in chaste conflictions. Rough.

And if you studied up on monastic principals, then you’d have to agree with me being right. Or else you got some weird Kool-aid that goes against the Humanity aspect. Do you perchance live in a Town named after Jones 2.0? or Oregon? You know, like a cult.

Some even do it (religion) for money,

I mean, you think fame and fortune is the only thing that matters?

Well, for some people,

it is.

Create a rock band, tour, make money and stuff selling hope via a pseudo lens of naivety not understanding sacrifice nor suffering that way you have jovial overly optimistic and deluded ivory tower songs of joy and worship. As if that’s relatable to everyone who suffers in this world. You know, have you ever take a shot of heroin using puddle water? No? That’s probably why these guys believe in the joyous music.

Regardless of justifications or ignorance, the overly joyous music definitely sells, which means money.

You could always just stray from all that jazz, you know,

Make a mini deviation from the main sect of the Church. Create a small microcosm through drama and schisms, then turn it into a cult, with you being the Cult leader and lead your stray lambs, well, astray. That way you can rewrite your justification in your pseudo beliefs to form a new denomination that strays from the ‘source document’ or ‘holy book’ so that you can practice polygamy and shit. Don’t worry bro, I’ve read the golden tablets, and it’s totally kosher or halal or whatever Mormons say.

Doesn’t matter, just believe

And it’s okay because Religions can fractionate in this fractal universe into -gasp- even more religions.

I mean, that’s how fractals work.

Fear of Missing Out

Another scare tactic to convert future followers into their MLM scheme (religion) revolves around Fear.

The religions get you into being fearful and afraid to buy more God. They make you afraid and in fear of missing out on the ‘afterlife’ by selling you ideas of ‘hell’ and ‘eternal suffering’. As if Dante’s inferno hath a Devil May Cry attitude.

They trick you into dogmatic damnation or some other scheme of eternal suffering.

All of this, of course, to allow the Lord and Savior into your hearts and minds.

Or to make you submit in a concentration camp with a gun pointed at your head trying to get you to convert from one Religion (that of the Uyghur Muslim’s) to another pseudo Religion (called the Chinese Communist Party).

Submit to your new god,
the (Chinese) Government

But hey, the CCP is gaining some good influence over the Western Denominated Religions (such as the Roman Catholics), while also politically contesting the Dalai Llama. So the CCP got their hands full.

Hell, there was even this great Fear Tactic that went beyond preaching evangelical woes of the End-of-times, it was called;

The Crusades;

Deus Vult Comrade,

A whole bunch of religions fight and vie over holy land, for reasons of the land being holy, for -uh- reasons?

So, besides being fought over for thousands of years, people hold extreme ‘sentimental?’ value over these Holy lands, enough to fire up the cavalry, steal coffers, and fund to help spread the true faith of their ‘god’. Hell, we might even create a ‘graveyard of empires’ for trying to even get close to the holy land.

(That’s a hint to go google ‘graveyard of empires’ and then laugh at Empirical Struggles)

Hell, even to this day, there are wars and battles being fought on the very same holy land. Idk why, maybe they just don’t agree on bread or how to worship their god. It’s complicated, to say in the least.

A lot of youthful men and retired outcasts in downtrodden society pick up the blade, some for God, some for adventure or purpose. I mean, what is god if not an exalted state of meaning, a Raison d’etre? So, people pick up the swords, abandon and renounce their past lives, to live in infamy or die in the Battalion Orgies of Saracens and Crusaders. More Imperialism vs. Imperialism under the guise of more god. Lmao.

Side Blurb;

Marriage is a Religious scam that is sanctified and formalized by state governments through some bullshit.

Look up Prima Nocta and how historically, cuckery was accepted as some form of blessing. That’s probably why many indigenous populations and converted fellows of ‘lesser’ humans were accepted into the faith and then that’s also the reason why people rebelled. Rightfully so, I mean, I’d go ballistic in their shoes. So that’s probably why the Native Americans hated the fuck out of the ‘pure puritans’, those puritans were pretty Fascist too, in a Religiously Dogmatic way. I mean, just think about it. . .

“Droit du seigneur, also known as jus primae noctis”

This also Explains why Ireland and Scotland fucking hate the Brits/English/Angles/Saxons/Romans and anyone espousing the ‘original’-(ly modified) Christian Faith of literally fucking their wives. What the Adultrous cuckery is this shit?

So, as you can learn from this side blurb, uh, religion has made things worse with diplomatic ties and social tensions due to some occult practice of cuckery and other ritualistic debauchery. Like seriously, what the fuck. (all religions have some weird culture or custom that would fly in the face of common sense in today’s age. I guess that’s why rites and rituals are of old tradition and near exalted revenant state of unquestionableness and in-defiance.).

Point is, Religions have some really ass backwards shit in their rules, that negatively effect people around them to a degree of causing literal war and murder of the fellow man. Sure, some religions have weird shit, but it’s the really fucked up shit that will make someone kill another person. Anyways, back to regular reasons why Religions are a scam;

Religions are Cults

So we got the Fear Tactics, if people fear death then religion has salvation, if people fear the afterlife, then religion is salvation, and if people don’t fear death, then you use a sword to convince them via a crusade, and that will be their salvation. (aka. Deliverance onto them a swift death. Lmao)

It’s like something about ‘through your destruction is your salvation’ heathen or infidel or whatever.

Do you see the funnel pattern here? It’s all a click funnel to get you through the first set of infinite doors through ‘heaven’ and pay in a life-time of eternal subscription based models into salvation or some jazz.

Yea, get your ticket
Wait in line

Something about Heaven having a line of judgement of all your doings and Hell having the same thing doesn’t sit right with me. I guess, it’s like they’re both the DMV, a living-hell in my opinion. Since we’re on that topic, DMV and Car registrations are a scam, just a heads up.

Pyramid Scheme of Hierarchy

I mean, what is up with hierarchy structures having a sort of Pareto distribution of authority and rule where the few are at the top and the masses are at the bottom. Was Charles Ponzi really just an enlightened Priest?

There’s worshippers, and then there’s all types of different ‘paths’.

Some go the monastic route, renounce their ways, give up life of pleasures, read a shit ton, pray or meditate a lot, climb up a hierarchy of seniority, become a head monk and do monk things, or nun things.

Some go through being a civilian, toiling and working in shit life while subsisting and giving money and time to the church to observe Heaven from Nose-Bleed Pew Seats in a mega stadium. Some named, not remembered, into a large church of faces and friendly gestures all to maybe ascend from a nobody to a somebody. Forever caught behind the shadow of some shitty pillar and somehow not receiving Divine grace-light.

Like a Pastor, Cardinal, Priest, Rabbi, Bishop, or the senior versions like an Arch Bishop or Chief Rabbinate or whatever quasi Kingdom-Sultanate-Khanate-Corporation equivalent CEO position leading the Head-of-State or Head-of-Church. Maybe some Head Cult leader or Messiah or Pope or Dalai Lama or whatever.

Point is, the structure of organized religion is, well, organized. And with any organization, there seems to be a strong foundation of masses and a hierarchy leading to a relatively narrow point.

These are random pictures to help you see what I mean;

Even some of the religious laws are structured like a pyramid;

How about them nice High Brow Fellow Italians?

This pyramid is upside down and not sprawled out;

(something about Ireland)
The tip is at the bottom

You could even argue that the three large factions of Abrahamic religions came from a singular source in time, thus being a temporal pyramid scheme to spread more religion.

All of this, obviously, to sell you more god.

Sure, you might attribute the pyramid structure of hierarchy with reasonable statistic laws and fact based logic to justify the archetypal usage of structure down to base necessities. But I’m not here to agree with you. I’m here to ‘right’ things and make you read what I wrought to right the things and have you agree with me. -Based of course on the things that I have written down.

So the question stands, are these religions a pyramid scheme?

The answer is obviously, yes.

Who is at the Top of the pyramid? Probably God if I were to say, which is the scam, and I’ll explain it to you (later) down below.

Organized Religion and Spiritualism

Imagine this, People believe in higher powers yet refute the beliefs of their own realm.

Like, you don’t believe genuinely the healing harmonic frequencies and powers of rocks and crystals? When the first worshipped gods were Monolithic stones, because

big stone is powerful.

What is a statue praised as an Idle Idol, if not a carnation of clay or marble or some other shit-stone?

One good -main- point of spiritualism is to sort of break away from the original tribe, your family unit, your home town, home city, state, etc. in search of adventure or the great depths of chaos down below.

Through that journey into the (west) or abyss, you come across friends and other wayward souls journeying a similar pilgrimage all to find some other thing that they’re searching for. And through it all, you learn a few things about life and other shit. Just enough to adequately carve out a little cave in this tumultuous path we call ‘life’ and settle down or spread some knowledge or some shit.

Because a shaman is a ‘clever fellow’ that means the shaman is a person with wisdom gained from experience. So when the shamanic journey is embarked, the pilgrimage, then people do seem to understand the universal theme permeating all of life, this sort of meta-narrative in archetypal fashion that expresses itself memetically.

Well, usually after such a Shamanic journey, you return to your home unit enriched and enlighten, or defeated and endarkened, or you might settle down in an island somewhere and start a family, or live life as a hermit by your lonesome as you slowly slip away in your ever increasing weariness with society. Like a Wizard in their high tower, a mountain hermit, or a cabin in the woods far away from the prying eyes of ‘government’.

There’s a reason ‘that’ Shaman, medicine men, Wise men, elders, or smart people stay the fuck away from the tribe. I mean, it’s awfully draining being around people and having hear them make the same old mistakes you made two thousand years ago when your age was in the double digits. Lmao, such young souls. I’d rather be locked up in my solitary confinement falling deeper and deeper into madness, depravity, and rampancy than to deal with the trivial pleasures of life and the cringe-ness that goes with ‘enjoying’ things. Gross. Reject man, return to Psychopathic isolationed Seer.

Maybe the Oracles of Delphi were on to something. . .

What I’m saying here is, Spiritualism is the freeform flow of finding God in all things and such. While organized religion is more like an institution that sells you tickets and tour guides to help ‘get you there’.

What I’m saying here is Religion is akin to a Travel Bus
That follows a crummy Travel Itinerary of all the holy landmarks
that is disguised as a holy ‘pilgrimage’ for you to
hopefully reach the same level of enlightenment or god-state
as well, everyone else.

Religion; It’s peddling spiritualism on a rigid ritualistic tour guide to help bolster their own political and monetary power, as well as their existential power. “existential power” Which is a topic of discussion after you meet me in the 5th dimension because I don’t care enough to talk about it in the 3rd. Moving on;

Science itself is a religion,

Anyways, people also break away from Faith using Science which is fundamentally backed by faith. Lmao.

You either believe in authority figures or believe in authority figures.

What a scam

And it’s just asinine that both Religious followers and Science followers are blind to the mystic arts literally under their noses. Like, I get why you don’t have a real connection to god, it’s because you keep ignoring all of the signs because you trick yourself into justifying that there is no correlation or causation.

Did you know, that the same amount of effort and thought is required to hit “I believe” as much as “I don’t believe”. To prove Correlation takes the same amount of effort to Disprove correlation. This previous sentence is a truth too unbearable for most ‘Scientists’ that practice their blind faith in their apostatic religion. “we will just wait for the peer reviewed study issued by the papal of closeted priests, -I mean, doctors of some clandestine academic journal”

Whatever, Science is a scam, and Science is also a religion, which by the virtue of this article, is also a Scam. So Science is doubly a scam, just a method and a ritual backed by beliefs hidden as ‘presuppositions’. All of which is hinged on the building of ‘theories’ which is an elaborate way of saying ‘story telling mythos’ where each mythos is modified to fit our ‘world view’ on prevailing narratives of new questions and evidence to help ‘man make sense of the world’.

Naw, let’s reject modernity and embrace Greek mythology. It’s easier than organized religion, (jokes).

The Purpose of Religion,

It was Religare, the binding back for one’s life. Religion comes from Latin Religare meaning ‘binding back’.

Religion was supposed to provide a reference framework to compare your living standards with, similar to a Totem or Anchor. A sort of ‘World view’ to which you can refine your tuned learning to. To be able to have a reference for your palatable taste buds as you experience life around you in all it’s woe and glory.

It’s technically more important than that of your ego, it was to provide the foundation for learning, the initial bedrock to that which you could compare all things to.

Well, Technically, but idk, things get wayward as time marches on in the ebbs and craggy flows of life.

To be a better Measure of the universe, as Man is the measure of all things in an anthropomorphized view or bias.

This sort of binding back is a powerful magic that’s supposed to help you reclaim scintillating essences of yourself in the afterlife. But, I really shouldn’t talk about the various singular depictions of a multi-faceted hyperrealistic strangeloop that is the ‘after’-life. For I’m wrong (and right) in more ways than one. . . so let’s continue on.

Also, ignore the 2D depiction of a Halo, it’s outdated tbh.

Pilgrimage of hope and purpose, Logotherapy, Man’s Search for Meaning. . . less

God: *Looks at you precariously*
You ask: “Just the tips?” questioningly
God replies: “Just the tips.” In Agreeance
Rejoice! for the tips may hath Touch-eth

Tis the crossing of swords, rivers (of time), streams (of consciousness), let them gingerly touch and clash and connect with the divine spark. Lmao, Dick jokes are Divine humor simply because I say so.

The Desecration of Western Traditions;
Decadence from not being Decadent

Well, So America was founded upon by a whole bunch of Puritans and other zealous worshipers. They have then turned and upheavelled the entire traditional and ritualistic (shamanistic) landscape of America to today.

And you can see their working influence in how boring and dreadful most churches are in America Compared to the Cathedrals and the like of Europe.

Because a Church or a Temple was a place of Worship, they thought that they should remove the glorified things and make church look like a stuck up low budget Kill Bill Marriage scene.

Your Average American Church

This of course removed a great degree of ‘awe’ factor that was readily available in most Churches in the European areas. I mean, if you enter into any church with decadent frescos, you would at least feel the awe and magnanimity that would be befitting that of a Divine Deity.

This video is pretty flat,
So I don’t like it as much
Sense you can’t capture the real depth in these works

Also, here is another video by someone else;

But nope, we traded a lot of those nice things in America, for shittier churches (in large). Then we publicly and socially shame people into attending church so that they can spit the little alms of their work sacrifices to pay energetically charged money as a Tax-charity to a church. Which is exempt from taxes because -reasons-.

(With the exception of those mega churches that provide lipservice and have spent money on private jets to spread the word of God, because that’s more important than the em-betterment of the followers or worshippers to live a better life or something. Idk, blame evangelicals.)

Even though the divine doctrine literally (not literally ‘literally’ but also literally) says that anything can be your church, for you need not the same bullshit as others to practice devotion. Literally you can make a sacred space in your own home and have that be your church, or temple, or whatever it may be.

A lot of Cultures do this, they call em ‘shrines’ and they’re better because they’re more personal.

Shrines of Mary

(If you were to date back to proto-religions, they were called Cairns, because praise the big rock, monolith, or whatever thing of awestruck and power.)

Also Hindu and some other religions are dope;

And Personal Shrines are better because God is a teleological communication within the self reaching a sort of Christ Consciousness which is actually a state of mind (among other things) reached internally through your own personal methods and modalities construed and constructed from your own ‘soliptic’ personal reality (emphasis on the ‘ic’ part of soliptic). Because the real scam is religion, and you don’t need religion to establish that teleological communication with god.

Lmao, what a scam. To reiterate;

I think the biggest scam is,

Thinking that you require anything additional to your life in order to set up a teleological communication with Divine Spirits, (your fractionated MLM line of) Ancestors, or even those akin to God-like entities if not God in God’s self.

I said earlier that pyramid schemes probably exalted God to the highest tip of the pyramid, and that that was a scam. That’s because you don’t need the pyramid, like, at all. It could be a column, or a dance, or whatever, no need for pyramid power at all. Direct teleological communication, that’s -like- a thing.

Like you’re going to spend your time, money, and energy in thoughts and prayers towards uncovering and unraveling quite the eldritch tendril Hydra-monster masked Persona of Persons when the spark of divinity and the hints of reality are quite literally right under your nose?
(go look up the Latin etymology of persona)

A Metaphorical Shit-Meme to help you comprehend the Chaos

Here’s a good quote on the masks and personification of ourselves from the movie, Tropic Thunder;

The Dudes are Merging

Here is Alan Watts Conceptualizing yourself, for -well- you, You can thank Me (you) later;

You know, just go ahead and reach Christ Consciousness
Do it for the both of us, thanks

Here is another picture to describe essentially the same thing;

Ever had a Dream within a Dream?
How do you know this isn’t a Dream itself?
Is Life, nothing but a dream?
Row, row, row, your boat.

Man, I should get you to sign up for a Breathe, I mean, a Carbon Tax.

So smooth brained, hahaha

Hyper reality is just so funny
This is probably a picture of you right meow

Hey, riddle me this;

If Man was made in God’s image, would not the God of Man be made in Man’s image?

That’s a prose of reflexivity for ya’s.

Good luck comprehending that.

Also, Disclaimer, this is only one of many possible depictions of God, so Don’t get caught up with an inaccurate joke. (A lot of people will claim this to be a new age depiction, and for it to be wrong, merely because those idiots are stuck in pussy-ass old ways of thinking and aren’t able to entertain the idea of being wrong-as-fuck.)

Speaking of getting caught up with a singular depiction of god, here’s a song;

The Conclusion I’m trying to really get at,

(Before I get more side tracked)

You don’t need religion for any of the results that Religion supposedly offers.

It’s like a particular training program, Not required, but it has some pretty useful tips and guidelines.

Sure you can do a keto diet following Jeff’s guide, but it’s not required to reach Ketosis, like you can starve and also reach Ketosis (I know, I’ve done both).

Sure you can practice shamanic Taoism and follow Buddha’s guide, but it’s not required to reach enlightenment, like you can ‘think’ and also reach enlightenment (I know, I’ve done both).

Sure you can go to college to get an Engineering degree/certification following “university of Shit”, but it’s not required to become a Technician (I know, I’ve done both).
(Or alternatively,
Sure you can go to Liberal Arts college to get a Liberal Arts degree following Marx’s Guide, but it’s not required to reach ‘Liberation’ which was the sole point of ‘liberal arts’. . . But you don’t need to follow a particular guide to have a liberated mind, let alone an indoctrinated one. Sheesh.)

Sure you can practice “Abrahamic Religion” and follow Christ’s guide, but it’s not required to reach Christ-Consciousness, . . . You start to see the pattern here?

Like any training or dieting regiment or college course, it’s nice packaged material for ascending a ritualistic practice to a graduated state of ‘enlightenment’ or ‘fitness’ or ‘certified’ etc. But it’s not required to learn the knowledge or perform the same acts to grow to the same degree as the person at the graduated state. What I’m saying is, it’s a foundation to build from, but it’s not a requirement to get to where you want to go. It’s a path that can help, but there are also short cuts and scenic detours in life.

Take the long way once in a while, it might save you the trouble. Inversely, take some short cuts, it might help you find some trouble and end up on the long way, lmao.

Spirituality in other forms and in its essence (or quintessence) is a fuck-all for finding whatever you are searching for, be it god, meaning, or whateverthefuck. ‘The way’ as they say.

So, Religion is a scam, much like life and everything else, especially existence. All of it is a scam. Unnecessary to ‘some’ degree.

That’s my religion, Scammalism: It’s all a scam.

But a scam is not without it’s uses, so it is useful, it’s just sometimes the trade off is more one-sided and scammily for many. Whatever.

Don’t go falling into Nihilism you edge-lord you,

-another scam


Before I go, whether you believe in or don’t, just take some of my Unholy advice and Don’t besmirch God,

Don’t besmirch God, or else Happy Accidents Happen,

Paint that little text in the blockchain called history
it’ll be our little secret

In Closing

I wanted to write this article because I thought the title was funny, and thought it would make a Great Shit Post in the anthology of shit articles. This is akin to taking a footlong shit in the toilet, but this is, how you say, Holy-Shit (post). After I put digital-pen to title down, I then proceeded to populate the article with various critiques attacking the structure of religion as much as I would attack the structure of any MLM scheme or even the new form of Religion, the dreaded Gubernment.

Because ‘God was a dream of good Government’

And Political Ideology is the new fanatical belief system (arguably, not new)

So, you don’t really need religion for God, but if you join a religion, they’ll sell you God. When really, God is technically everywhere (if you believe in God or that sort of stuff). It’s like buying canned air, like you can, but why?

And I don’t mean Compressed air,
I mean, like, literally, regular air in a can. . .

Any hoot, if you happen to Find God, then uh, I guess you could go ahead and start your own cult to help spread God. To scam, I mean, enlighten others (and en-‘Lighten’ their heavy pockets) into finding God themselves. Also that they can join your hierarchical cult and Continue their own pursuits to Finding more of God after having found hints and traces of God. Obviously your cult will have interpretory struggles and debates over canonical reviews resulting in schisms, protestant, and different reformations fractionating into an infinite fractal patterns of subset denominations (or denomenatory religions claiming ‘orthodoxy’ because no one want’s to claim un-orthodoxy, like why would you?) or birthing baby religions (it’s almost as if there is an incubation period for religions and the life-cycle of a religion, lmao). This is actually the charted course for most religions, it’s a cycle of ebbs and flows after a meteoric rise of mushroom dead-sea cultish worship whether it be a Solarian Deity or a Lunarian Deity.

I must say, I quite find the life span of religions to be quite humorous. In my estimations, I would even say that the Comedy is . . . Divine (lmao).

And then everyone goes down a paid-life-time-subscription rabbit-hole to find more of God, but uh, turns out, God is sort of -like- infinite. So good look finding all of infinity. LMA-YOOoooooo

Ultimately, I just want to be a God Slayer, because that title sounds dope as fuck. Speaking of,

Hey, if you do find God, tell God, that I want to Slay God, and that I personally forgive God.

God will understand when you tell God.

It’s an inside joke,



*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, Sacrilegious, God Slaying, or Any Advice

Post Script;

Anyways, A real baptism requires drowning followed by resuscitation, dip your fucking toes in the valley of despair, and stuff. That way you get to peek on the other side (of the veil), some people go madly insane, and others, like me, just become big sad with big laugh. Divine Comedy, as they say. The other side of Divine Comedy would be Divine Tragedy, and that’s the big sad.

But, uh, Life begins on the other side of despair or something. Lmao.

Post Post Script;

Try practicing something in the highest of virtues and apply that to thine self and thy god.

It’ll, humble your experiences.

For instance, forgiving god.

Or Hating God.

Or *insert thing* here.

Based Post Script;

Here’s some orthodox chanting for your Chad Amusement;

Also, here is some Russian Orthodox memed anime depictions. I find these amusing, hilarious, and peak Comedy. Oh- What’s the word, Divine Comedy?

Here’s more iconography from different cultures and regions (time-space);

I need these memed, hard,

If you really think about it, a Halo is actually the glow that someone emits from their heads much like you would see if you stared into the fucking sun. But that’s hard to transcribe on 2 dimensional depictions of art.

Lmao, anyways, if you want my advice, for no reason, then here it goes;

You should count your blessings, your thanks, your grace, for you are in grace to some degree. And should you turn to give it, do not mull over the favors or debts owed to you, for those will only turn you bitter. Ye need not keep score, and you shall be richer for not doing so.

Also, I’m in the vibe where my next goal in life is to get kicked out of (or banned) from a Temple or holy site. I think that would be peak next level. Can they ban me for all of life? Doubt it. Can they ban me for this current life? Probably. And I’m willing to bet on that. No Safe Bets, after all. Lmayo.


I’m actually treading on some next level shit, you see, I’m not from this dimension in particular. So I don’t want to particularly summon the ire of this Domain’s God (assuming that this God is different from my other dimension[s]), but It is what it is. Lmao. Yea, if you’re reading this, just enjoy life man. There’s too much dumb retarded inter-dimensional shit going on. It’ll probably drive you insane, which is cool, if you’re bored as fuck. Just, uh, yea. Enjoy the ride.

Post Script;

Here’ a funny picture,

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