IRS on reporting illegal activities and stolen goods; and the comments are lit

So a tweet made to light the idea of reporting stolen income or illegal activity to the IRS.

At which point, this raises two possible outcomes;

Amnesty for reporting the crime you committed, and because the government collected it’s share, it would technically be state sanctioned thereby the government is endorsing and approving it.

Or it’s a trap and the IRS is about to work with other three letter alphabet Fed Bois to crackdown on your ass.

Either way, I’m not allowed to give tax or law advice, so it’s best to consult with an expert or to go on like every American and simply keep not knowing anything. Because, why are we still guessing how much we owe in taxes?

Some people brought up good questions;

If you’re allowed to increase your tax liability by gains from stolen goods,

Doesn’t that also mean that you can lower your tax liability by losses from having your goods stolen?

Think about it, it’s a thought worth having;

Idk about you, but I’m a gambling man. So if I so happen to get my shit stolen, Imma file a police report and use that as my receipt to deduct myself some losses to offset my capital gains. But I’m not a tax expert and I’ll be honest, illegal tax deduction income shits is some lala-land level of taxes.

Idk man, just have the receipts. . .

Because, it appears that due to the TCJA that reformatted the Tax code in 2017, we aren’t allowed to deduct stolen property anymore.

You’d have to look it up, but they removed the form 4684 for deducting stolen goods and losses, so it’d probably go down like this;

or simply, no tax deduction for Stolen losses.

Some side jokes,

There’s a couple comedy gold in the peanut gallery;

If it confuses you, that means it’s working.

Some people brought quality trash advice;

This is the type of advice that might be swept under the rug. Sounds legal, might not be. Who knows?

I mean, you reported it. You just happened to input the wrong numbers on the tax form.

You aren’t evading taxes if you still pay them. Think about it.

So, the best they can say is tax avoidance or some shit, which isn’t the same as tax evasion. And then you aren’t liable for a large swath of extra bullshit. Idk, but if you gunna stiff the IRS, you might want to have a Levy-esquire in your retainer.

But hold your horses,

If your a corrupt government official, politician, or head of state. You need to be very careful with them tax returns, because apparently bribes are not tax deductible;

and here’s a meme;

Also, apparently there was a Drug Tax Stamp

So if you were dealing drugs, you might not be convicted of the drugs, but you could go to jail for not having the stamp for the supposed drugs you were allegedly dealing in.

You were to buy a stamp from the State’s department of revenue and slap that mfer on the container of the drugs you were selling. So, uh, yea. Technically this is a weird way for states to make money on something illegal. So, Peak clown world I guess.

If you want to read more about Drug Tax stamps, well, here’s a link.

Also, apparently illegal immigrants have to file taxes

Ah, more illegal taxes to recoup. The idea of an existence being illegal due to the displacement of spatial geo-coordinates and thereby trying to recoup the tax vig by extorting such an existence.

God bless murica.

Some people also say, it’s a trap

And that the purpose of this entire Tax Reporting by the IRS, isn’t to make people report their illegal activities. But rather to get the people for Tax evasion for not reporting it.

It’s a catch 22. You’re damned if you report your illegal activities; and you’re damned if you don’t.

Because the obvious answer is that the Government is here to fuck you. Lmao.

To be honest, this is probably how the put Al Capone in the slammer. You know, ‘taxes’.

Poor Mr. Capone

Someone has a better definition for the IRS;

You see, if the government collects a vig, then they become a sort of co-conspirator;

Which also raises the great definition of;

That the IRS is a meta-criminal organization, due to the nature of overseeing illegal activities on a large scale. I mean, what is this, the FBI? the DEA? A Gun walking Fast and furious scandal? the CIA or prior OSI?

Lmao, meta-criminals sounds succinct.

In Closing,

Do I hate the IRS? No.

Are Taxes evil? Yes.

Are they necessary? Arguable.

There are two constants in life, those are Death and Taxes. Surprisingly, one of them stops after you die.

The government wants to collect their vig, they call it taxes.

The universe wants to collect it’s tax, they call it ‘entropy’.

Life is a scam and a tax farm, and so is perpetual existence.

Lmao, enjoy the slow burn into the nether, my fren,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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