Congress Women’s account banned for wrong-think

So, some Lady named Marjorie Taylor Greene,

This lady

-Had her twitter account suspended and banned for posting VAERs information. You know, information from HHS about, well, VAERs data.

yea, that one

And Twitter in their infinite wisdom banned her for ‘misinformation’ on covid.

That’s basically the full story.

Link and link and link for further reads because I stopped caring.

I think the one thing that peeved me is for Rolling Stones to run an opinion article using the word ‘Mind-numbingly stupid Covid takes’ in response to a Congresswoman using Government Data. . .

-Ryan Bort

But, I guess if we can’t use government data because it’s “wrong think” then I guess the right answer is to be mind-numbingly stupid. Honestly, it’s reflective and indicative of short attention-span and thin-temperance and low tolerance type inner-monologue-of-thought that devolves into poorly constructed ad-hominem attacks just because someone doesn’t fully understand ‘cancer’. Like, humans are -well- human you goon. They don’t know everything.

I just, for whatever reason, hoped RollingStone would’ve had better gish gallop than a three-legged mule fed on hate-bait rage-click-porn type text. My fault for respecting them I guess.

Ode to Sue-Doe intellectualism.
(the kind where we pretend)

In Closing

This is Clown World talking about Clown Virus and using Government Data is apparently Wrong Think and a ban-able offence by the techno-oligarchy papal. So, enjoy your future dystopia.

I mean, we’ve always had wrong-think. If you don’t think that, well, you’re wrong. See. Lmao, jokes aside, society was structured around some form of pseudo-social credit and validation, things like ‘trust’ and ‘credentials’ validated feelings over more feelings. Because let’s be honest, facts are just placated feelings through someone’s shitty subjective veneer. So, uh, wrong think. I mean, just look at anyone that defied the King, Czar, the Church, or (Insert Head of state) during their supremacy. See, Wrong Think.

lmao, I care just enough to shit post this but not enough to throw away my principles (of shit posting). Regardless, we all will return to dust in a few centuries, if not sooner, lmao.

What, you think I wouldn’t remind you of the encroaching death that awaits you; all while your heart ticks away it’s limited and finite cycles? Ha, memento mori that one.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script edit,

The fact that the government is being censored is a hilarious twist of comedy. Reality is oft stranger than fiction.

I bet George Orwell never expected to see that coming, the idea of some pseudo-uber-national corporated entity being able to stifle the private-public speech of government entities using their right as a incorporated persons identified by the local Supreme Law of the Land and protected under the Nations’ own articles of Incorporation all on an inter-dimensional-spatial-medium to shitpost called the ‘internet’. Lmao, the irony and the twists and turns, you’d never expect it.

But alas, that’s America.

Anyways, another astute observation from all of this is the fact that a government entity was silenced and censored for wrong-think. Thus this proves that the government and the powers that be aren’t some cabalistic monolith of doom and gloom.

And that this covid fear mongering over the Clown Virus is simply that, Political.

And as Chairman of the Anti-Political Political Party, I disapprove of their message. lmayo.

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