Lord Trump was the most American President so far

Warning, this article is pretty dark compared to others, Reader’s discretion is advised.

This is more or less a tribute and a critique, but rather than on the man in question, it’s more about the stupid reactionaries that mob in ‘for’ or ‘against’ the man. Regardless of if any one knows anything about anything. Because people on all sides were beyond stupid, that I was right in being pro-non-political. Thank you for that, I guess.

Love him like a cultist, or hate him like a cultist, this guy really knew how to split America. It was great and divisive, because it showed the true color of those who blindly support him, and those who blindly reject him.

Both sides were,


Trust me on this, the rich liberals on their yachts complaining about societal inequities are equally as retarded as rich plantation/ranch owners complaining about societal handouts. Both disgust me *unzip*

Anyways, he was the greatest American President because there was no other President that compared with the image of an American.

What I mean was, he embodied the caricature of an Asshole American who ignorantly and pompously does what he wants. He was leaning slightly on the heavy side, loves McDonalds, and he had tons of money living in the stereotypical bourgeois of American Capital. He was white, blonde hair, and whipped out a big dick energy at every business meeting. He busted people’s balls, and fired people left and right. The people he hired, mind you. lmao.

Gotta bless the Mc-Dees

I mean, he probably had multiple women, was an adulterer to some degree, and coined the phrase “Grab em by the pussy”, like an alpha-chad. Pure American.

He was a living breathing caricature of America, and how other cunt-ries viewed Americans. Sort of like Mad-men but if everything went downhill with a healthy splash of idiocracy and it was ran like the office but less funny and more panick-y and hangry by all sides.

America loved him as a Reality TV star, and then they started to hate him when he actually got elected as President and started actually changing things. Because Politicians aren’t supposed to actually change things. Rookie mistake.

Like this dude is what you would expect American Expat-Tourists to be. Lez-be-honest, he skips the gym, gets the tan, and might do some laundry. Definitely American Guido material.

And that obnoxious attitude he had was exactly the air of arrogance we Americans held. I mean, we’re the kind of assholes that would go to Hiroshima Shadows and wear Back-to-back World War 2 Champion shirts.

I’m saying that specifically, because we Americans fucking did it.

Definitely an International Incident

Posing like a sorority girl in front of these atrocities:

In This Corner of The World, there’s a Graveyard of Fireflies and you should probably respect them. (but never forget that they were imperialistic conquerors and cut ‘logs’ in Unit 731 while practicing Child Sex Slavery during the War under Comfort Girls)

How about when this American traveled to Japan in a Giant Pikachu suit and was a huge asshole in bugging everyday citizens and plaguing them with annoying pranks and pestering them as they try to just live. Oh, this dude also posed in front of a suicide forest and took selfies with recently hung bodies looming in the back ground. Murica.

You really think Americans AREN’T Fucking assholes?
We breathe Asshole, we are practically the brand name for Asshole™.

Also, you can get banned from a country! Yea, that’s a thing, talk about National Cancel Culture. Definitely don’t look up the Ehime Maru.

Lmao, update:

-Video for ref (I do recommend for a good laugh)

Don’t pretend you’re holier than this asshole, you probably cuddle up next to your tinder date trying to play some Serial Killer flick on Netflix because that’s your cocaine. Like you talk about not loving death and stuff yet you watch LITERAL SERIAL KILLER dramas and actual BORING DOCUMENTARIES on killers.

Like shut the fuck up Becky and just support bombing schools halfway across the world.

You Hypo-fucking-crit. I hope you stare in the shadows and face your demons.

What’s worse than an evil person, is a person who is conceited in thinking they’re not evil. It gives evil people like me a bad rap.

Speaking of Bombing schools on the other side of the world, are we going to ignore our back to school rituals?

Just pack your American Back To School Bullet proof backpack,

Gotta Teach dem American Yoots about the natural predators.
From atomic bombs to natural school shootings.

Don’t forget to defend yourself,

Good old Back To School Shopping at America’s Wally World


Next time you go to your local Wally World for your little tikes;

Remember, If you used condoms, you wouldn’t have to buy any of these Back 2 School supplies for your little goblins

Complete tangent/Side note, Marisa Tomei and her accent is hot, even when others say suhm-tin simu-laah.

Back to Presidents

Remember that Time- Lord George Doublya Bush Gave the UK the bird? He flipped off a nation, Had a shoe thrown at him, and tried to give a left-handed shake to Arabian diplomats. Besides being an Amazing painter, he was an American President, the most amazing American until Lord Trump came in to town.

American Presidents are Lords and royalty, I mean, what did you expect when we treat the presidency as some God-Emperor throne and make them the figurehead of (practically) ALL policy. On top of giving them money and ‘royal guards’ for the rest of their life. Like, let’s be real.

The Wall

Like this guy wanted to build a WALL around Mexico and had the audacity to say that Mexico will pay for it! And you know what, he should have (built the wall). Now hear me out, he should have partnered with Mexico to build the Great Wall of America Theme Park and Casino™, profiting off of tourists and giving sustainable jobs to those who want em.

We could have had a Capitalistic funded wall that would’ve beaten China. Made with theme-parks, rollercoasters, and great Mexican Cuisine. We could have had Honduran Refugees enjoying their march through Mexico to top it off with a trip to Disney-Land-like Inter/multi-national Theme Park.

It would’ve been great, but Lord Trump had to mistaken New Mexico as a part of Mexico and then we didn’t get the wall. Regardless of how many swindling Go-fund me projects started or how much of private venture wall construction tax-write-offs were made.

Hell, we could’ve gave jobs to Wil-E-coyotes, and the Media would be upset because animals get jobs over humans. Also, the media is tarded. This could’ve been a new deal in the Transgender Pacific Partnership and US-Mexico Relations would’ve went to the mooooon.

Accurately Photoshopped to improve US-Mexican Relations

Insulting Germany Post WW2

Lord Trump was hilarious at insulting other countries, and all you could do is watch these world leaders squirm in their seats as America waves it’s big long dick.

Enter this lady;

Lmao, Trump even threw starbursts at the German Chancellor and said “Don’t say I’ve never give you anything”

What a fucking Alpha.

Even other countries made really awesome caricatures of him, I think they were trying to insult him, but It’s too fucking Neo-American-Roman-Type-II to not accept this Trojan horse as a complement;

A mix of Warhammer and Roman Theocracy from none other than Italy itself.

His Biggest Mistake

He was trying to unite the middle-east and was actually successful in making both sides calm their tits.

It was probably something about 50x the magnitude of a power move than stepping on North Korean Soil. This dude was literally solving world problems, and every cLown-taRded Karen was upset for various reasons.

Like he was LITERALLY FIXING THE WORLD, with a systemic HOLY WAR problem that spanned 500+ years and that wasn’t good enough.

You dense mother fucker.

People need to stop being upset over things blamed by/at this dude, he had top officials literally falsify reports and LIE TO HIM about his campaign promises that he was ACTUALLY STICKING TO.

Like what do you want man?

This dude was atleast doing something. (Besides fighting China)

This was the closest thing we had to world peace since February 2021 when GME was practice mooning.

His Supporters

Besides red-hat wearing cultists and people-afraid-of-being-assaulted-in-public-supporters. That’s right, radical leftists have made his supporters afraid of public support, especially when they assault people with ‘red hats’. If you get offended by the term ‘radical leftist’ than you’re a fucking knit and tosser, you should re-evaluate yourself if you are radical-anything. Dumb-dumb.

In fact, in other nations, assaulting someone for wearing a red hat or endorsing a political ideology through violence, is defined as Terrorism. So the libtards are technically Terrorists, but people got upset when anarchist-fascists or ANTI-FA were labeled terrorists. And those guys were anarchist fascists, literally. Look it up if you don’t know shit about political ideology. I’m not going to Edoo-kate yoo.

Lord Trumps’ fans are religiously zealous and support his cause to having ‘allegedly’ storm the DC Capitol during his Speech to Peacefully walk and Protest prior to the walk and protest. Like his fans are so great, that they committed felonies on his behalf before he even asked for them, and he still got banned by all of media for it.

Talk about a faction, and talk about marketing.

The conspiracy theorists were with Lord Trump. I mean, what’s the point of all this fake freedom if we don’t have algorithmically spoon-fed conspiracy theories like FLAT EARTH and Joe Rogan talking some good word on Machine Elf DMT Inter-dimensional Aliens.

This exists, note that it’s got circles everywhere but NO SPHERE

The most American American is probably Alex Mother fucking Jones. He was so American, he got banned from all the social media sites BEFORE Lord Trump. Alex Mother Fucking Jones was simply an American Ranger, he leads the way. He just goes out and reports on the craziest wildest shit, that (has more often than not) turns out to be true. Like what the fuck?

He said the frogs turned gay.

And then he was actually fucking right.

Look it up, you fucking knit.

I mean, he might have said some dumb shit about school shootings. But, let’s be real, America loves guns and hates school. It only makes sense that America would host the World’s best School Shootings! Too dark? Did you forget the suicide forest? “We” made fun of suicide and posed in front of it, like just embrace your American side.

Then Alex Jones talks about alien war with secret labs and some wild past-life stuff, and you just gotta eat it up. Get your Tin Foil hats, and ignore Five G and Vaccines, because all of this is pure gold. Eat it up, and buy his healthy herbal blends, no way is it a scam.

But he’s on to something ngl

The Mega Rallies and fans

He hosted mega-rallies and had fans,

Like, THIS IS NOT OKAY during a pandemic. The only authorized activities are anti-Trump protests and rioting. -Some Retard leftist (probably)

The energy in these stadiums were booming, that they even converted non-Trumpers to be Trumpers. This was the #WalkAway movement. These Mega Rallies were so inclusive, in fact, they were too inclusive in my racist ass estimations;

There were some more Medium articles of Left-ards joining the Trumptard band camp, but they probably got scrubbed due to censorship or something. Point is, people liked the performance show of Trump rallies.

They don’t care who you are, what your skin color is. They just care that you’re pro Trump. Join the Cult. Join the Cult. One of Us. One of Us.

I can hear the chanting at the Mega rallies echoing in mine ears. lmao.

I mean, the energy in a group chanting the same thing, is empowering. It’s, dare I say, enchanting.

Point is, people like the energy, and for once, people felt really good about their surroundings and felt purpose. Us being social creatures only enabled the ability for us to blend our existence and coalesce into a large sea of hivemind-think.

Everything was surreal, they felt the energy of the stadium invigorate them, like their dead-end jobs and existential crises had some semblance of meaning. Like everything was worth it, that they were turning the world back into what it once was. To make America as Great as they misremember it being.

I mean come on, you’re saying that you wouldn’t feel the energy of thousands of humans at a rally?

I’ve been cheered on a large stadium by three thousand or so people, and that was intoxicatingly power-drunk. I can only imagine what hundreds of thousands of people would feel like.

And less be honest, even his anti-supporters found meaning through Trump. Just, you know, through anti-support.

His Anti-Supporter supporters

These guys claim the high ground of not being racist, while making fun of Lord Trump for being ‘orange’.

Like you’re literally making fun of this guy based on the color of his skin.

Besides crying and being upset, his anti-supporters would violently accost and beat people up for wearing a hat. Like so and so.

Yes, you can’t judge others by the color of their skin, unless it’s Trump, and if you judge someone based on their looks, you’re wrong. . . Unless it’s a red hat. Those damn Red Hats.

I’d say more, but I couldn’t actually have a conversation with his anti-supporters because they LITERALLY YELLED AT ME FOR SUPPORTING TRUMP AND VOTING FOR HIM. when I did none of any of that. I literally don’t vote, that’s my thing.

So I refuse to have conversations with someone whose going to come in my house, cum in my house, and the yell at me for things I didn’t do.

If I wanted to be gas lit, I would’ve been married by now you dumb bitch.

-Bachelor me

Point is, this question crosses the mind of all the anti-supporters;

And the answer largely is yes. Don’t think, just hate. Like a good lil’ cultist.

In Closing

Lord Trump is Amazing.

The Most American American thing is what he had accomplished, with direct tweets that bypassed a misconstrued media and allowed directly harming Americans by proving the media is the enemy of the people. This lead to a broken array of chains and mind control from your regular ‘televised programming’ or ‘mind control’ or whatever the fuck I was supposed to take drugs for. I mean, they literally misquoted him (when he was discussing possible solutions with a scientist) about chloride or UV treatment and got Americans to kill themselves. So, great job Media.

Guns, Bacon, and Red, White, and Blue.

America day.

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All of this is jokes and satirical, not to be representative of any actual facts, and written in satire and parody making fun of Americans, by an American, for Americans, America. MURICA.

And none of this is reflective of my political leanings and I disagree entirely. On the whole thing. Including you, the reader. Actually, on second thought, I disagree especially with you, the reader.

Also, if you skipped this block of text above and you don’t know what these are below; then you don’t know how fucked the world is:

The Imperial Rising Sun flag is equivalent to the Nazi Swastikas symbol, now you know.

Just remember, I’m a part of the anti-political-political party. And as the only person (and not a threat to any US interests), I approve this message.

As always;

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