Hidden art of Clown Flu

It’s like Kung Fu, but even more made up.

So before we talk more about Clown Flu, I must open this article up like a cookbook recipe in which I tell you the ancient and long storied history to why we do what we do in order to enrich your life with principles, precepts, and philosophy of the foundation of how retarded things are. What I’m saying is, I’m going to talk about two years ago, lmao.

So a long long time ago

In the year 2020, there was a thing that came out called the Clown Virus. (technically release date was Winter of 2019. Release date, the wording is used for a reason.)

People allegedly dropped like flies and a lot of fear-porn videos spread.

Governments were doing what they’ve historically done, and killed their citizenry with quarantines and mass murders. I guess, it’s not a ‘murder’ by definition because the non-corporeal state did it, but -uh- you get my point.

Martial law in the form of bio-quarantine was implemented world wide, choking out businesses.

Then we created a new sub-class of humans called ‘essential workers’ that would do riveting vital stuff for the economy like make coffee or work retail, all while risking their lives as front-line workers

We also exalted the Nurse into being our heroes and then fired them a year later in 2021 due to not getting vaccinated. Those nurses also didn’t receive a pay-raise, and now there are free-lance Nurses that are up for hire, literally getting paid more to work less, because Hospitals have always been smart.

We also closed down strip clubs, which we also turned into Drive-thru strip clubs in both Las Vegas and some bum-fuck part of Oregon (Bum-Fuck is not the hill-billies, it’s actually Portland. Because the only Bums Be fucking in disgusting Portland. And I don’t mean that in slight of bums, I think Portland is disgusting). We also had some businesses that created Boober-eats, a Stripper-Food delivery service and then they got threatened with a lawsuit and got a name change.

Also, Portland, Oregon. Ew. Gross.

Some Small clinics were running covid tests and having Drive-through testing centers charging 45 or 90 dollars a test. Even though those clinics received federal funding to not charge tests, it didn’t stop them from making a killing. (And it’s even worse now with the newer tests that can run up to $4,000 a test).

A lot of things happened, which lead to something Special.

The Hidden Art;

of Clown Flu,

You see, what happened in 2020, was that the Flu just didn’t exist. we started testing for Covid and all the symptoms of ‘flu-like’ means that anyone with potentially the flu was diagnosed with covid instead. You could argue that people were failing conservatively by labeling any and everything as Covid. So, I mean, I’m not a doctor, but the result was simply that the Flu took the year off.

For whatever Clown reason, the Flu was (virtually) eradicated for one year, one peaceful year of no more flu.

Weird that they tested 818,939 respiratory specimens
almost like people were sick with something

The Flu, has so much built up Paid-Time-Off that it took not one, but TWO whole working (Flu) seasons off. I’m sort of a Karen, so I kind of want to ask for the Manager. WHOse running this shit show? I want my Flu and I want it now. (It’s my flu and I want it NOW, lmao).

Idk what happened but in the year 2021, we just Virtually had the Flu disappear;

Don’t worry, the Tech-no-Police are already gaslighting you to say that the Flu didn’t disappear;

All these news mocking birds are singing a cacophony of ‘fake news’. It’s plainly obvious that the narrative is warped and everyone is just throwing their shitpost into the fray. So obviously it’s only fair to join in on the fun. It’s an orchestra of misinformation and peddling pet theories and opinions.

Could it be,

That the medical doctors that be are misdiagnosing Flu-like symptoms for a case of Covid rather than the flu? Could it be because the Medical Doctors and Hospitals are getting paid extra for Covid Cases and Covid Tests? Could the Covid Tests be really shitty and offer false Positives, thus alluding to this farce of ‘asymptomatic’ that is a main factor of Covid? Could the Covid Tests be a large source of profit revenue generation for the sick care system that is Hospitals making money over sick patients?

Could A Deadly virus be so deadly that you can have no symptoms?

Idk man, those are too hard of a question to pose because the answers would imply that medical malpractice is the root cause of this Pandemic. . . Just saying.

If there’s anything that I can offer from my wealth of wisdom through multiple multiple scams, it’s that the ‘Call to Action’ and ‘Rush to do a thing’ is generally a scam. So sit back and let it play out while also keeping your distance away from society. Let the dust settle and see for yourself what truth remains.

Also Social distance yourself from society, live under a rock, be a hermit. That’s obviously what ‘Social Distancing’ means. Because society is sick and toxic, so it’s best to keep your distance from the mob-wagon-wheel of retardedness.

In Closing,

There is an alternate theory that people practicing social distancing and masking might have mitigated the flu itself. But the counter would claim that it is unlikely because we have States that simply don’t give a fuck like Florida, Indiana, and the Beloved Sorta-made-with-spare-parts Texas.

-This year as in 2021

Regardless, this is a finite perspective of an infinitely retarded phenomenon that is indeed killing people. Whether you get sick and die, get the vax and die, or do nothing and die. Death is at least guaranteed.

That’s arguably a safe bet. But also, eh.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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