Seeking Alpha and possible connection to Market Manipulation

These Guys:

Alright, before we start starting, Market Manipulation is defined by as:

What I am presenting is an opinion article against Seeking Alpha’s business that is also backed up by opinions and other people’s opinions are backed up by their opinions and maybe some facts.

I don’t think the contributor here is at fault, but I’m not allowed to practice law since the under-water basket-weaving accident, so who knows.

So to start off, let’s explain a bit of Seeking Alpha’s business model:

Le Wikipedia:

They run a website, check.

They make money from traffic, check.

They bring on guests to write articles as contributors, check.

They might even pay contributors to write articles, check.

And apparently, They might incentivize guests to write targeted information about specific stocks.

By incentivize, that means they pay more, offering a ‘bonus’ for certain articles.

They would only pay more if they have some sort of valid business reason, like say a vested-interest in the stock?


They were paid by someone with a vested interest in the stock to then create targeted (possibly misleading) articles on the stock.

And by vested interest, I mean in some way shape or form fiduciarily tied to the stock, whether directly or indirectly through asset management.

alright, let’s look at dah evidence,

Seeking Alpha posted this article:

Link here

And as always, each stonk article has a disclosure statement:

To which people were quick to respond:

And Then DOMO Capital Management followed the blood trail:

This is the picture in the tweet: Sorry if it’s hard to read,

Here’s a zoom up of some concerning details:

This is the title:

This is the suggested Title for the paid incentivized write-up (article):

Does it look familiar?

oh, hey, that looks familiar

To which Domo included the article bonus initiative document for contributors;

And Seeking Alpha Contributors responded in kind:

It is to note that the contributors and the website or two different things, so the liability isn’t equally shared or whatever. They just salty.

Also that Justin Dopierala guy is on point.

All I’m saying is,

That this drama shows that someone paid to have specifically worded articles to spread FUD.

Now is that Market Manipulation? Well, that depends and I’m not a judge either, I lost my gavel in the last races. Not horse races, the catamaran races, the boat shit. Yea. I lost it in the harbor while definitely not selling drugs.

Point is, this is all sketch.

And I don’t even know if a financial commentary site can be accused of false reporting or whatever. Seeing as they can just blame the contributor. Also there’s that weird section 230 dynamic with editorials, and I don’t really know what business model Seeking Alpha stand in – in terms of liability.


Lemme just include comments from the peanut gallery;

Lol, there was even a Reddit post;

Some people are commenting on the Article itself on Seeking Alpha;

Even Premium users of the website are calling it out;

Back to our peanut Tweety birds on Twitter;

And now let’s circle back to that definition;


Now I see why I like that Justin Guy,

Turns out, he works for DOMO Capital Management

What a G.

In Closing

Sketchy sketch be sketching

This is written in case someone wants a quick reference to evidence and maybe file something or something, other than that, you shouldn’t use this website as a primary source, because I sometimes sleep with night lights. Feel free to click the links and go directly to the source or use the downloaded documents if you want.

This whole GME thing is great, exposing a whole bunch of people and not just the ‘naked’ shorters. Ha, this is juicy corruption at its finest. Gonna stash it with my vintage mags for later if you don’t know what I mean, unwinky face.

Whatever man,


*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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