Existential Nihilism is a scam peddled by ignoramuses

If you agree, good, if you’d like to agree then I’ll spell it out for you simply.

The words you are reading have meaning.

Thus, if there is any meaning in the world, then there could be argued that meaning is applied to anything.

Whether or not the World has inherent meaning, is a silly perspective.

Who cares about the origin when the meaning exists in the now?

Meaning exists NOW, right fucking now, the word fuck has meaning. FUUUUUUUCCCKKK.

Meaning exists now even so small.

Thus Meaning exists on a grand scale, even if subjective.

How can I say that?

Because words have meaning that are built independent of the meaning of the sentences.

And that sentences construct a meaning independent of paragraphs, pages, books, etc.

And that meaning fucks with other meanings around the world, and that meaning is metaphyiscally impacting things outside itself.

If you read a shitty poem and feel a type of way, that feeling is a manifestation of the meaning of the words. In other words, imparted enchantment magic.

But I’m not here to explain magic to you, because you didn’t subscribe to my Only Fans.

Instead, I’m hear to say that the chaotic interaction of words have caused a meaning symphony (or cacophony for shit posters like me) into a cascading crescendo of meaning called ‘life’ or whatever the fuck you want to call it.

Thus, life or existence or the universe has meaning in it. Arguably that means that it, itself, is meaning.

Has, is, words.

So anyone trying to peddle doomerisms or meaningless nihilism is trying to get you to listen to their podcast or sell you a book or some shit. Lmao, they either want you to feel bad or shill, which is an intent, and it’s meaning.

Like, okay bro.

So it’s kinda hypocritical, but I’m not gonna trash it too much because it’s pretty meaningful to have around.

In Closing,

Yea, Nihilists are both their own worst enemy and irony. Maybe smoking too much Hasheesh or that Loud Skooma has them thinking some-type-of-way. It is what it is buddy.

Origin nihilists coupled with subjective descriptivism is probably the only nihilist that I can comfortably hang with. They say nothing has inherent meaning and that you can assign meaning, which is a fun perspective in my book.

Now that I’m done trash talking nihilists, I might just open up a bookstore to sell more existentialist peddled pet theories. And then subsequently trash talk existentialists for being so existing. Lmao.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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