IMF and World Bank commit Crimes Against Humanity for all of Africa

Or so says I paraphrasing Michael Hudson, a really real Economist.

I just wanted to add, the UN and WEF are also a part of this.

Anyway, there’s an interview with an Actual Real Economist, Michael Hudson, talking about Africa being America and Global nation’s bitch boy. I’m talking about All of Africa.

Here’s the question;

“I have a question, what’s the difference between the US debt and the debt that African nations own? Because the US doesn’t keep the US from being one of the leading powers of the world, but then African nations can’t make it because of the debt that’s strangling them.”

Here’s the Response;

“What makes African debt and third world debt different from the American debt? Number 1, America is never gonna pay it’s debts. It doesn’t have to, it’s debt is in it’s own currency. We can simply print it. The African debt is not in it’s currency, the African debt is in US dollars. Africa has to earn the US Dollars and the only way that it can earn the US dollars, is not to be assassinated for growing its own food, becoming independent, and doing something that the United states does not like. The principle underlying the foundation of the World Bank, the international bank of credit, IBRD, the world bank, is that NO country should grow its own food, Africa and the third world should only grow export crops to export in order to have an oversupply of cocoa, and other tropical raw materials to keep down the price. They must buy their grain from the United States or Europe so that if they do something that we don’t like, we can do what America tried to do in the 60’s. We can sanction them, we can say- we’re going to starve you, we’re going to not export any grain to you, so owing their foreign debt in dollars, means they have to somehow sell something that the united states wants, and not what they want. I think the most evil organization in the world today are the world bank and the International Monetary Fund – And my book Super Imperialism . . . ” The recording cuts off.

And that was Michael Hudson also promoting his book;

So, yea, countries in Africa are forced to not develop and are starved to death if they don’t comply.

Which Countries voted that Food was a Human Right?

Oh yea, not the US of A (and Israel, I guess)

Bit sus if you ask me. But what do I know, I’m just the average conspiracy theorist that likes putting up pins on walls and drawing dicks with yarn. What do I know.

In Closing,

The World powers that be – restrict the growth of Africa so that there are more exploited slaves mining Cobalt and Cacao.

In Fact, there are more slaves now than at any point of human history in the past, and there’s more if you include the systemic slavery of incarceration or the corporate slaves. Pull that up Jamie.

Yea, what a time to be alive.

Everything described above is essentially share cropping but for Nations.

Yea, The world has some shitty shit to sort through. Now that you know, maybe there’s a better future in the future and you could be a part of that or something.

I personally don’t know what to do with this information, other than not donate nor trust Globo Orgs. They’re definitely not a great org, and they squander donations anyway, and those donations are really just a laundering scheme by super wealthy, to play a game of whatever the fuck they’re playing.

Idk man, Human beings being human I guess.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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