Another Throw away post

So I was in the Jungles of Costa Rica and I was shitting my brains out in the middle of the night.

It was visceral of a feeling, and I felt alive. At any moment, some jaguar or some shit could just wreck me.

Never felt more alive.

Point is, you gotta take a shit in the dark in the jungle with a cacophony of monkey troops telling eachother “Fuck you, this is our land” over and over again because Howler monkeys apparently love to howl.

Anyways, Now that I set the scene, I had a shit thought while shitting and I turned it into this shit post.

The Actual post;

Governments are organisms. Governments and Corporations are a manifested Egregore of the collective consciousness and are matrixed machines that operate on a degree one up from typical proto-humans. Invisible Giants summoned by name and brand with a logo for their Sigilic Solomonic Summoning.

Corporations are incorporated to take a corpus a corporeal form, a corpse. To corpse is to form, to take formation, to come into being. Their charters are constitutions that constitute and manifest their being in to an existence.

As all the good and arguably shitty sages might say, there’s nothing new under the sun. This shit is also not new.

Essentially governments and corporations are hydra beings attached to a centralized or decentralized cell. A Colony is a Culture and it thrives and operates as something we identify as a ‘society’. Each member of an organization helps the organization to organize and be organically seen and represented.

Each person is a fingery tendril of the corporate enterprise. A Puppet wearing a mask helping aid the existence and perpetuating this organism and being.

In a way, Government is the collective ascension of apotheosizing an individual to the unified collective consciousness of a larger unified entity structure.

And it’s funny reading history books and seeing fledgling teenage empires of 200 years old make very similar mistakes.

Especially with Inflation now adays, what the fuck guys?

Some would even say “God was the dream of a good Government”, and there are analogs to be applied here with Religious institutions and modalities.

And many a times have we seen symbolic representation of octopus and machine. The organism is a multi tendrilled octopus not limited to 8 arms.

Some Examples

Organisms are things that are organized with organs. Duh.

Our Languaging calls departments and refers to them as branches or arms, as if the structure of the druidic gnosis is applied to that of the institution as if it were a strong barked Oak Tree. We have staff that do the bidding of the executive or executor, the wizard in control, with the wizards staff the people act and do the bidding of the organism. Much like the spine of our body carrying out the signals of electrical impulses that push us ‘humans’ made up of other cellular beings.

As if the government was a tree, and these arms or Branches are a part of the tree.

China has been operating under this belief for a long time, seeing their government and society as an organism that has to play with the other organisms. That’s partly their fascination with communism, Its practically neo Confucianism.

As a side note,

Some notable corporations outgrow their parent corporations. For instance the American Sick Care System or Military Industrial Complex is arguably larger than the Federal Government itself.

That causes a bit of some dynamic power issues. It’s purely evidenced in the self, that shit happens when status quo is changed.

So you should look into Corporations fighting Corporations through their ad campaigns and slogans. Politics is the puppet of the public to summarize the real shit. And the real shit is something no one dares to directly call for they’ll be wrong as fuck.

That’s more of a real and current war than nations fucking eachother up. Corpo MegaBlocc wars.

I forgot where I was going with this

But I digress.

This was just a thought I had taking a shit in the woods.

Does the Government give a shit about it’s people? Not really. Just as long as there’s enough to keep the Government alive.

Do you give a shit about your body? Well with all the fast food and dumb shit you do, probably not. So who are you to judge the Government’s maltreatment of people when you yourself don’t treat the cells in your body with care and attention? (in this sense, No Live Matter because virtually and currently no one takes care of themselves)

And I’m assuming you’re a shit bag, because you’re on this website. Unless you’re and Archeo-Anthropologist, but even then, you’re probably a shit bag. Takes one to know one and I’ve got my mirrors.

In Closing,

Yea, this was a real shit post made while I was contemplating a Jaguar ending me.

Real shit.

I may or may not have been having fear induced hallucinations.

But whatever, I’m alive now and I’m shit posting it, so cheers for that.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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