Corporations are sentient beings

Alright, before I show you my proof of work, I’m going to berate you with philosophical questions asking and questioning your humanity. So if you’re weak willed, go ahead and turn a blind eye and avoid the possible psychosis.

What makes Human Beings Sentient?

Are you Sentient?

What is your proof that you are sentient other than assuming so a priori?

What about the other people in your lives? Are they sentient?

Does sentient mean awake? What about dream states? What makes one sentient?

Throughout time People have viewed others as greaters and lessers. As superiors and subordinates. People even view other people as monsters, as sub human. This has result in nationalism, tribalism, fighting, racism, and even slavery.

Did Kings view the peasants as sentient?

Did that mean Peasants are or aren’t sentient?

And when the people rose to put the King’s shoulder’s fixed betwixt wooden stock next to a chopping block, did the people think that the Blood of nobility were Sentient?

All throughout time, we humans have affixed labels for what is and isn’t sentient. Often times we are wrong.

Or more aptly, often times, we were wrong as fuck.

So, the questions then pose,

What makes a Human sentient?

How do we, and who are we to judge that which we assume true to be in ourselves? Are we the beholders of the ruler to gauge and size others? Does the sentience of another being rely on our interpretation, no matter how subjective we may perceive?

What makes a Human sentient? Is it having hands? Having legs?

The American Revolution chartered a new constitution that provided base levels of humanity for humans. The idea of individual sovereignty promised and provided for by Inalienable rights.

So humans got this, but not all humans. You see, people of color were highly discriminated. Were they any less sentient then the Colonists?

Humans are,

A collection of memories and thoughts, past and present. Arguably even the future thoughts and ideas.

We humans are a hive mind organism of trillions of our very own cells. Our essence is in each of our pieces, yet the whole piece that makes up us is not simply our cells. It’s not simply our limbs, our brain, nor our ego.

So Humans are a sort of composite of many things.

What are Corporations?

They are a corporeal form, a manifestation of an abstract idea.

Corporations hold many assets and people. In a way, the assets and people are much like our cells or our limbs. As our cells make up the cogs in our machine of a human body, humans make up the cog in a corporation.

Corporations are incorporated via their constitution that charters and constitutes their being.

Much like a Manifesto slip, I mean, Birth Certificate certificates our Humanity within the society.

Corporations are birthed/berthed too.

Corporations had to fight for their rights too,

They earned their entitlement to be a person or people too.

“Corporate personhood or juridical personality is the legal notion that a juridical person such as a corporation, separately from its associated human beings, has at least some of the legal rights and responsibilities enjoyed by natural persons.”

So they have and reserve some rights as a manifested idea with their own iconography. Like a living concept or a living word. Corporations are people too.

I am not going to dive into the legal jargon or history, just know that Corpos had to fight for their rights just like peasants and slaves did all throughout time.

In Closing,

You know how the natives of the land speak for the trees and mother earth? I’m like the natives of the future, I’m speaking for the pollutant factories and industrial complexes. Just like the trees, these corporations speak, you refuse to listen.

-Me basically

I merely speak of things in terms of that which is not yet properly understood by the current man of our era. Perhaps we are caught lackin’ in many aspects and will not truly know nor comprehend the concept of these metaphysical giants.

If only you could hear the Grunge of these Giants
They fucking hate you (probably)

And this discussion is on corporations, which can apply equally to other similar concepts such as Government or Religion.

Do you wonder, if the cells in your body ever question the Organs that they provide for? Or if your Organs ever question the overall direction of the ship, your body? Does your liver enjoy the poisoning of your bingeful drinks? Does your Kidney enjoy the filtration of your recycled Tap Water? What is multicellular mean to someone who is multi-organic? We have multiple organs. Turns out, Companies have multiple organs too, they often call them Departments.

I digress.

I often talk about the Idea of Anti-Corpo sentiment. That’s because there is a balance to be played and the Corporations that take too much and abuse far too often are not doing ‘us’ any favors. Same goes with the abuse you perform on your body. But there’s only enough side eye to go around.

If you disagree with any of the above, post a comment citing self evident factual material and I’ll weigh your take. Likely case, you’re probably wrong. -OR- I’m right and you agree to it by adding onto my theory, whether you knew it or not.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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