Unfinished Drafts; Random shit post

This was a throwaway shitpost from June 2022. It was a Draft, I’m going to start publishing unfinished work, because that’s the right amount of quality that most of you guys deserve anyway. Shitty and unifinished with half completed thoughts and not really coherent sentences.

You know, it’s really interesting.

On my routine morning drive to my local homeless shelter to laugh at the homeless, I heard an Ad about Covid Vaccines, telling you that if you have any questions, just ask someone who you trust. Your doctors and medical care providers.

And I thought, Huh, it’s wild that there are paid Advertisements for this experimental test that’s going to shit.

So we got propaganda urging people to take the Clot shot,

And we even have censorship to stop ‘misinformation’;

So much so, that;

Even the United States’ White house is asking ‘Spotify’ to call out misinformation.

The White House, is asking private organizations to better police their content to spread anti-authoritarian rhetoric.

Speaker even said “our hope is that All Major TECH PLATFORMS, and all major new sources for that matter, be responsible . . . “

It’s good that we have our techno oligarchy to control the population

What would we do without them ruining everything by turning it all to money grubby cash grabs?

I mean, have you seen the state of video games nowadays? How about youtube, didn’t it go to shit?

Oh yea, it did. It did go to shit.

Especially the moment they started demonetizing people, giving people less than a fair shake for their work and effort that they put on the market, and then they got buddy buddy with corporate media and now we have this kind of garbage website with some semblance of decent music shitass. A Future internet digital graveyard of old memories in the form of statically indifferent motion pictures.

How now brown cow?

In Closing,

I didn’t even have a closing. That’s how unfinished this draft was. That’s what you get.

I’m merely sharing a moment in time in 2022, when shit was shitty. Enjoy.

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