How People Gut the Government(s)

Here’s a playbook by the rich oligarchs that use the Government as a neutral party for land grabs. Essentially the government is a ‘Trust’ that acts as an unofficial intermediary to exchange property rights and resources and monetary assets between parties over a temporal time frame.

This is, an advanced tactic, that is being used to this day. I’m only letting you plebes learn about it because I can.

Here is the play;

  • Make shit news to build up support for bigger government
  • Make the government subsidize industries and sectors
  • then socialize programs to the public sector
  • Pass laws to make government weaker
  • Make shit news to raise distrust against the government
  • Get people to hate the government
  • Push politics to get the government to close their operations or reduce spending and budget allocation
  • Private corporation buys up assets dirt cheap from the government
  • Make shit news to tank the private corporation
  • Private corporation funnels assets and profits to other companies in a Bust out scheme
  • Get people to hate the private corporations (the one in the spotlight)
  • Government bails out the private corporations (you know, like the airlines or car companies)
  • Giving a nice fat paycheck to the private corporations
  • Government now have more companies under it’s wing and bought at a higher cost

And this cycle is repeated tossing industries back and forth between

Some Examples;

The United States Bureau of Mines operated a large scale helium storage facility (the Amarillo Helium Plant) for the nation’s strategic helium reserve, right up until the enactment of the Helium Privatization Act of 1996.

Another Example;

-Technically speaking, this was literally the entire stock market FDR New Deal was a reset and a bail out
-Then degeneracy and options and CFDs
-Then QE Bail outs
-And now with the Game Stop Shitass, worldwide faith in the SEC is going to the toilet
-And now There is going to be a push for private markets or some shit and some shit politics
-maybe decentralization
-On top of FED Now and Government CBDCs, as if more government is the solution to this shitass
-IDK, I can’t predict the future, but these rich fucks won’t let themselves be robbed

We Zombified the Banking scheme in 2008, and did the same with our US automotive industry.

The same thing is probably happening with education system.
-“Leave no child behind” might have meant to sound good and also make the government look incompetent public health system wasn’t one of the goals. Also retirement funds, probably.

There’s a lot of examples of this cycle happening all throughout every sector and industry, a push and pull between private and government control, and a loss of faith in either government or profits resulting in bail outs and acquisitions.

You Think Wokeness wasn’t co-opted?

A small minority with a loud voice able to control dictates and edicts and policy changes?

The idea of Wokeness or cancel culture isn’t a part of the large overall plot to make profit from a movement?

Whether it was astro-turfed or not? A False Grass roots movement.

Point is, someone is playing the game, especially if the media is in on it.

How about them Black Live Matters Riots?

Where insurance doesn’t cover the small businesses?

Allowing large corporate landlords and commercial landlords to buy the plots of land in down town areas?

The large corporations have money to weather out a storm more than the small mom n pop shops.

It’s almost like it was planned. Almost.

Look also at the EPA,

The rise and fall of trust in the EPA.

The nationalization and privatization of land rights.

Taking over land to ‘clean it up’

And then due to ‘funding’ or whatever excuse, they sell the land back to people who would build more pipelines and dig deeper holes.

It’s almost like it was intentional. . . Almost.

Look also at the IRS,

The fall of trust in the IRS.

The fact that the IRS target poors more than rich due to resources.

That constant news cycle parroting the 87,000 new IRS agents or whatever. All of which to evoke emotions and feelings and sentiment within you, the reader.

It’s leading to the current topics of abolishing the IRS down right.

As a side note,

Look at the large International monetary Hedge funds, they do the same thing but with entire countries. A Boom bust credit cycle to nationalize and then privatize entire countries.

I’m not gonna name any specific names, just do your own research, nerd.

In Closing

People profit from a price difference, called arbitrage.

Prices are associated with valuation based on public sentiment.

Public sentiment can be manipulated by the media.

So when the value and subsequently the price changes for assets resulting in the increase or decrease of Governmental control. Then there is a price mismatch allowing someone to arbitrage the difference.

People profit when the cards change and exchange hands.

Whom ever controls the world one moment, from the next, as they change and exchange their control, there’s a profit to be made.

Vetus Ordos, Novos Ordos, it’s all Ordos babbbby.

Hopefully I spelt it out for you, I’m going to go back into hibernation until a few weeks from now. This is really all pedantic secularism if you ask me, but whatever. Several thousand years of living and you’ll understand too. This is just how the world is, and it may be able to change, but I care not for either or neither nor. I’m just spilling the tea for you to see what it is.

And it is what it is.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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