Civil Forfeiture is a Scam

So let me get this straight, you can fly or travel with cash with you across the United States.

And if some officer of some authority from the TSA to a Sherriff decides your cash is related to drug money.

They can just take it from you?

No Due process?

Just based off of ‘suspicion’.

In the current laws and standards and practices, law enforcement take people’s money if they deem it contraband related to drugs. They throw it in an evidence locker, and they’ll lock it up. Maybe it’ll go ‘missing’ by the department. But many of the times, the person that was robbed won’t get their money back.

There’s lot of times when people fly through TSA and have a couple bands seized because they were traveling.

I mean, they’re just trying to force you to use banks, because as it turns out, banks aren’t secure either and can be frozen and seized.

Also, you can’t force Citizens to use private institutions. Or, atleast you’re not supposed to be able to. That’s fucked.

And yea,

Call it what it is.

A Stick Up.

People with weapons, take your cash without legal due process, and then stash it in their holdings.

Is that not a stick up?

There’s a reason people call cops bandits in blue, but it’s not just cops. It goes up to even the feds.

But wait, it gets worse.

Turns out, a Corporation like AMAZON, can make up crimes and charge their real estate developer to avoid paying fees.

And then the FED BOIs and the FBI get involved.

Seizing property.

Stealing funds.

No Charges.

All stolen goods.

Law enforcement took upwards of half a mill + more in damages and temporal damanges and emotional damages.

Just because Amazon didn’t want to pay their tab or something.

So Amazon went to the DOJ.

The DOJ went to the FBI.

The FBI then directly EMPTIED OUT both Business and Bank Accounts of this couple.

FBI worked with the banks to wire out the money effectively stealing without advanced notice.

Meaning they had no money to pay for mortgage, lawyers, food, food for their daughters, etc.

Additionally, the Government seized money from the Lawyer’s Bank account. Like, what the fuck?

They also subpoenaed the Nanny and looked through her Financials.

Mind you, this is all without charges or allegations of ANY crime.

They also seized the Women’s Father’s bank account because he received some money to support a kidney transplant.

This is Monetary Fascism.

Inspired and fueled by Corporate Big Technocratic Fascism.

If they can take your money from you, without you knowing, at any time- then it isn’t yours.

In Closing,

It’s not clear the exact relationship between Amazon and the Federal Government, only that there is one and it’s strong enough to apparently raid no-charges Amazon’s business partners whenever Amazon feels sour.

To add insult to injury, the Alphabet bois sent 4 armed agents to raid the house.

This is all before any charges were filed.


Civil Forfeiture is a scam.

if they can take it from you, without due process, isn’t that just theft?

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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