The Calendar is a scam

Dear all astrology practitioners and thots that also happen to dabble with astrology, this one is for you. Also, I wouldn’t recommend reading this one if you have a tattoo of your star sign or whatever. Because there’s a chance that you got the wrong sign tatted. Lmao.

So Astrology Thotties Beware.

Let’s Question the numbers,

Let’s pose the idea of the word ‘Month’.

The word ‘Month’ is named after the moon, a Moonth. -And monday is named after the moon as well. Moonday.

How often does it take for a full moon? About 27.6 days. If you round, it’s about 28 days.

Let’s talk about PMS,

Women typically menstrate, every 28 days. They can vary and ‘sync’ up. But it’s on average 28 days.

You know the cool part about 28 days?

It’s divisible by 7. So you can fit 7 into 28, four times.

7, because we have 7 days in a week. Meaning each month would align perfectly with four weeks always.

So there’s a lot of things that add up to suggest we should have 28 days a month, for our 7 days a week calendar.

Does it really make sense that September with Sept- for seven is the ninth month in the calendar?

Does it make sense that October with Oct- for eight is the tenth month?

November for nine is the eleventh, and December for Deca ten is the twelth?

June named after the Goddess for June. July named after Julius. March named after the god of war Mars. February named after the festival Februa. April named after aperire, meaning ‘to open’. Seems like April is the start of the new year.

And My favorite, January, named after the god Janus. I’m somewhat of a janitor, a little loose with the keys if you catch my drift.

But what would that look like in a Calendar for the year?

Some shit like this off of google;

13 months times 28 days would get you 364 days.

With an extra day to make it 365 days and that extra day would be in-between the thirteenth month and April or the First month.

Why would we operate on a different Calendar?


There’s two main reasons.

It’s either to hide the Death of Jesus Christ and his revival in April. You know, because Easter and a Bunny related to April Fools makes so much fucking sense.

Or it’s related to trying to hide the thirteenth zodiac. Ophiuchus, the snake.

Maybe both. Who knows.

As a Side note,

Apparently the flat earth theory supposes that we live on a flat plane on the back of a turtle.

Most turtles have thirteen segments on their shells.

Maybe this turtle talk is something related to a metaphor of time.

Or maybe they genuinely believe that we live on a turtle.

I mean the Natives on America called America ‘turtle island’ because it looks like a fucking turtle. Maybe they too knew the truth about the turtle that Gnostics believed in.

Idk, but naming America after the Snake Gods like Amaruca is interesting. You think we named all of America on some random fuck person in Italy or some shit? Yea, Big fucking doubt. America is probably named after a snake god, just a side tip.

Sounds absurd, but when you start looking at how absurd reality really is, living on the back of a turtle is quite tame and stable compared to the chaos of shit I’ve fever dreamed of. Whatever, I’m ending my rant.

In Closing

So The Calendar is a scam, merely because it purports a perverted version of itself.

If we were to entertain such a calendar, should we not name the months after the numbers? Or should we keep naming the months after gods?

Also, are holidays religious? Because if the Government were to uphold the separation of church and state, shouldn’t the Government not dictate what is and isn’t a holiday? Should federal Holidays exist? On one hand, the government helps protect the freedom of religious worship by sanctioning it, but on the other hand, they are sanctioning federally accepted religious days, meaning that Government is inserting itself in religious edicts and determining what is officially recognized. Thus for a religion to be recognized, it’s asking permission from the Government to be recognized, which means the Government trumps religion. . . That’s some spiritual cuckery.

“Hey Chad, What’s your religion, the IRS?” -Tim from Accounting obviously

“No, I’m more of a Globalist NATO fanatic cultist than anything” -Chad

We really want governments to be deities or ???

. . .

Not gonna lie, but I’d practice all religions and have holidays that are every. single. day. That’s just how I roll. Call me devout or something. I ain’t trying to do this ‘work’ shit.

Whatever, if you have a zodiac tattoo then you’re likely a fool. Happy April.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script,

Yo, I mentioned the Big J. So question is,

Do you think that God forgives the Devil?

Do you think the Devil forgives God?

Just some random side thoughts.

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