Unethicality of a Bank Freeze

Yo, I know what you’re thinking,

You did all the right things and got the good grades and make the good marks and even wore the right shoes and shit

And you decided to bank on the chance that putting your money in a bank would make your money safe.

Well, that was a bad bet and that bet went sideways.

Because your money now is so safe, that even you can’t access it.

Yes, here I am going to dive into the world of Bankies taking your money. Because it’s as good as gone.

The meme is befitting of -literally- all of finance.

We’ll have to take a detour to talk about the Maple Leaf.

By that, I mean, Canada.

Something is happening in Canada;

So there is also some really weird shit going on with the Canadian Government thing.

Apparently they’re just going to freeze people’s accounts without due process and under suspicion. Also, they’re going to do so retroactively for being suspected of being remotely involved in the ‘crime’ of peacefully protesting.

-Sauce Feb 14, 2022

The Canadian Govy Officials sure say some dumb shit on Twitter;

“For anyone who is concerned that their accounts may of been frozen because of their participation in these illegal blockades and occupation, the way to get your account unfrozen is to stop being part of the blockade and occupation. These measures were put in place to disrupt illegal activity in Canada”

Even their Police are threatening via twitter;

It’s not looking good folks;

“For Months to come”

Let that sink in.

“Even if they have since retreated”

Let two sinks in.

So they’re even saying that they will retroactively punish you for being remotely involved or under the suspicion of being involved with the protests. . .

I get the feeling that this isn’t about safety or the citizen’s interests being acknowledged by the protests. . . It almost seems like a threat and coercive tool to keep people from ever protesting ever again.

Because obviously that’s a great thing in democracies. . . When no one can protest or go on strike or ever express themselves. . .

Some other thoughts and comments;

Even El Salvador’s President is making fun of these ‘western democracies’. Ha, that’s good.

This ‘financial sanctions’ is obviously a weapon, and it would be really shitty if people on both sides of the political ideologies used this weapon.

Because it would mean the death of innocents, simply because they can’t buy food, and simply because they were caught in the crossfire.

So recap/what’s happening;

The Canadian Government, and arguably other governments, are enacting some emergency order to prosecute unjustly their citizens.

I’m not sure exactly what the issues are, but the government is demonizing it’s people and using force against them. You know, just like what all governments typically do;

The governments are also freezing their citizen’s bank accounts for being tangentially related to some civic duty of peaceful protesting.

The problem isn’t the politics, I mean, “”they”” will definitely use this tool as a political bludgeon. The problem is, for me, the money. Because I love money, and being told I can’t have more of my own money, doesn’t really sit well with me.

The Victims;

Turns out, it doesn’t matter who you are,

If you use some sort of bank or financial processor, they can deny you of their services.

Even if that money is rightfully yours (simply because fuck you, that’s why).

So Bankies (and by extension Gubernment) get to discriminate and cut people of their own funds, preventing buying frivolous things like food or water. You know, the unnecessary shit.

This also means that if you’re set up for direct deposit, you’re getting no money. Because all the money goes into a locked up safe that you can’t access.

Which is great. I guess. Without further adieu, victims;

Some random person;

Idk if this person is real or not, it just happened to be a widely spread tweet.

This group of people;

Idk if they’re the plaintiffs or the defendants, but this sounds juicy.

This person;

This person;

This person, Derrick Brower, says he’s had both personal and (both) business accounts locked, and had his trucking account(s?) locked as well. One business that was locked was not trucking related.

They also took his truck. Like seized it. I’m not sure the circumstances, so I can’t say if there is or isn’t justice.

So, uh, ouch.

Some Random lady;

‘Allegedly’ some ‘lady’ got frozen,

She just donated to the cause believing and in support of the political idea;

And now she’s paying the pied piper. . .

So, if someone were to donate to any political cause or party that is peaceful and lawful (outside of politicians denouncing them), this is grounds for Financial Sanctions?

There’s a lot of anecdotes, I don’t know if any of them are true.

I mean, it could be fake. But that’s a big thing to lie about as a Member of Parliament. Unless of course, they were lying.

A good chunk definitely seem like trolling. Obviously like this one, with the dream about being a truck driver. So, who knows what’s true when anyone can lie?

So who knows who actually got frozen?

I mean, even this public statement says things about accounts being frozen;

And it’s not clear that they are ‘working with the banks’ to reinstate these accounts. . . they simply say that they are ‘working with the banks’. As vaguely as that sounds. There is no substance here.

And it says they didn’t provide a list to financial institutions (of donors),

But did provide a list. To financial institutions (of influencers and drivers/owners), Lmao.

And even the Canadian Politicians are dancing around the questions, like juke left and right.

The first question was “How many bank accounts had been frozen under authority of the Emergency proclamation. . .”

The response was;

“. . . The RCMP clarified at no time did they provide a list of donors to banks for enforcement under the emergencies act. . .”

Was technically correct, but also was not the full truth, because a list was provided. . . And that list was enforced. . . It also didn’t answer the question for a quantity of bank accounts frozen. So this Minister of Public Safety basically said nothing of substance. . .Lmao.

Also, people tried to circumvent their frozen bank accounts with crypto. . .

But then the government put sanctions on crypto too. . .

Seems an awful lot like a powerplay then about ‘safety’.

Oh and here is more about crypto;

“… So, The names of both individuals and entities, as well as crypto wallets, have been shared by the RCMP with financial institutions and accounts have been frozen and more accounts will be frozen. Crowd funding platforms and payment service providers have started. . . “

She actually dodged the question about Donors being prosecuted, and said ultimately that the RCMP and Financial institutions will be making operational decisions. . . So another non-answer of little substance. . .

The Conclusion we can make is that;

people’s accounts were indeed frozen

How many, good question. The RCMP has those numbers, I mean, they’re the ones spearheading the operation.

And judging by the previous rhetoric, it seems like they will keep prosecuting people.

So that number can only go up.

(I mean, that’s how a count works. . . If I have to explain that to you, then it’s not looking good. lmao)

These next victims are 100% true though;

Just not related to Canada (probably)

That Pillow Guy;

So there’s this dude that sells pillows or something,

He was very vocal and supported Trump or something,

Anyways, his bank denied him of his monies;

Here’s more corroborating ‘proof’, in case something weird happens and the articles disappear or shit gets banned;

Alex Jones;

I always keep one foot in the door of Alex Mutha fucking Jones as he talks about Interdimensional demons and gay frogs,

Anyways, this legendary American Patriot got branded as a ‘Terrorist’ in like 2018 or something.

He had been banned from Youtube, Twitter, facebook, and other Big Tech giants. Which was a big move and changed the game of ‘free speech’ or whatever we’re trying to express on these ‘platforms/publishers’.

This also coincided with the same time of his bank accounts being frozen and him having his credit cards frozen.

So this financial freeze playbook was used in 2018 and tested on a known public figure. Just saying, this shit ain’t a coincidence.

Honestly, it shocked the fuck out of me that they would do that to Alex Mother Fucking Jones, because he’s a god damn special guy who rants and raves with such boldness. He’s truly American.

And for bankies to politically target him, this guy;

-They branded this guy as a terrorist. . .

This got me very worried, and this was in 2018. Fast forward *looks at the watch* uh, it’s 2022. . .

The Solution;

Uh, it’s obvious that western democracies and western civilization ought to do the most based proprietary form of capitalism,

What I mean is, everyone’s money should be protected. If money is so integral to society that our governments require us to pay taxes in it, then our property to own and outright control our own assets should also be a right. Or else then no-one but the government owns money, and it’s merely ‘on loan’.

So I propose we have a New Financial Bill of rights,

That protects people and persons from seizure of their funds, Also, civil forfeiture should be a part of that.

So let’s amend the constitution of the US of A and these other countries to not be retarded.

Because if the governments can tell you what you can and can’t spend your money on, then you’re fucked. Perhaps if food and livelihood weren’t directly and causally linked to money, we wouldn’t need this.

But because they are, and by virtue ‘happiness’ or the pursuit there of, it’s obvious that we need to protect these rights that should be deemed inalienable in terms of human rights.

As the Chairman and single part vote of the Anti-Political-Political Party, I nominate you, the reader, to be in-charge of this amendment and bill of financial rights. I can’t personally do anything because I’m tied to my political-party and we have a strict not-doing-any-politics party-lines that I’ve been toeing. So you got to take charge and do this for the betterment of all of humanity. My hands are tied -good luck.

What we definitely should avoid;

Don’t be a retarded bitcoin maximalist and support Government CBDCs (Central bank digital currency, a Digital form of fiat money on ‘block chain’ allegedly).

That will be a precursor for selective genocide and political posturing.

And I’ll type up a shit post to explain it to you later, but anyone with a brain can already connect dots on why giving the government more power over your finances is a bad idea.

I mean, if you can’t see how that’s a bad thing, did you even read this post?

In Closing

The whole point of this wasn’t to focus on Canada, they just happen to be a living real-time case study as to why this shit of ‘freezing bank accounts’ is unethical and bad. I don’t care about getting into the weeds of barricades, blockades, and mandates. That’s not what this stand alone article is about.

This shit post is about the freezing of bank accounts and that act resulting in people starving or unable to support any cause or anything that they may even be remotely interested in. It’s a form of financial slavery.

If you Put your money away,

But you can’t access or use it,

is it even your money?

This is just another spark of ember,

That is helping to burn the world down,

I don’t mean this post is a spark of ember, I don’t have to add any fuel or anything to the world, it’s already burning, I’m just enjoying the show and shit-posting on the side. It reminds me of watching those Riots during No-Lives-Matter in 2020, I got to watch the destruction of America via my own home, it was glorious, and I (in typical fashion) didn’t do shit.

I mean the civil unrest and incivility of governance and political actions to disarm people to their right and access to property is evil. Down right evil, like burning the world evil.

This is technically a socialistic practice to de-establish a capitalistic world, so for you cunts that hate capitalism, consider this a win. Because the Government will have more power over personal finances and no one will own finances as property. So long and farewell to private equity lmao. So -yay- socialism. /S

This would be easily reconciled if people were civil and willing to talk to each other. Like, that’s too much to ask for I guess.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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