One of the big problems with Crypto Games and In-Game NFTs

This article is an expert Fresh-Tier-Trash article on Crypto Gaming and specifically NFTs related to in-game experiences. Specifically, In-Game NFTs. This is not about NFTs as a whole.

The Biggest problem I see, is that often people are putting the cart before the horse.

So, there’s a bunch of games in early access or closed alpha testing that are selling NFTs for some shit coins. Hell, some games are selling NFTs that are just Placeholder.jpeg to dumb fucks to raise starting capital. Starting Capital. Starting Capital. I have to repeat myself because I’m telling you, it’s unlikely that these game developer fucks would make a good game if they needed a million + dollars in starting capital selling promises of future tech as if your upselling an old-used church to a new religion. (we can argue offline if you disagree).

People are shilling hundreds of thousands of dollars for a highly inflated limited quantity of in-game assets. Buying land, eggs, posters, items, weapons, monsters, shit that sounds cool. It’s really a cute digital parlor trick.

I mean, the case-use for a lot of these NFTs aren’t even developed yet. So, it’s just speculation and imagination fueling these purchases, you know, like thinking a game is going to be good until you realize it’s not.

Essentially this gambling speculative degeneracy makes the games more driven to be focused on collecting limited and quantifiable in-game content. Meaning that there is a sort of rarity and limit disabling others from playing a specific way or style. An imposed limitation depending on the NFT.

In these cases, this drives the gameplay value to shit. Making people have a sort of scarcity flex on others. Like, real-life already sucks. Why would I want to experience debt and home ownership like Animal Crossing or The Sims? Do we really want artificial scarcity hyper-exaggerated by pay-to-win models?

People seek to invest in these NFTs as an investment. People genuinely think they can make a good chunk of money from gaming. Which, I mean, you can, but not everyone is going to do that. Obviously there has to be enough profits from the company to keep a game running, or else that’d be philanthropy or some shit.

It’s even more unlikely that someone who blindly buys NFTs and mints random shit will be profitable.

Speaking of minting,

I find it greatly distressing that people are buying blind lotto tickets to get a ‘seat’ at minting a valuable NFT. In hopes to get a good plot of land, item, picture, art, etc. People are spending money to buy something they don’t even know.

So people spend money to sign up to a list,

And then they mint “rando” NFTs

And give it randomly to people who signed up.

That’s like pre-registering for Loot Boxes but spending real money.

Loot boxes. Lewwww-tah Box-ses.

Do we have to go into detail about China’s really extensive disclosure requirements for Loot boxes? Do we have to talk about Mobile Games Gacha shit-ass being a big “Got-Ya”? Or how EA games psychologically manipulated Children, men, and man-children alike via Star Wars Battle-cunts?

This is the future NFT of Gaming?
A Block Chain Cash Grab?

It’s degenerative gambling by any other name.

I mean,

There are great things that could happen with NFTs. Could. That’s the key word.

Like for instance, Diablo 3 had a crazy auction house. A lot of people flipped and made some money. It was a straight hustle. At least before Blizzard killed their games intentionally. Like how they announced a Diablo Phone Game or Overwatch 2 after killing both Diablo and Overwatch. Imagine being a negligent parent that kills their children intentionally and then decides “It’s okay, we can have another”. It’s like that, minus the negligence and less harsh because it’s not real children.

Damn, wish I could print jokes like a “triple A Gaming company”, anyways.

Most MMORPGs have gold farmers working in sweatshops to print in-game gold to trade for real money. Which is great, the hustle is real.

The idea that one lone person is going to make a lot of money through gambling NFTs is fundamentally a bad idea. It’s an uncertain (probably high) risk, low reward idea. NFTs are more good of an excuse for gamers to shill money buying NFTs, than it is for gamers to make money with NFTs. I mean, if you have to spend money to make money, wouldn’t that imply that there is a limited supply of money proportionally based on the Population count of gamers in the game? So, the chances of the game dying is proportionally to the liquidity that you could reap? It’s a finite game silly.

I mean, if you make the game more like EVE online, then it’ll probably do well with a balanced economy. Not like that shitty ass New World or whateverthefuck by Amazon. Bot hack yourself and watch the economy tank because of some unpatched unpolished dupe glitch.

Ultimately, the NFT Games then becomes about the money rather than the experience. Seriously, are we trying to make everything corporate and EA-games like? Whatever happened to freedom, liberality, music, and art? We just going to nickel and dime creativity for made up imaginary cash?

I mean the player base was majority hooked on the premise or idea of making money. Already a red flag. It’s a Ponzi scam if the Developers don’t deliver promised content. Which, I don’t know how avid you are at game development, but you’re probably better off starting a small business.

But, uh,

So, back to the biggest problem.

People are putting the cart before the horse. You need the horse to pull the cart, or else you just have the cart. It’s like buying a vault to store your cash, but spending all your cash to buy the vault.

Like why would you buy add ons for things you can’t play or don’t have? That’s like buying a motorcycle helmet without a motorcycle, or buying toddler clothing for your baby (that you don’t have) and you’re also unmarried. Like, how could you be expecting?

So people are buying In-Game NFTs (for speculatory purposes) for Games that aren’t even playable yet.

It’s insane, That’s like Pre-ordering DLC before the game even comes out. Like wouldn’t you want to buy the game first?

Like, Pre-ordering is already retarded due to digital downloads existing, and NFTs are arguably the same as DLCs. It’s highly unlikely that you’re some type of elite tiered pro gamer that actually needs the slight second edge to get the top rank in some new game only to rage quit because it was too easy. Even pro-gamers receive special treatment, So there’s almost no point in pre-ordering.

So now we’ve further commercialized the gaming industry for pay-piggies and more pay-to-win models of publishing to further EA-style ruin video games. More daily log in rewards with Battlepasses and a Seasons pass for DLC shit to monetize your interests in playing a game.

Yea, this is pre-ordering DLC -but on BlOcK cHaIN

Smooth brains, I tell ya.

A small tangent before we close,

This is just a small side problem. Which is also a big lie that Crypto Games like to advocate.

A lot of the NFT games offer the ability to make money via gaming.

But they often offer that money through staking.

And that’s a whole can of worms in which staking isn’t actually safe. And if you’ve paid attention to bit connect or recent Celsius debacle, then you’d know that this shit is all risky.

They might call it yield farming, a rose by any other name. . . Still smells like ass.

In Closing,

Ultimately, Video games are now becoming a gateway to gambling digital casinos and they obviously aren’t as regulated or whatnot. Shit’s going to be rough, and now they’ll keep selling you the game half finished and offer the rest as DLC via NFTs.

A chart so you can compare the riff from the raff

NFTs have potential to be good, Games have potential to be good, not everything is pay to win.

But if you combine everything and sprinkle some retarded gamblers excusing themselves as ‘gamers’, you get degenerate not-fun pay-to-win trash. It’s the likely outcome.

I mean, People are pre-ordering DLC for a game they can’t play.

Like, why?

It’s already trash that gaming is being perverted by greed and corporations.

Well, that’s the shit post. There’s potential that there can be some good games and shit revolving around NFTs. But for the near future, be ready for a clusterfuck of cash grabs like it’s a mobile game.

Acquire all hope ye who leave,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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