The term ‘Meme stocks’ are derogatory market manipulation

Imagine it, the main stream media with avid investors use the term ‘meme stock’ as if it’s an industry standard. Many of which joke and dismiss the core character concepts and fundamentals of the company itself, let alone their balance sheets.

So when a media person or news publisher has an article or a piece about ‘meme stocks’ they’re essentially deriding and saying that this company is a ‘shit company’ or ‘clown company’.

And these publicly listed companies aren’t small, and they serve a function in the real world and real economy. These are real businesses with real employees affected the real world.

It’s disheartening to hear your company be called a ‘meme company’, it attacks the psychological aspects of value and worth.

So, when the Corporate media shills out pieces about ‘meme’ companies, they are technically waging psychological warfare and price anchoring to devalue pre-existing and hard working real companies.

And I’m willing to bet, that investment managements and hedge funds are infiltrating investor circles to post ‘memes’ about a prospective investment trap that they’ve established or set up. It’s obvious.

I mean, if I was cheating and looking for profits, I’d do the same thing -duh-.

Even the SEC is complicit,

I know the SEC is a shit organization, but let’s pretend like they’re the government and actually did their jobs.

The SEC made fun of Meme stocks with a paid (and actually made) commercial to address the issue.

The SEC is a bunch of clowns

The SEC put ‘meme stocks’ up there with other sketchy investment advice. Turns out, if you were doing your research and due diligence, you might still invest in a company. So the whole analogy or metaphor of a gameshow based on impulses and only wrong decisions kind of makes the whole stock market feel like gambling. I mean, the stock market is gambling. yea.

I get it, people joke about meme stonks. But it’s another thing when the government officials joke about it, to include throwing a literal pie at the caricature that exemplifies a person. The Government is supposed to be the authority on the matter.

That’s like if firefighters joked about lighting neighborhoods on fire so that they’d have something to do and be heroes. That’s basically what the SEC is doing via their joke.

Only, it’s not funny, and it’s out of touch and in bad taste.

It was like a twilight zone episode. The SEC is supposed to be impartial and not endorse investments. The SEC basically gave financial advice and said indirectly that these meme stocks are joke companies and not worth the investment. You have to do your own research. And the SEC will still trash your pick even if you did research because you picked something called a ‘meme stock’. A label akin to a Branded criminal without due process.

See, if I took the SEC seriously, I would’ve probably called them out on it. Since I don’t, I just chuck this political stunt into the bag of ‘reasons why the SEC sucks’.


What the fuck is with these single stock inverse ETFs?

And why are they specifically targeted at ‘meme’ stocks?

Doesn’t that seem like a coordinated effort to control a narrative surrounding a basket of ‘meme’ items to wage a financial war in price anchoring and price discovery? It’s like these ‘meme stocks’ are some moving goal post ‘feeding zone’ for the Wall Street Whales to wage financial war on, like a ‘designated battle field’ of tickers with potential uprising and rebelling sentiment in the markets.

I’m just saying, someone who picked these specific tickers had a purpose in mind.

Do a little digging and you’ll see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

In Closing,

That’s just food for thought.

It’s like when anyone calls a global political agenda as a ‘conspiracy theory’, it’s just low IQ and dismissive of what could be more true than what most people are willing to contend with. Anyone with half a brain could understand global politics to the degree that the NPC Bots will call them ‘Conspiracy theorists’. Like, open a history book or something.

Anyways, I am not a fan of the use of these new terms. It’s damaging, to say the least.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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