A cool feature of the Federal Reserve

This is obviously a joke post, but it’s pretty unique and cool of a feature. You know, something cool that I thought I’d share.

So the cool feature is that the Federal Reserve can issue loans to any bank in the world.

Yup, the same Federal Reserve that is a private organization owned by US banks that is also allegedly responsible for answering to Congress.

A cool side bit of knowledge, is that within 2019 and 2020, the Federal Reserve issued some juicy loans. People are touting that about $45 Trillion with a T were issued in loans. The loans were somehow filtered through the Reverse Repo Lending program, I’m not smart enough to explain it, just know that the Fed bois gave money to foreign banks.

If you wanted to learn more about the specifics, then read this paper here about Reverse Repo. I know I won’t.

Yea, Trillions of dollars in capital. So it’s definitely great for inflation.

Definitely good for the ecology of the Global Financial Sector.

Here’s a bunch of references,

Just so you know it’s real and stuff.

As a side note,

There was talks about BlackRock and many other hedge funds buying up houses.

The houses allowed for Mortgages to exist and perpetuate housing prices.

In theory, these new mortgages could become securities and the loans could be backed by credit. You know, the Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS).

So with a whole bunch of ‘valued’ MBS, that may have boosted the overall equities markets to help out with the whole reverse repo shit ass. Because loans are guaranteed debt to some degree, meaning that they can be used as a valid collateral. Because Debt backs up Debt.

Anyways, I’m not smart enough to connect the dots. I’m just smart enough to suggest that there may be dots to connect. It’s not often that the fourth unofficial sector of the US Government decides to buy up a shit ton of houses. There’s probably a reason for that.

I’m merely suggesting and speculating like a gambler. I don’t have all the data points, I just got a hunch that something big is afoot. Not solid evidence, and definitely not valid advice.

In Closing,

I just want to point out a really cool feature of US Imperialism and the Economic Hegemony of the US Petro Dollar, the ability to bail out and issue loans to any and every bank in the whole world.

Yea, that’s a really cool feature.

And because we’re talking about Trillions of dollars with a T, being shuffled through the Repo and Reverse Repo markets. I’m willing to bet someone found a good accounting loophole or fifteen, to pull a good old Lehman Classic of a “Repo 105”, but this time for the trillions.

You know, call it a hunch.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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