Smart Thermometers are a scam

I’m sure you’ve talked to the local conspiracist nut, and he’s just selling you doom and gloom. Real dreadful stuff and not up to your snuff. I got it. I hear ya, I hear ya.

But then you went ahead and talked to some naive big eyed real estate agent dreaming to get rich while drowning in cold calls about how you can save money by getting a smart thermostat. They sell you on some bad pussy about how it’s more efficient, or how you get a tax write off. All you have to do is just neuter your temperature control for you house, no big deal.

The biggest problem for a smart thermometer, is that they can control your heating and cooling. They, as in the government. During times of ‘climate emergencies’ or to help combat ‘demand on the electrical grid’.

Like, muther fucker, just make the electrical grid more robust and redundant. Pay money to create jobs to make more infrastructure for power generation, output, and delivery. People using electricity shouldn’t be a problem, it should be a boon. There’s a demand, make more supply you cunts. More energy and energy surplus with better storage is a great thing. We can literally export energy, it’s a commodity. like, wut the fuck. -end rant-

There’s also the idea that climate change is effected by our collective use of air conditioning and energy usage. Oh you sweet summer child. A personal carbon footprint is meaningless on the grand scale of things, because there’s bigger baddies to point the finger to than to lap up Big Oil propaganda like a beaten and battered dog. You think people with private jets give a fuck about carbon footprints? You think those same people give up their ability to control the temperature?

In the worst case scenario, a dystopian and tyrannical government will fuck with your thermostat to change your mood and productivity. You won’t be starting any movements, unions, or revolutions if you’re cold as shit. Worse, if you freeze to death. You also won’t do shit if you’re hungry. Take notes.

There’s also a lot of lethal heat waves. It would be a real shame if your A/C stopped working.

What ends up happening,

Is that the government fucks with your thermostat;

This is in Denver Colorado;

Yea, 22,000 households, not people. Households, many with women and children. Think about that.

What if you had a cold? what if you needed comfort or care? What if you owned fish or had some other unique requirement of a temperature controlled setting?

Seems like you got to get back up ceramic heaters and back up portable Air Conditioning units. You know, do it like a Techno-upgrade of the Weimar republic, just in case.

What’s crazy about this is, this person had solar panels providing their own electricity to help, and yet they weren’t allowed to control their own energy usage;

In another instance,

The Texas ERCOT, you know the one’s in charge of electricity as families burned to death in the Texas Winter Wonderland? Yea, that ERCOT with a monopoly on Texas’ electric grid is fucking with people’s thermostats;

Here’s some other sources;

ERCOT admits to fucking with people’s thermostats in an issued conservation appeal. So, this PRIVATE organization is now fucking with your thermostat. Is this what you want?

Temperature control or being a temperature cuck. Which is it?

Do you really want someone to turn on and off the lights to rooms they aren’t in? Don’t you get pissed when someone turns on the lights or turns off the lights in a room and then leave it like that while you’re still in it? That’s the same thing but with temperature, so it’s worse. You have someone who isn’t even living in your house, control the comfort of your home. What the fuck?

And this could get really fucked up, because there are other important considerations as mentioned before;

While you sleep? You want someone fucking with the quality of your sleep? Your home becomes a prison if you can’t control things with a degree of agency or freedom in your life.

You shouldn’t blindly trust government, but if you do, then you should at least have qualms with trusting a private for-profit organization that helped aid the infrastructure failure resulting in burning families due to negligence and incompetence. I’m talking about ERCOT.

Don’t worry, apparently per ERCOT, you can opt out of this;

Oh wait, ERCOT lied. Lmao, enjoy your smart thermostat being controlled by not-you.

Funny thing about this is,

This doesn’t apply to rich people.

You think someone with a mansion in the style of a French Chateau on American Soil is going to tolerate not having temperature control?

Fuck, you’d be wrong as fuck if you didn’t suspect them having heated floors, heated tables, and heated toilet seats. Fuck it, why not just get heated walls too?

You think rules and oppression apply to rich people with wealth or status? Naah, there’s a diminishing return on exertion of control towards the wealthy and affluent.

I mean, private jets exist. You think energy, money, or climate change considerations really mean anything?

In Closing,

I mean, at the end of the day. What kind of man are you if you can’t control the temperature of your domain like a god? You ever touch your father’s thermostat? Where’s your Divine Masculine Imperative to control the weather?

Point is, the Government, and Private corporations, can control your thermostat if you get a smart thermostat. All of this can be driven by political reasons, psychological reasons, or genuine infrastructure reasons. They essentially shift the blame from having better infrastructure that can provide more, to having end users consume less. Which is all around bad for economy and ecology.

Or, you know, someone could press a few wrong buttons at night and accidentally shut down people’s thermostats. Accidents happen, and I wouldn’t put it passed the government or private entities to do something like that. Let alone a malicious or disgruntled employee, or some Ted K wanna-be. Lmao, targeting thermostats.

So your options are to not get a smart thermostat, or get portable alternatives like ceramic heaters and portable A/C units just in case. Or just do whatever you were going to do and ignore not valid advice.

You should also have a real wood fire place just in case.

Who knows when/if you’ll be thankful that you got a back up plan, I mean, there’s No Safe Bets afterall.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

Post Script;

As a side note,

I have a hunch that utility companies and gas companies are charging extra for people who don’t have ‘smart thermostats’

I don’t have any solid proof.

It’s just a feeling.

So, take that wishy washy feeling as what it is. Pure speculation.

Don’t gamble on it with any conviction now, there’s No Safe Bets.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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