I am not simply saying American Heart Association is a scam


I need you to consider this,

The American Heart Association was a small group formed in the 1915’s as a Non-profit. So they are a private organization and not a Government one. Not that ‘that’ matters (but for those that “believe” in authority figures, that might matter).

Then the Good old boys at Proctor and Gamble gave a small start-up worthy boost of a measly sum north of $1.5 Million Dollars.

This was in the 1940s. So, if we were to do inflation maths, they invested about 100 million dollars in today’s value of inflated fiat money.

Besides that, the American Heart Association went National and started publicly announcing benefits for all sorts of studies. They put some knowledge in papers and journals or campaigns, specifically for Cottonseed oils that were being repurposed and used by P&G as an alternative to cooking oil.

Yea, so Seed Oils were proliferated from this deal. Which, if you know anything about the health effects of seed oils, it turns out that most of them are shit.

“We now know that the artificial trans-fat from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils are detrimental to human health” – Rando Wikipedia

Studies that supported and touted those previous claims were most likely funded by some Lobbying interests. So P&G likely funded the million dollar richer American Heart Association and funded the research to help peddle their repurposed Crisco or whatever bleached seed oils used for not mechanical lube.

I mean, it’s painfully obvious that large companies pay for scientific research, and they publish anything that supports their agenda. Big Oil does it, why wouldn’t Big Pharma or Big Money elsewhere? It’s all a political game with money and lives on the line; selling adverts in news reels or some pseudo Academic sounding organization to convince you, the layman, to consume their product.

That’s just marketing, baby.

Fast Forward a bunch of doctored Doctrine and doctored Peer reviewed Clandestine academic journals later, and we have the current American Heart Association today.

So I’m not simply saying that the American Heart Association is a scam. I’m definitely implying it.

Especially with the honest start of being funded by a big for-profit organization. Like, yea.

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In Closing,

Once you realize every organization and everything is literally made up,

You’ll start to notice what is and isn’t a scam.

And with how I spin things, I personally believe everything is a scam.

If I were to say so myself, I think the American Heart Association was a net good for society in terms of unification of knowledge and standards through private means across the nation. They started small, took what could be construed as bribe money, and made it big with decisions and ideas that may or may not be backed by academics or lobbying interests.

Just like the formative years of the FDA or insert other-organization-until-regulatory-capture.

I can’t fathom the alternate timeline where AHA didn’t exist, nor do I want to. It would probably equally shitty or something, I don’t care.

Point is, I personally believe the American Heart Association could be classified as a scam due to how they started and how they can be heavily influenced by money and the concept of ‘regulatory capture’ meaning that most of modern medicine in the sick care industry is off the mark or sinful or not-truth. Essentially spreading what could be purported as lies.

It’s a bunch of false advertising, and that too –is marketing, baby.

If you paid attention to anything about the recent Clown Virus and heart issues, you’ll know that the majority of health care organizations aren’t about health nor do they care. They’re sold short and bought out to be fear mongering the same stifling propaganda for whatever shitty agenda that has us lead to a pay breath-taxes, live in pods, and eat the bugs life.

It’s all a part of the Sick Care System.

Ain’t she a beauty?

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


I mean, if humans are just slaves working in the hedonic treadmill that breaks the butterflies back called the Society that perpetuates the matrix of Samsara-

Then the only reason Health Care exists is to perpetuate the lives of the elites or the affluential, and to elongate the ‘useful’ life span of a work slave or a wagie.

We are already having projections to move the ‘retirement age’ back several years to 67 or 70 or more as we have more ‘medical advances’ that keeps the slavie working class in suboptimal -yet optimal-enough performance. Maybe they just want to keep the working class alive longer, or move the goal post for social security benefits so they don’t have to actually pay out?

Essentially, how long can we milk people for cash? Cash being a form of energy, and people being batteries for said energy giving money it’s intrinsic or inherent value.

And judging by how retirement homes are ran and how senior securities, estates, reverse mortgages, and other unsavory practices that swindle the wealth of the elderly- Turns out, you can milk people long after retirement. Greed might be evil, but it sure feels good.

So health is one way to extend the lifespan of these human ‘batteries’, and health care is also another way to milk people. lmao.

Because for as long as people are alive and unhealthy, you can always make money selling snake oil. I should know, I’m an ex-snake oil salesmen. I say ‘ex’ because the new thing is Butterfly oil, let me get you some fresh off the Torture wheel-juice press.

I’m a cynic, but I’ll have you know that I find this all rather charming and funny.

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