Who bails out the FED?

It’s a question.

I mean, we bailed out banks and gave lines of credit to other banks to buy up their defunct competitor. Zombified the banks.

But for whatever reason, we didn’t let them liquidate and give the same treatment to ALL banks, no, we just let the big banks get the monies. Fuck them smaller banks.

We did the same with investors and their gambles on Wall Street, zombifying Wall Street and turning it into a no-lose casino.

So, if a business defaults, all their shit and assets get seized by the banks.

We have Zombified businesses and Zombified Banks and Zombified Stock Markets.

But what happens if the Central Bank gets fucked?

Who’s going to zombify the Central Banks of the World?

Who’s going to bail out the FED?

As a side tangent,

Does the FED ‘bail out’ other nation’s banks?

That might fail?

Seems like a pretty neat feature.

In Closing,

Who bails out the FED?

What’s next?

If it comes to pass, the logical question is;

I don’t know,

We’re in a new age of Economic Degeneracy,

And I guess I’m all for it (it’s not like I got much of a choice since the Helmsmen are steering ship),

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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