Fed Reserve bailed out banks again (in 2020)

Remember the Clown Virus and the stimulus bills to stimulate the economy?

Remember how the Federal reserve said they wouldn’t Bail out the banks like they did in 08?

Well, the Federal Reserve bought a bunch of ETFs which were owned or supported Banks.

So, yea, The Fed Reserve bailed out the banks. . . Again.

Here’s some evidence;

Here’s some questioning;

Representative Katie Porter from House California, asks questions towards Honorable Randal Quarles;

This video is courtesy of the respective House Representatives’ TikTok. Yes, politicians utilizing Tiktok- the future is now.

That’s all folks.

In Closing,

I just wanted to share this tidbit in case anyone thinks it didn’t happen.

Our economy is so great, that we have socialist policies to keep the Banks and Capitalistic enterprise afloat. Yea, instead of letting banks fail and letting society build up a better system. No, instead, we’re gonna protect these ‘beloved’ institutions.

Just for added clarity, the Federal Reserve is a private Organization owned by Banks. However, it is to note that the Federal Reserve is to answer to Congress via the ‘Board of Governors’

The Fed, The Treasury, The entire Government, and the Financial Old Guard are doing a lot of damage control right now. They’re trying to suppress inflation while recouping money, all the while adding gas to this dumpster-of-a-fire with bail outs and more stimulus to keep the economy greased.

Yea, it’s rough. I wouldn’t want to be them. sheesh. I am not learned enough, nor have I the desire to be, to say whether what they did or what they’re doing is the right thing. All I know is that if it’s in line with Modern Monetary Policy, then it’s probably shit.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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