What’s going on with the IRS?

So, I joke and meme about the IRS on the regular. I haven’t explained at all why the IRS and Taxes are a scam, but if you’re enlightened and do your own research, then you’d understand the gravitas of le Matrix and the suppression and reallocation of wealth from the poors to a select few. Point is, Taxes are the Governments’ vig, and the Government is just a tool for other people. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

What I am here to talk about, is that there seems to be something going on with the IRS.

Here’s a few memes to get you up to speed.

And so,

So the IRS is hiring 87,000 more members in 10 years.

There’s also this bill getting passed,

The “Inflation Reduction Act”,

-Which is going to help reduce inflation by stealing money from small business owners. By stealing money, I mean taxing it. Less money supply in the wild, less inflation. That’s the sort of logic that the Inflation Reduction Act is riding on.

Yea, it’s definitely not the fault of the government for printing trillions of dollars and making money go BRRRRR. No, let’s instead blame small business owners and the poors by raising taxes. Yea, we’re fucked.

Yea, Give 80 BILLION dollars to the IRS. And we’re projected to raise $203 Billion in “new revenue”. . .

Where does that “new revenue” money come from exactly? The people? Yea, let’s not break our arms jerking ourselves off now.

Is it a Kleptocracy?

I mean, projecting revenue from taxation framed as a ‘good thing’ is evil.

That’s like a corporation boasting it’s record profits after mass lay offs, downsizing, and then committing wage theft. So, you know, the current status Quo.

Maybe people would be more keen on paying taxes if Corporations weren’t allowed to just openly steal peoples wages. Oh wait, instead, Corporations work with the Government to garnish your wages. So now you’re being fucked by two corporeal entities. Yea. Great. Just what the Doctor Ordered for my sex life.

Me Getting Fucked.

Why don’t we, Idk, stop spending absurd amounts on foreign aide embezzlement schemes, kickbacks for politicians, military industrial complex spending, and all sorts of other things? Maybe the government shouldn’t budget and spend more money when they’re broke as fuck?

Would you give a crackhead more money for a promise if they historically haven’t made good on that promise?

Yea, and you want to give the government that’s in massive debt and buying the Empirical Equivalent of a Bugatti, some of your paltry earnings?

Living wage?

Where is that?

Now the government, arguably owned by Corporations and lobbying interests, wants to increase the Taxing services that they provide? Yea, I got a good guess that it’s not going to be taxing Corporations or filling up loopholes.

So, what could make this worse?

Glad you asked, because-

The IRS seems to be well armed,

They seem to be getting more arms,

Some sources claim, that the IRS has 5 million rounds of ammunition, and there’s not really a good auditing or accountability for the IRS’s weapons. Me personally, as a tax payer, I don’t like the tax collector being armed like a gang. Especially when they’re the ones collecting the vig.

You know, call me old fashioned or crazy, but I am kind of not fond of the idea of ‘armed’ tax collectors. It just sounds like a robbery in broad daylight, some armed people extorting you for money because of ‘taxes’?

Idk fam, seems kinda of fucked to me.

And I get that the IRS and most Fed bois were armed for a hot minute now, I’m just saying that I don’t appreciate them being Armed as if there is a reasonable suspicion or possibility that they would have to use it. Like, you don’t give guns to fire fighters, there’s a reason for that. So what does it mean when IRS agents get guns? Think about it. Do the mental walking-level gymnastics and I’m sure you’ll see something approximately close to what I see.

Especially when their job descriptions require the potential use of Deadly Force;

Like, maybe I don’t want IRS agents to be able to Judge Dredd me over my lemonade stand? Why come job descriptions don’t say something about Incapacitating force, or force that’s not aimed to kill? Makes you wonder, huh? The Languaging is the key.

And with these new agents projected for the next ten years, with armed weapons, we’re getting some juicy recruitment videos like this;

How dare you have a small landscaping business?

We’re arresting you for POTENTIAL tax evasion.

Because you’re guilty until proven innocent. Murica.

As if police officers couldn’t do all of this. I mean, a warrant for an arrest with proof of crimes? Doesn’t that sound like the proper way to do things? I don’t like the IRS being their own judicial system. Again, call me crazy but those are my opinions.

I mean, if you know anything about History, then you’ll know that law enforcement weren’t for the people. They defended factory owners and Corporations. So these new IRS agents only bolster the old guard. Like, these guys aren’t really helping the average American Person who gets their dues diminished in Corporate wage theft.

Yea, these armed tax collectors being a whole bunch of green horns aren’t going to end up well either.

I mean, cops already have it bad with the amount of killing they do for ‘feeling threatened’. Do we need armed personnel solely for the purpose of Collecting Taxes? Atleast with cops, you get the illusory chance that they’re working on your side and helping to ‘protect and serve’ you. With IRS agents, well, they’re probably as welcomed as your average ATF or FBI boy.

All I’m saying is, IRS agents don’t have a direct duty to serve the American People, the IRS serves the government. Cops on the other hand, at least they pretend to serve the American People. Point is, these armed bullies aren’t gonna treat us nicely. And you can’t say “I Pay my taxes” to these goons, because they’ll assume you’re guilty.

Best Case Scenario is something like this;

Worst Case Scenario, something akin to SWAT;

Yea, this is probably not going to end up well.

Is this really the game plan?

We’re not going to use money to increase our ability to make more money? Instead we’re going to hire and arm impressionable new field agents to extort the citizenry into paying more taxes? And we’re going to hope they don’t “feel threatened” or have a negligent discharge?

You know, Businesses weren’t taxed at the rate they are. In fact, most taxes weren’t as high as today’s rates. Most empires crumble at a tax rate of 25%. If you live in California, you could be paying taxes up to 50%. State taxes, federal taxes, income taxes, capital gains taxes, Licenses, Fees, Mandatory by state Insurance, etc.

Seems like an awful lot of taxes. Fuck, we’re also thinking about taxing the air we breath. It’s called a Carbon Tax. Yea, we’re fucked.

They (The US Treasury) even debated and advocated for taxing UNREALIZED GAINS. the Government needs to calm their shit and stop being retarded.

Income Taxes were supposed to be a Temporary Measure. Yea, nothing more permanent than a Temporary Government action.

The President, at the Time of ushering in Income Taxes, said they wouldn’t raise that tax so soon.

Then they raised the income tax two years later.

That president also got assassinated shortly after raising those taxes.


In Closing,

Yea, I’m not a Future Seer or omniscient, but I can safely say it’s Not a Good look.

At least some Americans are Politicians. Or are some Politicians real Americans? Whatever, here’s a tweet;

I’m saying that as Americanly as possible. I mean, the issue of Taxes and Tyrannical Government Overreach is inherently the core basis of America. “Don’t Tread on me”.

Well, “safely saying anything” is sort of is relative. Safety being subjective. At least I wouldn’t bet on it. Modern man probably cares more about escaping into vidya games than their future progeny being doomed to a failed state of tyrannical oppression. Yea, the man-made matrix 4th dimensional horror cube? That glue that holds that shit (the Horror Cube) together is money and taxes.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


Yo, I heard the IRS is hiring.

Who wants to join and do a shit job?

I imagine our day to day routines will look something like this,

Me with the (IRS) Squad lighting it up
in the Club that evaded taxes.

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