The Legislative branch should scare you

We Humans have evolved to invent the idea and concept of government to the point at which we also add cosmic-ontological-horrors to our lexicon. Things that would be construed as Legislative terrorism. I’m talking about “Bus Bills”; or worse, the dreaded;

OMNI-Bus Bills

Legislative Terrorism at it’s finest.

It’s terrorism not just because the government is doing it, but you should be terrified that it even exists and that it gets passed. Any rational person would evaluate the need and the use of the current system to either agree that this shit is fucking backwards or state that this shit is fucking backwards. Point is, this shit is fucking backwards. Linda, Listen, let me explain,

What are bus bills?

Bus bills, are essentially bills that pass a whole bunch of shit for everyone voting. I’m not talking about Bills legislating the DMV or DOT on Busses. The only bus you need, if you think that, is the short one;

A Bus bill is like a bus, everyone can throw in whatever they want inside the bus. I don’t mean special children. But also, laws that legislate everything under the sun, to include special needs children. (Don’t worry, I know I’m going to hell. I’ve got a tab open, gotta close out).

So some republicant wants to pass a bill with a clause about ‘banning abortions’ and some Demonrat wants to pass a bill with a clause about banning ‘modified assault rifles’ because these people all care so much about lives. Yea, totally. They’ll smuggle both their clauses in a bus bill like a ‘Clean Water Act’ or a ‘Save the Farmers initiative’ bill and everyone get’s happy. Of course, bill writing and voting results in a serious game of volleyball, in which bills are amended and passed back and forth over a made up net until both sides can get enough votes to pass a monstrous abomination of a bill that satisfies the circle-jerk of congress.

If you know anything about circle jerking congress, you’ll know that it’s just a glorified act of perpetual edging.

We’ll often call this abomination bill something patriotic like “Support our Heroes Act” or “We actually give a fuck Act” or “We CARE so much about your suffering as we raise our own salaries while you struggle working three jobs ACT” or “Fuck you, I’m Insider Trading Act”. It’s always some sort of Government ACTion that they vote on, because that’s the way the system was made or some shit. And trust me, they smuggle everything under the sun on some Act named after some nice flowery words parading like they’re not dousing the Government in fire.

You know, the typical.

Lie about what it is, smuggle stuff that isn’t.

The big takeaway is that politicians smuggle everything but Jesus into these Bus Bills. And even then, some of them probably smuggle Jesus anyway. Because Fuck you, remember?

Here’s a meme example;

Yea, that new bill that’s going to tax everyone?
Yea, because more taxes saves the day.

And Bills have to get voted on and approved and all this jazz. Executive action and ratification jazz. That whole volley ball analogy that I used. Besides the Perpetual Edging joke.

Which brings me to the worst of the worst;

The Omni Bus Bill.

Think ‘omni’ like ‘all’ or as in the word ‘omnipotent’.

Yea, these bills are so big and all encompassing that they “limit opportunities for debate and scrutiny”.

Just pass the bill, that’s the status quo.

So, just imagine a bus bill, but it applies to everything under the sun, and you get an omni-bus bill. It’s basically a bus bill on steroids and is worse.

When was the first Omni Bus Bill passed?

Idk, some time in the 1850’s?

Point is, we’ve had this ‘technology’ for a long while, and we’ll keep shitting out new improvements because that’s what we Humans do. We take an idea, modify it, and run with it. So the modern OMNI-BUS Bills have about 170 or so years of evolution to evolve. -Or, should I say, they have 170 years of degeneracy to degenerate in -Think of it like marinade but in liquid shit.

These Infrastructure bills or Water bills or other shit bills ensure our problems become somewhat lesser than they currently are. By ‘ensuring’, I mean with your ‘money back Guaranteed’. And by ‘money back guaranteed’, I mean ‘raising the taxes’.

Maybe these long bills are just wishful thinking, or maybe just more red tape and bureaucracy. I mean, I’m a feeling a little edgy, why not both?

What late stage of Government are we?

Where a few men and women around a closed room get to con-spire ‘with breath’ the future of the United States by legislating themselves obsolete when introducing abominations of a bill to smuggle all sorts of influence from foreign and domestic ideologies.

I mean, how many bills are there?

How many laws are there?

Do we need this many Karens running the show? You know, taking up office?

Are the constituents properly represented? Or just the ones with money that pay taxes and maybe vote?

I don’t even think the Senators and Representatives even read the bills that they vote on. It’s not humanly possible for one person to do that in a short amount of time. Let alone expecting the Executive powers of the President to actually sign off on this with a proper read through. Like most people can’t read through a thousand pages in a few minutes, it’s not realistic.

Even with ‘the help’ and ‘aides’ reading and doing the jobs for the elected officials, the scope and capacity for them to comprehend the laws they are passing is abysmal and requires a decadent revision of history of laws and bills passed prior that are affected or amended by the current laws and bills they are voting on.

Did you know it’s illegal to own crows as a pet? Yea, who would’ve thought.

What I mean to say is, nothing exists in a vacuum. The amount of knowledge to properly vote on this level of legislation requires extensive knowledge that a person campaigning every two or so years wouldn’t have the time of day to learn.

What ends up happening is that these officials look for the key words with the key intent to satisfy their constituents or their lobbying backers (which are also constituents) and vote based on either the end result or ‘toe the party line’ in a game of politicking.

I mean, what is more permanent than a-

Temporary Government Measure?

These Legislative pieces are voting themselves in indefinitely. Something that is supposed to last a few years gets amended with a future bill about Children or some shit, and gets an extension.

This is the nature of the current machine, the legislative behemoth. It’s one of the cosmic horrors that exist, and the majority of it is man-made.

I’m not saying to fix it, I’m merely pointing out it exists. All of the things above are just par for the course, it’s bound to happen and everyone has an idea to make it better, and they’ll argue or vote for it or something. I simply just want to point out to you the natural proclivities of governing regimes.

You know when you walk in the park and enjoy a sunset? That’s like what I’m doing, except the sunset is from an atomic mushroom cloud, and that’s all an allegory for the late stages of Today. I just want you to enjoy seeing the world in the same way that I see it, with all the horrors and legislative terrors. It’s really like seeing shapes in the clouds.


Cloud watching, sun gazing, Mushroom Cloud basking. It’s all fun and-


In Closing,

There’s a reason I’m anti politics and totally apolitical otherwise.

Everything is fucked, and that’s cool. You should feel the same as me, and that’s not feeling anything at all. I’m not upset, I just recognize the reality of the situation. I’m cynical, and my emotions aren’t even involved. They left the chat long ago.

Now we’re playing a long standing game of juggling, where we ‘hit the snooze’ button on various reforms and amendments that keep Bills and laws alive.

The Legislative branch is just a life support machine for the legislation. It’s just pumping fresh time into the extension of life that previous laws have passed. Most of which, no one bothers to look into.

And that’s why things like an “OMNI”-bus bill scare the fuck out of me. Without emotion, of course. Because why do we have one thing apply to ‘everything’ or be ‘omni’. It’s a tad bit daft and absurd.

The solution to all of this would be to revamp the legislative branch and add way more people to govern the increasing number of 300 million plus people, while also codifying laws. We shouldn’t have to vote for school lunches and the taxation of small businesses in the same bill.

The laws should be easily understandable, definitive, and read by the common lay person. All else is a fucking scam to belittle everyone into a life of servitude in the matrix for a lack of comprehension through a system of lies using smoke and mirrors to convolute and pervert the nature of Justice. I mean, could you defend yourself in court using this system? Probably not. You’d have to rely on some indoctrined-Lawyer or another system.

But, as I’ve already stated before with everything complex, everyone has their own solution and they’ll argue and vote for their way. And I’m not about to campaign and vote and advocate for my political views nor my ideas on system reformation.

That’s totally not how we do things here in the Anti-Political Political Party. -So, uh,

Eh, whatever. Remember not to vote, because you can exercise your right to not give a fuck.

Yea, fuck voting
I don’t consent to most of this shit

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice


People who don’t vote get the most say in everything.

Because if you vote and lose, then you can’t complain because a democracy is based on voting. Complaining only makes you look like a little bitch. Regardless if Trump or Biden or whoever won. Because essentially, you voted and played the game fair and square and lost. So you’d have to either be graceful in defeat or look like a little whiney bitch.

If you vote and win, you probably dislike what the current person is doing. like chances are, you’re life is still gonna suck, especially if that person that won is a politician. So you complaining for your win, is being a sore winner. Like a little bitch.

The Chad Non-voters, like me, get to talk smack about the electoral system, the candidates, and everything under the sun. Regardless of who wins or loses. At the end of the day, non-voters have grace and save face.

I was always in disagreeance, and I’m congruent to my truth.
I ain’t no bitch ass flip flopper like some of these voting tards.

Like you actually believe in democracy? You actually vote thinking it’s a democracy?

How cute.

I’m sure the government never lies and has nothing to hide being made up of humans, and that man is most definitely infallible and incorrigible. lmayo, big doubt.

Post Edit update 3 September 2022;

Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the words of the people ‘leading’ the government;

The government at it’s Best worst is an HOA ran by Karens. Remember that.

“We just have to pass the bill to find out whats in it.”

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