Lorde Edge and Unrealized Gains Tax

Oh boy, I thought politicians were pretty retarded, but this unrealized gains tax is by far the most retardedest thing I’ve heard of in the last year. Because a year ago, I heard the same rhetoric, it’s just echoing again for whatever dumb reason.

If you don’t know what Unrealized Gains are, then you are probably facing financial issues. Perhaps you should learn some shit, before you fuck it and find out in the finance game?


Here’s Janet Yellen yelling about Something or something;

So in January of this Year, Future Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (incumbent as of Sep 28, 2021)

She mentioned targeting inequity and economic inequality while also mentioning the taxing or unrealized capital gains. . .

Which is a bold move cotton, I sort of laughed it off, because it was retarded. . . But then they kept talking about it, and this is coming from the Federal Government. . . So, I don’t know man, we might actually be fucked,

Because the rhetoric came up AGAIN, after Janet Yellen took office;

So uh, fuck.

Here’s what I say to all this jazz;

I actually was conversing like an online-troglodyte with other people a little earlier about how this is retarded.

So, who wants Bespoke Entranched ULA’s? I’ll sell you some at a cheap discount, in which we will count you owing more and more each year, thereby inflating my assets, and. . .

. . . Wait a fuck, I’ll have to pay unrealized gain taxes.


Uh, I guess I’ll bear the weight of your sins, and become the money Jesus and then file for bankruptcy so that you may be richer than now. . .

Or we can create a ring of debt that just indebts each other. Nice. Let’s give a shell company the ownership of this ULA-ring and all of our life’s problems will go away. How can this possibly go tits up?

See, already made a loop hole by making a loop in which we hole our debts and inflated assets. Unrealized, of course. Why not, we’re already working with imaginary numbers on an excel spread shit, might as well, money is ephemeral like life. . . Anyways-

Even Autists know that this is a bad idea;

And the Autist World Wide group Informally known as Wallstreetbets already caught wind;

Which people also thought the same thing;

Which, I mean, historically, this has been done. Like Enron counting future profits;

Some people are gaming the Child thing, lmao;

Lmao, these retards are great;

I mean, let’s face it. How the fuck are we going to tax imaginary gains, because by that same token we’d have to offset our imaginary losses. If we don’t then the Tax law or system is inadequate and would only make people poorer.

Conspiracy theorists are already looking at the Government Overreach in all of this;

What’s going to happen, if you own literally anything, then due to inflation or other factors, you could be sitting on unrealized wealth. To which it would be taxed. Meaning that you’d have to realize your wealth eventually, and that would cause people to sell or something to pay for the unrealized gain tax. And this is a shit show;

The IRS would have more reasons and purpose to audit and target more citizenry into complying with a kangaroo Tax policy, in which the rules are made up, nonsensical, and thereby making everyone poorer for it.

This becomes a War against anyone who owns ANY PROPERTY, literally owning shoes or the shirt off your back could be a taxable event.

To whom is this tax policy enriching?

We’re going to fuck ourselves over with this,

This post is making broad assumptions,
But, I mean, we’re already considering taxing Imaginary shit
So we might not be far off from being this retarded. . .

Like, we shouldn’t let anyone tax things that aren’t real. . .

If you need me to explain that then you are probably in gazillion dollars of debt already.

And of Course Lord Elon is doing something;

As Edge Lorde Lorde Edge says;

– To clarify, I Voted no,
because I don’t want the shit show of Monday Pre Market to happen. . .

Lorde Edge has also made fun of random person about Billionaire tax in a swift moment’s notice;

“Why does your Profile Pic look like you just came?”

Some people are saying he’s doing this to pay taxes. . . Which is a normie type answer. . .

Other people think it’s more educational. . . To send a message. . . To the policy makers. . .

To send a message;

To which he hopefully will educate Retarded Policy makers that have Hate and envy in their hearts because of his wealth. You know, because taxing imaginary shit it EVIL;

So the implications of this…
Elon owns around 23% of a co. worth around 1 trillion, so hes talking about selling ~23Bn worth of tesla at current market cap, but doing so will probably shave something like 50% of the share price and tank the S&P.
This is a potentially a cataclysmic event.

-Paraphrasing an Online friend who is invested in Tesla

People will now have to play on the inevitable Tesla Drop, with their options and calls, and insiders are connected into Tesla. This has a lot of implications for what could happen in an interconnected market.

“So, say by the time he sells it drops to the point where he nets $15Bn what’s the tax on that in US? $5Bn?
seems like an expensive lesson… US govt get 5bn from Elon’s pocket in exchange for crashing the entire market

I mean I will have to take profits now too, to avoid the drop, so will everyone”

-Paraphrasing an Online friend who is invested in Tesla

Basically if Lord Elon does this, there could be an economic Black Swan event and Even MORE panic on Monday tomorrow. Well, September, October, and November have historically been great times for economic panics and Tantrums.

So we’ll definitely see if anything plays out during this Fiscal Quarter. Lmao.

The Real problem with this Tax;

Let’s dumb down the stock market. Let’s say there are 10 shares of $FUCK total in this simple market.

2 people own 5 shares of $FUCK each, valued at $100. Let’s assume these two people bought $FUCK at $100.

Person 2 Sells 3 shares of $FUCK at $110 dollars to a third person, Person 3.

Person 1 owns 5 shares, Person 2 owns 2 shares, and Person 3 owns 3 shares.

Because the value of $FUCK is now $110, that means that;

Person 1 has $550 value in shares, Person 2 has a $220 value in shares, and Person 3 has a $330 value in shares.

In terms of realized gains,
Person 1 has realized no gains, Person 2 has realized $30, Person 3 has no gains.

In terms of unrealized gains,
Person 1 has $50 unrealized gain, Person 2 has $20 of unrealized gain, and Person 3 has no unrealized gain.

We already tax Person 2’s realized gain of $30. Person 2 has some realized gains, he could pay for some of the unrealized gains tax with the realized gains,

But Person 1 is holding onto his shares, how would he benefit from this tax that punishes appreciation and value increases? We’re literally punishing people from making a profit, and punishing people for holding on appreciating assets.

Now imagine if there was a fuck ton of people and investors buying shares of $FUCK, and now each one has to pay taxes on imaginary gains. This would cripple any desire to have investments in the stock market, because profiting would mean everyone else suffers, including yourself.

This is fucked.

The Imaginary problem with this Tax;

We’re already borrowing from our future with interest by our current financial-monetary system. Where we borrow money at a cost and print it on interest, owing more interest on our debts than we can ever pay off.

So, taxing unrealized gains will only halt the progress we could make for a solution, thereby indebting people in indentured servitude and economic stagnation. Turmoil will occur,

and then now you have nothing left to tax.

No realized or unrealized gains.

Then we’re fucked.

So, this is a bad idea. Like a really bad idea.

On a metaphysical note, borrowing from our future was bad. And further taxing unrealized gains means we’re borrowing from multiple imaginary futures, which of course, makes things way


In Closing,

Hey, since we’re doing retarded economic policies, why not just remove all taxes?

You know, it’s not that much more radical than taxing imaginary wealth generated. . .

We’re fucked either way, it’s great, welcome to the Roaring-Soaring Moon-Glorying Twenties! 2020s babyyyy!

Let’s be honest, in this pessimistic and cynical world, we’ve got infinite unrealized losses to claim.

Why not bet on a future Unrealized Wage Tax, where the fiscal year of your projected earnings is taxed from the gitgo?

While we’re at it, let’s tax your Unrealized Life Span too! Because Time is Money, and the life clock of yours is ticking, so we’re going to start taxing that.

That’s arguably a safe bet if this Unrealized Gains Tax actually happens,

We’re fucked, Lmayo

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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