A slice of NJ’s Opioid Epidemic

Editorial note; I kind of gave up on the article and just posted it as is. There’s some interesting tidbits and the story expounds itself. But don’t expect anything too interesting. It’s basically a NJ pill mill with some egregious instances of handing a FUCKTON of pills and some dishonest doctors with hot pads while an exec from walgreens pushes the pills for profit and the Phramacy techs kept their heads low.

So, I received a nice anonymous tip from someone claiming to be ‘Martin Shkreli’ Cool guy with a coincidental name and obviously no relations. Anyways, there seems to have been quite the Pill Mill leak about a CVS/Walgreens churning out some Oxy.

If you haven’t already heard or know, there is an Opioid/Opiate Epidemic that is riveting and poisoning the river-veins of America, for the better half of -since opioids were prescribed- decades.

So, here’s some data from the leaks;

The leaks have shown a shit ton of Tramadol, Ultram, vicoprofen being prescribed out of NJ, typical stuff. A few runners are taking a hot-pad (prescription pad) from either a Paid-out-doc or a hacker and hitting up many Pharmacies to get a fill on some pills. These runners seem to be hitting up NY, NJ, and even LI.

This is typical footman type stuff,

PMP (or Prescription Monitoring Programs) are state-run electronic databases that collect, monitor, and analyze information on the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances. The PMP is in a lot of places and systems to make sure illegal and shady shit doesn’t happen, to help prevent drugs from reaching the streets.

Sometimes people getting their prescription filled get flagged on PMP and then questions are asked about authenticity and verification.

Sometimes, and here’s the kicker, medical offices and doctors are also flagged on PMP for some shady shit going around. You know, like the Candy Man or Candy dealer issuing out drugs.

So some docs and medical practitioners and providers were ‘in’ on the bad shit. Most of these guys probably got away Scott free. Probably.

The 3000mg Patient,

There was a person that got prescribed a fuckton of pills.

Those were 14 day rx’s for that guy. He was literally getting about 3000mg in a single day.
The individual Rx’s are in the pdf’s- both paper rx & what was typed in the wag system.

So this guy got about 2000 pills per month, all 30’s and 80’s. you don’t have to be a doctor to know that this guy wouldn’t be alive if he took 2000 pills of opiates a month with 6grams of that shit in your blood. I mean, that’s just basic math. This guy is obviously doing something else with those pills, probably selling it.

And the kicker is, this person was on ‘medication management’ which (If I understand Pharmacy lingo right) means they were getting this as their assessment for prescription.

There was some email correspondence calling it cap;

Yea, it’s logical that this person wasn’t taking 6grams of opioids a month.

As a side note, there was one file titled;

“Walmart 12000 pills – would get 2 x 12k orders per week”

with this picture;

Just to show what the supply looks like. This picture is evidence that there’s a fuck ton of drugs going through pharmacies. I mean, obviously it’s a pharmacy. But also, I don’t have a picture to compare this with a regular pharmacy. I guess it’s just a supposition to know that 12k pills is a lot and having that cycle through a place twice a week is a big red flag.

Here are some SMS messages from the leak;

The leaker, is talking about a John Colaizzi whom, from the emails and records, seems to be the one pushing the profit motives of Walgreens and having techs hand out opiates like candy.

-Apparently John says to always fill scripts even if there’s no signature or it might be fake.

There’s some correspondence with another person in which the evidence the Source was trying to provide was circumstantial in terms of ‘he said-she said’ type. Yet the emails are pretty concrete and damning;

This is just talking back and forth, it’s hearsay, but the evidence below corroborates with the story.

Dov Rand

On 12/14/2011, it was made known that DOV RAND was arrested.

The following note/mail says;
“I just received a call from the Paterson store that Dov Rand (a big prescriber of narcotics within the 3 districts) had been arrested along with many other doctors in a kickback scheme, and his license will be revoked any day now. I confirm his arrest via google and many stories highlighting this event are available.”

As of writing and shifting through the evidence, I was able to corroborate these finding with a DOJ report on the matter;

12 other doctors, a Nurse, and an Executive were arrested and charged for being a part of a drug ring that took kickbacks for MRI’s and scripts for drugs. Yea, they would send Shitty MRI’s to get pills for their patients. In some of the instances, the MRI’s had patient info identifying things like “female” for a Male patient trying to get their pills. So obviously this was poorly executed and they didn’t give a fuck milling these hot pads.

So, Doc Rand got arrested for neglecting his Responsibilities relating the prescription of Schedule 2 Drugs, and then John Colaizzi sent out an email saying that everyone should fill out the scripts because the medical licensure is still valid.

There are a couple more mentions at the egregious nature of what John Colaizzi’s stance on filling out scripts;

Also messages stating that the Source was threatened to lose their job for failure to fill scripts with incomplete or partial information.

252 is the District of this particular Walgreens/CVS.

Here is an SMS asking some questions about the 3000mg Patient;

A RPH (Registered Pharmacist) asked questions about the 480 pills of 80mg oxy. Because that’s a fuck load of Oxy to have/be prescribed to one person. So of course, anyone that gave a fuck about their job would raise the question to ask;

Left convo, continues into the right convo

So, one person, whose up and walking, got prescribed a script of a fuckton, 3000mg’s worth, of Oxy. Which, roughly translates to half a milly plus in street cash.

The reason for the script, apparently it’s for ‘Chronic pain’. lmao.

Also, apparently they stopped making 160mg pills because too many people O.D. Turns out, this shit can really kill you.

So about 1000 pills per month got filled, with proof that one person even got 3000mg in one day.

Seems super sus.

The Source claims the most they ever saw was 720mg filled in one day, and that was for a person who was dying on their death bed, from something like Boneitis or some shit.

The Source also claims that the addicts in Florida were heavily impaired when they got their scripts of 360mg filled. So this random person who got their 3000mg filled, they didn’t seem at all to be impaired. Which, idk about you, is a sign that this person isn’t taking his meds.

Well, I mean, Obviously no one would be retarded enough to actually take 1000 pills of oxy in a month. You’d be dead. So it’s clear that this person probably ‘flipped his script’ for some cash.

C2’s is just pharm-ie talk for schedule 2 drugs. I don’t know why, nor do I care. It just is.

Based on the Source; John has been pressuring people to, when in doubt, fill it out, with these scripts for C2’s. And apparently John is vouching that the BOP will help defend their RPH’s saying that they were treating patients in need and filling out scripts per Doctor’s orders. Even if that script is sus as fuck.

The Source feels as though John is requiring RPHs to fill out narcotics indiscriminately.

Also, the particular patient who is getting 3000mg in some good good is traveling 50 miles out of their way to get this script filled. That’s awfully sus, on top of the MD who wrote the script being 50 miles the opposite direction.

I’m going out on a limb here and assuming BOP is Board of Pharmacy. So the Source here is saying Walgreens does their strategy and political posturing to get buddy buddy with the BOP and the BOP President of each/every state.

A lady named Yeskel, a drug named Benny;

Benzodiazepines (BZD, BDZ, BZs), sometimes called “benzos”, are a class of psychoactive drugs whose core chemical structure is the fusion of a benzene ring and a diazepine ring. You know, Bennies, Benny and the Jets. These things are so effective that they can fuck up your world.

They also go by; Benzos, Downers, Nerve Pills, Tranks. According to the DEA.

A lady flagged up on the radar in 2013;

And she ended up dead a year later;

This was in July 18, 2014.

Her name is Jodi Yeskel, and she was a Social worker that helped people. She herself ended up needing help. That’s how fucked these drugs are.

The RPHs saw it coming, but they didn’t do much other than create a dead-pool; minus the money. A Death list.

Here’s a commentator that mentions how fucked Benzos are;

Trust him on that.
I had to call 911 for a patient, in the pharmacy waiting room. She was there for <5min, before convulsing.

She finished her rx too soon. Then went to the E.R. for a 1 week supply, but couldn’t even last 10min for it to get filled.

Benzos should literally be schedule 2 drugs. They’re extremely addictive, and can literally kill you for withdrawals.

The documents have a benzo patient that died, Yeskell. She had massive quantities filled. She was yound.

-An anonymous commentator

Well, I guess, technically the RPHs might have indirectly/directly killed Ms.Yeskel. They stopped 600 pills of Benzos per month on the PMP. This obviously caused an addict to suffer withdrawals, and that would, or can lead to a really shitty time, and even death.

600 pills a month is an awful lot, hypothetically, if she was (also) selling these pills, then other people may have been Dependent on Ms. Yeskel for their fix. Heck, she might have been a forced drug mule being bullied by some thugs to get a prescription in lieu of threats. I definitely don’t know the facts, so I’m just speculating like the Gambler-Degen-I-am.

Who knows what happens when people suffer withdrawals and don’t get their fix? They might get delirious, and do something crazy for their next hit.

There is a lot of unknowns, and I don’t have the facts. In Fact, the RPHs also didn’t have the facts, they didn’t know how or why.

This is indeed a moral quandry;

I mean, do you feed the addiction?

Do you keep your head low and keep filling scripts?

Do you report it and get ignored?

Do you stop the scripts and run the risk of someone dying just to feel like you’re doing good?

It’s all a bunch of moral shades of grey.

There really is no safe bets when the risk is ultimately someone else’ life.

I mean, if you haven’t noticed by now.

There are no heroes.

Everyone and everything is just, sort of fucked.

Welcome to the real world, kid.

From the source;

Here are some replies from what seems to be the source;

Internal emails from execs, stating that we were not allowed to turn down Rx’s from an actively licensed MD.

This in response to a district wide email, which stated that the MD in question was arrested. He still told us that we must fill.

It’s the extent of the details, that makes this a treasure trove.

-The source of the leak

I’m not afraid anymore. I was holding onto this data for too long. I’ve been waiting for an outlet.

Then came along the federal trials, and my evidence is likely going to be used in thousands of these federal trials against the pharmacy chains. I was promised this.

Now that there was some justice for jurisdictions impacted by the epidemic, I wanted the info to be disseminated.

Seeing as how the news stories are constantly highlighting the trials, I’m shocked at how none the true details are reported by the media.

I’m no longer afraid of the consequences of coming forward. Their corporate financial greed was too much, and they can care less about lawsuits. They simply care about keeping their squeaky clean image, from being associated with the realities that they could have stopped the epidemic. We were the gatekeepers, and Walgreen’s corporate simply saw us as legal drug dealers…even though what they were forcing us to do was technically illegal.

-the Source

“Walgreen’s Corporate simply saw us as legal drug dealers”

When questioned whether the Source felt at risk for exposing all this information and hard data;

I didn’t make a penny. I simply wanted justice to occur. I’ll take whatever punishment is put at me.


Here are anecdotal Claims

These are from anonymous persons;

I’m an ex-walgreen’s pharmacist.

This is regarding the opiate epidemic. We were literally forced to fill fake & shady narcotic rx’s.

Our district supervisor would threaten our licenses, if we refused to fill any.

Here are some other comments

These are all from Anonymous sources,

My fucking lord. where was that Florida? because Florida was running the fucking biggest pill mills during those days. I knew of this drug dealer guy who would literally take old people on 3-5 day vacations to Florida monthly where he’d pay for them to go and lounge around a hotel/relax pay for food, etc. as long as they kept going to the pill mill then he’d pay cash for the pills and they’d give them all to him minus a few and the guy repeated this shit every month. it got to the point I was told he was literally chartering a bus from NE down to Florida 2x a month with different people. sucks though as this shit destroyed being able to get pain properly treated as now every doctor overreacts and thinks everyone is a junkie and won’t prescribe anything anymore


Florida has it pretty rough, and the way the medical system in Florida works is also a different world of reality.

That was Jersey.

I’ve witnessed the FL epidemic as well- where every patient had 360 oxy30, 120 xanax2, and 90 soma350… EVERY patient


Once oxycontin got reformulated in 2010, people couldn’t crush them anymore.

That’s when everyone switched over to oxy30’s. The MD’s handed out scripts to any addict for $350 (no actual pain).

The pharmacies then filled them, no questions asked. No insurance was even better for the pharmacies, since it was a massive profit margin vs insurance payment.


There is only a “opioid epidemic” now after the pharmaceutical companies found out people were just filling prescriptions and selling them to retards for way more

My ‘friend’ sold 1 oxy to a chick for $200, yes a single pill. That’s how retarded and desperate these NPC addicts are.


Pharmacies chains will sell you anything that’s profitable.

Walgreen’s became a chain, during the prohibition era. They got rich, by overfilling alcohol scripts [they gave extra volume, they didn’t question rx’s…]

Fast forward to the 2000’s, and you had em overdispensing narcs. As well as, selling CBD and other cannabis products in the OTC & supplement sections of the stores.

I mean, Do I believe Alcohol should be banned or illegal? Fuck no. Do I think the prohibition was right? No. Do I believe people should use Narcotics? Well, that depends.

Look, I’m an iffy kind of guy, I’m not against substance abuse per se. I just think that people should knowingly handle their risks. Some people can’t handle it, some people get bored, worse, some get addicted. It’s not my place to judge, but I personally don’t give a shit.

These above comments were some of the tame examples, there are a lot of others advocating for the death and blood of those responsible. So, uh, yea. . .

Drugs are a fucky line, do’s and don’ts. I personally am of the mind that the government and the law shouldn’t have a say with what I put in my body, whether it’s an assload of bullets, or food. I don’t like the idea of more government.

Before we close,

This was all based on an anonymous tip with some interesting information.

Dear, Whomever-the-fuck, gave me the files. Thank you, and I apologize if this is not doing the story justice. Because I honestly sifted and waded through this story for weeks and couldn’t find direct conviction of the District RXM other than asking to fill fake scripts and anecdotal reports on email saying ‘he said and she said’ as secondary evidence.

A Doctor being charged and arrested doesn’t necessarily mean that their practice is wrong or guilty. So it’s a grey area. If their license is revoked, it could have been wrongfully revoked. If the license wasn’t revoked, it doesn’t mean that the license should or should not be revoked. Again, it’s a grey area.

Also, if whomever created these leaks, whomever the ‘source’ was, just know, you totally killed someone by stopping their 600 pills of bennies a month. That totally indirectly-killed her, like, I know you want to be the good guy/gal and whatever because of your moral compass and stuff, but negligent medical-man-slaughter isn’t the answer bro. There is blood on your hands. So I hope you sleep soundly at night.

I mean, I’m not a moral and upstanding person. I personally am not against Drugs, I hella don’t support the War on Drugs, and I also don’t like the DEA. These are my personal takes.

But also, it’s kind of fucked that Pharma and your every day Walgreens is in on a drug-ring prescribing super addictive substances while fashioning their designer drugs to be store bought.

Like, I also have ‘enough’ morals to say that’s fucked.

Like, maybe if it was weed or shrooms or LSD or some fun shit, maybe I wouldn’t give a fuck.

But there is something sinister about drugs like Methamphetamines and Opioids that really rub me the wrong way. Bad vibes type shit.

And to have a systematized system to institute and facilitate this drug trade using LEGAL CHANNELS as a common source pushing out drugs to the streets. It’s definitely the handi-work of the ‘Devil’.

I guess what I’m saying is, I love freedom, but there should also be consequences. Like, you can’t reasonably prescribe someone 3000 pills in one day and expect that shit to be smooth sailing.

You should definitely be liable for consequences to a certain extent, and especially if laws are in place that make things wonky. I mean, what the fuck is the point of malpractice insurance if you never cash in?

Fuck if I know, in a hundred or so years, how will we look back at this ‘narcotics’-prohibition era? Will we be pro narcs? Will we be anti Narcs? Just like we did with alcohol in the 1920s, will we have Trap Houses that act as Speak-Easies? History repeats itself? or is it rhyming? Lmao, trap houses would become the new hipster joint. Ha.

The Dopamine receptors fried and the depressing doom and gloom of people to come, yea, well, it raises some very fucking good questions. Like why the fuck are we buying and paying for medication that counteracts the medication that we took previously? Shouldn’t drugs and medicine be a supplement and not some sort of quasi-life support? How the fuck is society supposed to be okay hooked up on soma pills and psycho-somatic IV drips?

Maybe, idk, just maybe if the Liable Pharmaceuticals and providers had to pay for the corrective substances and surgeries and therapies out of their pockets. Maybe, just maybe, we’d actually have some accountability to not cause malpractice in a systemic scale?

In Closing,

This post really confirms everything we know about opioids, but this information is relatively new with some dirt on NJ and a little bit of anecdotes about Florida around 2011 time frame.

And Walgreens and other pharmaceuticals are also still getting trials taken care of. Is there justice? Who knows, who cares?


There’s a lot of people hurting, and there still is, so just try to do some good and help spread awareness. Addiction is one of those things that creeps up on you until it becomes ‘second nature’, you’ll be poppin’ pills as mindlessly like your breathing.

You won’t even notice it.

So, Just, be safe out there.

Because the world is risky and there really ain’t No Safe Bets in it,

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice

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