Gamified Affiliate Marketing for the Lazy

I say gamified, because it’s all game theory gambling in these markets. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is, top ten lists and the shit ass are scams that don’t provide you real value.

The lazy part is if you’re smart and you know how to pay people to do the things that you don’t want to or need to concern yourself about.

For instance,

I was looking up 3d printers to see if the Print Cartel had anything that made it in the top ten, also I was in the market to make 3d Replicas of faces so I can make lamps without hurting the ‘environment’ if you know what I mean.

And I found a few lists that were questionable.

One was BuyersGuide,

So get this, they advertise their link of a top ten list, fill it with what appears to be fluff,

It’s an Ad

And then link only Amazon purchases to get in on that juicy affiliate link sponsorships.

Like so;

They also give ratings for these products, which, I don’t know where they get or how many people even rated. So I assume that these ratings are fake (for instance, amazon ratings only goes up to five stars, lmao). It’s just fluff to make it seem like there’s some sort of authority or appeal to authority or appeal to numbers or some shit. We all subconsciously trust online reviews like sheeple even if they lack substance, lmao.

Now, the whole website isn’t exclusively shilling Amazon affiliate links. They also seem to work with other companies and wholesalers to shill out their products too. So the point remains, create a shell landing page with pre-filled jargon, and shill out products with bunk ratings leading to some sort of rebate-kick-back scheme or affiliate marketing click-funnel.

Also Buyers Guide isn’t the only ones doing this;

Just the type of click bait title suggesting that there is ONE CLEAR WINNER. Click baiting to click funnel you for ad revenue and other kickback-rebate schemes.

I highly doubt these websites have articulate or real reviews on these products, like you want me to believe someone who reviews beds also reviews a full suite product line of 3D printers? I mean, I wasn’t born yesterday hun.

I wouldn’t trust the shit out of someone’s opinions or face when all they’re trying to do is sell you bad pussy. Totally disconnected grifters trying to tell you that boobs feel like sandbags or some shit. What are we, 40 years old?

In Closing,

It’s an interesting strategy.

Find a big ticket item so that the affiliate purchase gets you more money,

Create a fugazzi yelp site,

Lie and sell your way to making someone buy stuff.

These liars/scammers actually provide a service to the ecosystem. They accelerate the markets and trade by doing what every other salesmen tries to do. Persuade you. But these sites do it through the illusion and candor of having authority or reputation. Like a regular salesman. It’s not any more immoral than it is to lie to you. I mean, there’s a lot worse things out there, like pharmaceutical commercials. So no reason to get upset over this ingenious strategy to make money sitting on your ass and doing jack shit.

If you’re smart, you’d hire some fiverr or whatever to write up your articles, use a fake photo, and make it look like some real blogger cares about shit or shit. You pay a few bucks, create your click funnel, optimize the SEO, and then wait as your farm grows with every purchase. It’s like setting a trap- set the bait, cast the lure, and you profit from the fishies’ cash flow.

As if owning a website gave you any of that, lmao. (I’ve scammed a lot of people, out of their wits, into thinking No Safe Bets is an actual journalistic company/platform. LMAO)

Just thought I’d share.

*Not Valid Financial, Legal, Life, or Any Advice.

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